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Crazy Christmas Catastrophe | Family mystery party

In Christmas Village, tucked away deep inside of the North Pole, preparations for Christmas happen 364 days per year.  Each year, the coveted Christmas Icon award is bestowed upon the hardest working and most effective holiday helper as well as upcoming Christmas legend.  Most of the time, the award is granted to a toy shop elf, but this year, it is rumored to be between none other than Icy the Snowman and the Gingerbread Man.  However, expect the unexpected, as anybody in the town is a potential winner.  The recipient of this award will receive a cash bonus and special privileges such as a year’s supply of chestnuts, an added vacation day during the year, power to change one law of Christmas, and a guaranteed spot in the legendary Claus Hall of Fame.


The big night of toy delivery is quickly approaching, and the townspeople are hustling and bustling.  Silver bells are ringing, and eggnog and sugar plums are bountiful.  Mrs. Claus has invited everybody in town to Santa’s Cottage for a quick celebration and official announcement of the Christmas Icon of the year award.   The excited townspeople are practicing their carols and preparing their most holiday-spirited attire for this annual festivity.  Anticipation is hanging thick in the frosted air.  Unfortunately, there is always some holiday strife between colleagues this time of year, but hopefully the townsfolk of Christmas Village can let the year's bygones be bygones and show nothing but their best Christmas cheer – at least for the sake of the children on the nice list.  


You are a resident of the North Pole and were invited to this event by Mrs. Claus.  There are a few Christmas personalities you’d rather not be in the same room with, but everybody must do what Mrs. Claus wants, or they will pay the price.  You never know – you might even win the Christmas Icon award this year, as stranger things have happened in the North Pole!

This is where your story begins.

time t' shop!

Invited Guests




  Icy is the carefree and fun-loving snowman of Christmas Village.  Icy is a true friend to all of the reindeer and has hopes of leaving the North Pole one day to become a pop star!  This frosty individual is an extreme close talker, so grab a jacket when you speak to Icy – it’s going to be chilly!

Suggested attire:  all white clothing, face painted white with a top hat, red scarf and pipe.  Optional: fake carrot as a nose.  Bring some breath mints if you choose to implement your character quirk of close-talking.


 Head Gingerbread Cookie

  The Gingerbread Man is the wacky head gingerbread cookie of Christmas Village.  S/he is known to be a tad narcissistic and believes that every resident of the North Pole wishes that they were a gingerbread cookie. 

  Suggested attire:  all khaki colored clothing.  White wig.  Use felt for the icing stripes on wrist, belt, and ankles. Attach pom-poms for the front buttons (you can get these at any craft store). 


 Head Reindeer

  Dasher is the ruthless head reindeer of the sled team and resident advisor of the stables.   Dasher is certainly not known for good manners and is anything but prim and proper.  However, Dasher leads the sled team with care and vigor, and they’ve never failed during the big Christmas delivery . . . yet!

Suggested attire:  all brown clothing with a white under-shirt.  Face painted like a reindeer.  Antler headband.


 Christmas Guru

  Candy Cane is the eccentric Christmas guru of Christmas Village.  She is the one that knows absolutely everything about Christmas – from how to tie a gift bow to the best route to stay off the naughty list.  This is one spirited diva that truly knows how to motivate others and spread holiday cheer.

Suggested attire:  anything and everything Christmas related (i.e. ornaments, holiday cards, tinsel, garland, etc.) incorporated into your costume.


 Director of Toy Production 

 Mitzy the Elf is the beautiful micro-managing Director of Toy Production at Santa’s Toy Shop in Christmas Village.  She runs a tight ship at the factory and is known to be a tad inflexible at times.  This is one elf that you shouldn’t double cross if you don’t want to pay the price. 

Suggested attire:  elf costume.  Glamorous hair and makeup.


 Mother of Christmas

  Everyone in Christmas Village knows that it’s really Mrs. Claus that runs Christmas!  A tad neurotic and a holiday trend-setter, this Mother of Christmas is highly organized and refuses to take no as an answer.  She is definitely uncompromising - especially during the Holiday season!

 Suggested attire:  a trendy Mrs. Santa Claus costume.


Christmas Fairy

  Fiona the Christmas Fairy is one of the most playful residents of Christmas Village.  She loves to tell funny holiday-spirited jokes to whoever will listen and spreads Christmas cheer using her magical fairy sparkles.

Christmas fairy costume.  Optional to have silver confetti as ‘fairy sparkles.’

Suggested attire:  you will spread cheer by placing a pinch of confetti into the palm of others – there is no blowing it everywhere and making a mess!


 Head Toy Maker 

 Elderberry the Elf is the head toy maker and hardest working elf in Christmas Village.  Elderberry is under a lot of stress lately, as s/he hasn’t released a new toy in years!  S/he’s a little bit of a whiner, so keep some tissues handy for this drama conjurer

  Suggested attire:  elf costume. Any toy(s) as optional props.


 Santa’s Bag Engineer 

  Eddie is the wild and crazy elf of Christmas Village.  Eddie and his/her crew are the ones who load Santa’s bag for the toy run on Christmas Eve.  It takes a lot of skill and a little magic to get Santa’s bag packed just right. 

  Suggested attire:  crazy elf costume.


 Father of Christmas 

 The legendary Santa Claus with his rosy cheeks, full belly and jovial spirit is the one to be around during the holidays.  He is happy-go-lucky and impervious to the holiday stress.  He follows the same routine each year – depending upon those who prepare all year for the big delivery night.

Suggested attire: Santa Claus costume.


 Rita the Wannabe Reindeer

  Rita the wannabe reindeer is the prim and proper nuisance of Christmas Village.  If you do not use proper manners around Rita, you’ll definitely be corrected.  However, Rita has etiquette issues of her own, as she insists she is a reindeer and not a human.  Everybody in Christmas Village sees that she’s a human in reindeer clothing – she definitely isn’t fooling anybody!

 Suggested attire:  minimal reindeer costume such as a big red foam nose and antlers.  The rest of your attire should be very human - such as a t-shirt and jeans.


Daughter of Christmas

 Sammy Claus is the out-of-control daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.  She often starts snowball fights, turns the ovens up in the gingerbread factory and switches the reindeer food with penguin food.  Her parents do everything possible to keep her out of trouble, but have found it difficult this holiday season.

Suggested attire: youthful Mrs. Santa Claus costume.


 Santa Claus’s Brother

Rick Claus is the crazy rock-n-roll star and brother of Santa Claus.  Rick spends most of his time touring the globe with his wild, rocking band mates.  Unfortunately, things are less quiet in Christmas Village when Rick is in town.

Suggested attire: Santa Claus costume with a more trendy hat and optional to have a long hair wig and guitar (real or fake).


Ice Princess

Silver Snowbell is the intimidating Ice Princess of the North Pole.  Armed with magical powers of ice, Silver is not one to allow foolishness around her.  Silver controls wintery weather around the globe and is often overworked during the wintertime.

Suggested attire: blue or white flowing dress.  Glittery white or blue cape, white wig, blue lipstick, and blue nail polish.  A glittery scepter as an optional prop.


 Polar Bear  

Puffy is the high-spirited polar bear in Christmas Village.  Puffy loves to bust a move whenever the mood strikes – especially if s/he hears music!  Even a simple hum or whistle can get this bear’s booty shaking!  With so much energy and enthusiasm, Puffy often gets into silly trouble.

Suggested attire: all white costume such as white over-sized top with leggings/pants.  Paint your nose black with eye liner.  Attach felt or faux fur polar bear ears to a white head band and wear a white wig.




Eggy Javah is the animated barista at the North Pole famous Egg Noggery – a fantastic Christmas beverage shop in Christmas Village.  Eggy tends to talk a million miles a minute, so it may be difficult to get a word in edgewise while in a conversation with Eggy.  Eggy blames it on the caffeine!               

 Suggested attire: playful holiday apron, red or green shirt and black pants.  Optional to create an Egg Noggery employee name tag.


Candy Shop Supervisor

 Ezra the Elf is the miserly candy shop supervisor in Christmas Village.  Rumor has it that Ezra doesn’t even allow the candy shop workers to take Christmas as a vacation day as s/he believes candy isn’t just for Christmas!  Santa has tried to stop Ezra from this ridiculous behavior to no avail.  The candy shop elves are definitely in need of a break!          

Suggested attire: elf costume. Any candy as optional props.



Smooge is the miserly brother of Mrs. Santa Claus.  He often visits the North Pole to try to talk his sister and her husband out of wasting money on the creation and distribution of Christmas toys.  If you looked up the word ‘Grouchy’ in the dictionary, Smooge’s picture would be right next to it.

Suggested attire: black suit or tuxedo, black top hat, cane.



Sleigh Body Shop Supervisor

Logan is one of the most shy and reserved elves in the Sleigh Body Shop in Christmas Village.  Logan is a dedicated, hard worker and a loyal supervisor.  It takes a lot of skill, diligence, and a little magic to get the sleigh running just right.  Logan is notorious for running late, however, and often misses deadlines.

Suggested attire: elf costume. Tools (real or fake) as optional props.



Christmas Lounge Singer

Trouble is Canary Wales’ middle name!  Since her early childhood, Canary has had the North Pole Police Department on their toes.  Canary always seems to evade capture and blame, but the townspeople all know exactly the turmoil she causes.  On the other hand, Canary has one of the most beautiful singing voices in the North Pole and often performs her original melodies at the Christmas Lounge.

Suggested attire: Christmas-inspired costume of any kind.  A microphone (real or fake) as a prop.



Gift Wrap Shop Supervisor

Glenda the Elf holds the prestigious position of Gift Wrap Shop supervisor.  Glenda is all about no-nonsense and doesn’t play around much at all.  Her gift-wrapping employees are not sure if it is her personality or just the stress of the job…but Glenda certainly isn’t much fun to be around!

Suggested attire:  elf costume.  Gift wrapping accessories as optional props.



Christmas Tree Whisperer          

Evergreen is known as the Christmas Tree Whisperer.  She is a legend in the North Pole as she can grow a forest of evergreen trees in record time with only the sound of her melodic voice.  Without her, there would be plenty of tree-less homes during the holiday season.          

Suggested attire: Christmas vegetation of any kind as a hat/headband.  Green dress/blouse.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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