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Stop the Presents! Murder at Mary A. Felo's Bridal Shower. 

Mary A. Felo, the beloved local who has captured the hearts of many in Mystical Falls, is embarking on a new chapter in her life. She is set to marry her high school sweetheart, Harry Iznace, a proctologist. The union of Mary and Harry is the talk of the town, a sweet culmination of years of young love.

In the spirit of celebration, Mary's lifelong bestie and confidante, Ima Gudfrend, has organized a bridal shower in Mary's honor. Ima, known for her meticulous planning and warm hospitality, is determined to make this event joyous and memorable for her best friend.

However, the shower guest list reads like a tapestry of Mystical Falls' most colorful characters, women with histories as rich and varied as the town itself. Given their intertwined pasts and complex relationships, Ima has extended invitations to all, despite the potential for drama, honoring Mary's wishes. After all, they are united by their bond with Mary, whether as friends or family.

Having received your invitation, you are now part of this intricate network. As the date approaches, there's a palpable sense of anticipation. The event promises an afternoon of celebration for Mary's upcoming nuptials and a reunion of sorts for the women of Mystical Falls. Amid the laughter, gifts, and heartfelt wishes, there's an undercurrent of hope that bygones will be bygones, at least for the day.

This is where your story begins.

Guest List


Ima Gudfrend
Matron/Maid of Honor & Pastry Chef
Ima Gudfrend is the best friend of the Bride – Mary Felo. ‘Silly’ is this pastry chef’s middle name! Known to be a tad boy crazy, this comedienne wild child might be the last of this group to settle down!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s outfit and spatula as a prop.


Mary A. Felo
Bride to be & Talk Show Host
Mary Felo is the quintessential romantic! She is finally marrying her high school sweetheart – Harry Iznace, the local proctologist. Mary has a sugary, sweet personality and prefers singing over talking anytime!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire with a bridal shower veil, tiara, or hat.


Kara Tinn
Bridesmaid & Hairstylist
If you can stand to sit through thirty minutes of obnoxious behavior, you should get your tresses styled by Kara Tinn – she’s the best in town! Kara spouts spontaneous rhymes about situations around her and is a known compulsive liar. Nonetheless, she’s got an uncanny talent with scissors and a comb!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Outrageous and trendy outfit – very wild hairstyle.


Ione Felo
Mother of the Bride & Pageant Director
The doting mother of the bride and successful beauty pageant director, Ione Felo, is one lady whose face is plastered in the dictionary by the definition of cheerful! Ione’s constant loving concern for her daughter Mary can grow annoying to those around her; however, her constant roaring laughter can be contagious!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal dress with up-do hairstyle.


Trianne Thingros
Bridesmaid & Reality T.V. Star
Apathy and ultra-competitiveness sum up this reality television star! Trianne Thingros's ill-mannered behavior can be shocking sometimes, but it’s well-suited for reality television shows. There isn’t much that Trianne hasn’t done on television, but if there is a challenge ahead of her, she’s the first to dive in and try it!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy casual attire with a bag of plastic insects as a prop.


Ms. Tarilyn Tonrow
Bridesmaid & Film Star
Watch out for Ms. Tarilyn Tonrow - there aren't too many starlets in Hollywood as narcissistic and insensitive as her. It’s surprising she still has friends, as her rude behavior drives most everyone away - unless they’re on her payroll.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire and sunglasses.


Bridesmaid & Pop Star
Her newest hit single, ‘I’ll kill you if you speak again,’ says all you need to know about Purple! She’s in the midst of a 12-step program learning to control her severe anger management problem. So, be careful what you say around this moody & aggressive pop diva!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pop star outfit with a crazy wig or colored spray for the hair.


Juwana B. Ontivee
Friend of the Bride & Film Producer
Juwana’s motto is, ‘Do it once and check it five times.’ This obsessive film producer is the one to be around at a party, as her hyperactive dance moves get the dance floor moving! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire with clapboard as a prop (this can be made from cardboard).


Mrs. Enerbe Iznace
Mother of the Groom & Housewife
Enerbe is the living cliché of a ‘mother-in-law’! She’s the typical meddling housewife with nothing better to do than live her life vicariously through her son. Mary Felo doesn’t realize that she has a life ahead of her filled with failed attempts to live up to the impossible standards of the ‘perfect wife and mother model’ that she’s created for her beloved son. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Prim and proper dress with apron and rubber dishwashing gloves as a prop.


Olive Formathe
Cousin of the Bride & Mathematician
The frugal and over-inquisitive Olive Formathe is a nationally renowned mathematician and cousin of the bride. This math genius will keep you entertained with her over-the-top sense of humor and snort-filled laughter. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy outfit with glasses taped in the middle.


Rose Sprayah
Friend of the Bride & Fragrance Model
Rose Sprayah is ready and willing to shove a fragrance-soaked card in your hand at the local department store. But watch out—because whatever you have ever done, said, or climbed, Rose has done more, said it louder, and climbed higher! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elegant dress and hair with a perfume bottle as a prop.


Tessie Tuber
Aunt of the Bride & Scientist
Dr. Tuber is your typical intellectual college professor and the loving aunt of the bride. However, make sure nothing goes wrong around her. She is the first to point the finger of blame, which might be at you. Blame is her game!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab jacket and test tube as a prop.

Jamie Bond
Friend of the Bride & FBI Agent
Jamie Bond is a secret government agent and the ultimate femme fatale. On the surface, she appears to be the typical high-society socialite, but her friends know her true identity - a highly dangerous federal diva.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An evening gown with a toy gun strapped to a garter belt as an optional prop.


Dr. Andie Maluver
Friend of the Bride & Veterinarian
Dr. Andie Maluver is a brilliant and charming exotic animal veterinarian and bride's sister-in-law. She is known to be a tad jealous and competitive with others in her field, which sometimes leads to malicious acts. It is advisable for those who interact with Andie to stay on her good side!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A lab jacket and scrubs.


Gerry Rivera
Friend of the Bride’s Mother-InLaw & Investigative Field Reporter
Gerry Rivera is a ruthless field reporter for the television station CBC. She is always on top of the latest story and, sometimes, before they even happen! This ultra-ambitious investigative reporter will stop at nothing to get the scoop.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a trendy business suit or reporter costume. Optional props are a notepad, pen, and/or microphone (real or fake).


Miss Beatrice Marmson
Friend of the Bride & School Teacher
Miss Beatrice Marmson is the no-nonsense school teacher at the local elementary school. She teaches a strict curriculum in her kindergarten class and doesn’t tolerate a shred of balderdash—both inside and outside of the classroom!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative long dress (like an English nanny costume). An apple and a ruler as optional props.


Ms. Tracy Fibers
Friend of the Bride & Forensic Lab Technician
Ms. Tracy Fibers is the leading trace evidence technician in the field of forensic science. She is extremely talkative and is known to go on wild tangents about random events when 
conversing with strangers. It is probably due to the fact that she hangs around 
microscopes more than actual people.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a lab coat with glasses, forceps, and baggies as optional props. You can also wear a detective/Sherlock costume.


Appolonia Spectrals
Friend of the Bride & Paranormal Investigator
Appolonia Spectrals is the mysterious paranormal investigator from the local university. Given her field of choice, she has rather unpredictable behavior. She is a very young and broke graduate student.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic clothing. Any strange ‘measuring devices’ (can be made from cardboard) as optional props.


Nene Beenie
Grandmother of the Bride & Professional Bowler
Grandma Nene is a doting grandmother and a dedicated friend to everybody.  If you ever need a shoulder to cry on- go see Nene. She gives excellent advice and is the most comforting person around.  However, you should dodge the black cloud above her head, as she has notorious rotten luck!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Bowling attire (optional) or any attire fit for a grandmother. It is optional to bring a bowling bag and ball as a prop.


Fasa Shone
Aunt of the Bride & Clothing Designer
Fasa Shone is a former struggling coffee shop barista.  After meeting her wealthy husband two years ago, she became an entitled pampered queen.  Her fifth husband mysteriously disappeared a year ago, and she moved to the big city to pursue a career in high fashion.  Her past sugary-sweet disposition has melted into a foul, ill-mannered personality.  Nonetheless, Fasa is anything but boring.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Ultra-trendy, stylish attire.  You should stand out as a fashionista.


Poindexi Beenie
Aunt of the Bride & Computer Programmer
Details, details, details! If you’re speaking to Poindexi Beenie, you had better get ready to hear a plethora of intricate fine points and facts! This is one overexplaining member of the Nerd Herd, a computer support team that’s always ready to travel to your home to remedy your technological ailments!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy attire.  A laptop computer as an optional prop.


Patricia Praper 
Aunt of the Bride & Etiquette School Director
Known for her high IQ and perfect manners, Patricia Praper always gets what she wants.  When she sets her mind to something, she’s more than persistent until it is completed.  She is creative and imaginative with wide-ranging interests. However, this diva is extremely resistant to change.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative fashionable long dress. 


Hanna Heart
Cousin of the Bride & NFL Cheerleader
Hanna Heart is the ultra-energetic cheerleader for the Greenday Backers football team.  Hanna is known for her outwardly aggressive persona and willingness to do what it takes to get her way!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cheerleading uniform.  Pom poms and a megaphone as optional props.


Legga Miego
Cousin of the Bride & Commercial Actress
Hailing originally from Columbia, Legga Miego is the leading commercial actress in Northern America.  She achieved fame with a legendary commercial featuring a skirmish over a recently prepared toaster waffle.  Rumor has it that the infamous brawl over the steaming toaster prize landed her co-star in the hospital for 2 days with a broken arm!  This is one ruthless actress who takes her character roles very seriously!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-glamorous attire.  Hair pulled up in a glamorous up-do.  


Reagan Peach
Cousin of the Bride & Daytime Soap Opera Star
A former reality star, Reagan Peach recently landed a starring role on a hit soap opera called Gorgeous Thieves.  Reagan’s attractive mug can be seen in most grocery checkout lines, as s/he is a popular choice for the cover of teen mags. Unfortunately, Reagan’s inner circle reports that she has allowed the fame to go straight to her head.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire and sunglasses.


Hope Mountain
Cousin of the Bride & Award-Winning Country & Western Music Artist
Hope Mountain is the world's #1 Country and Western music artist. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, this charming girl can sing like an angel. Everyone loves to be around Hope Mountain because she is the nicest girl in town. In the early days of her career, she was the reigning rodeo queen in her hometown and could rope a cow faster than most cowboys!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Western outfit – shirt, jeans, boots, and cowboy hat.  Guitar (fake or real) and microphone as an optional prop. 

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