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When the Clock Strikes Murder

A mysterious business named Crime Alive has emerged out of thin air in the sleepy community of Grimford – a small mountain town seeded deep inside of the Canterbury Woods. The residents have been unable to figure out its mission, but the town gossips have speculated film production, a book publishing company, or private investigators-for-hire. Whatever the enterprise might be – they are hosting a gala on New Year’s Eve for the Grimford residents. Crime Alive has not offered details about the event other than a guarantee of mystery and excitement to be cherished for a lifetime.

You're a resident of Grimford, and nothing exciting ever happens in the town. You were skeptical at first, but the buzz and intrigue got the best of you. After a thorough online interview, you confirmed your spot. You were so thrilled to be included - you put your digital signature on many documents without reading them. Signing consent forms and contracts seemed to be a bizarre requirement to attend a New Year’s party, so it caught you off guard. Nevertheless, you hope for the best. 

This is where your story begins. 

Guest List


Park Ranger

An American of Italian descent, this park ranger can be maddening to be around at times. Atty is witty and charming but sets the benchmark against which all other pranksters and antagonists are measured. Atty loves to get reactions out of others at all costs. Unlucky in love, this ranger will provoke friends and family with silly shenanigans to cure boredom and put a crack in the mundane.  Atty is notorious for breaking out into a spell of corny dancing.


Crime Alive Staff

 The Crime Alive staff has been instructed not to socialize with the New Year’s Eve party guests. They are a mysterious group to outsiders.

Locke works in the Wellness Center. This the gym for the staff members, as the corporate executives believe in ensuring their employees stay healthy and in tip-top shape. A careful observer, Locke stands back in the shadows and takes notes in a little black notebook. Locke is obsessed with Halloween and celebrates the holiday year-round.  A night owl, Locke stays up late every night and ensures the entire facility is sanitized – not just the gym.


Crime Alive Staff

The Crime Alive staff has been instructed not to socialize with the New Year’s Eve party guests. They are a mysterious group to outsiders.

Lux Rose is one of the many scientists who work in the Crime Alive Laboratory. Naturally inquisitive, Lux must touch everything and be involved in every conversation. One might say Lux is nosy, but Lux defends it is all data collection.  Lux is fixated on other people’s hair and brings attention to any changes one makes – even a trim catches Lux’s eye. Lux can be short-tempered on occasion.


Film Director

Emory Twist is the mysterious film director with a cool detachment from humankind. Emory is robotic, meticulous, and always gets the job done. Most people are intimidated by Emory, but that is only because Emory keeps people guessing and is often lurking in the shadows of social engagements. Not known for predictable behavior, this director’s name is credited to many hit films. Emory is currently scouting new film locations and always has an eye for new talent.  Emory will tell lame jokes to try to fit in with others, but the jokes always fail miserably.



Logan Dangerfield is the fearless firefighter who works for the Grimford Fire Department. Logan is an intellectual who constantly makes a mess of things by over-analyzing the situation. Logan brazenly embraces life with a robustness that borders on being reckless. On the flip side, Logan is highly superstitious and refuses to walk under ladders or step on cracks.


Crime Alive Staff

The Crime Alive staff has been instructed not to socialize with the New Year’s Eve party guests. They are a mysterious group to outsiders.

Banks Hepburn is one of the many scientists who work in the Crime Alive Laboratory.  A vegan who announces that fact upon entering a room, Banks is passionate about anything that is the color red. Banks will spark conversations that end up as spats if one overuses electricity.


Crime Alive Staff

The Crime Alive staff has been instructed not to socialize with the New Year’s Eve party guests. They are a mysterious group to outsiders.

Falcon Stallard is the stone-faced receptionist of Crime Alive. The first to greet customers, Falcon is continually sniffling due to allergies – or so Falcon says it’s due to allergic reactions to pollen, ragweed, cedar, mold, and anything else that’s in the air. Falcon often speaks in quotes from hit movies and is addicted to caffeine, swearing that caffeine consumption makes the allergies less severe.


Doomsday Prepper

The primal instinct of humans is survival. Snow is devoted to the cause of doomsday prepping – so much so that Snow has branched out beyond the extensive underground bunker in the backyard to create Got Apocalypse franchises across the nation. The retail warehouse chain specializes in preparing customers for disasters – both natural and those caused by humankind.  Snow is caring and deeply philosophical. Snow will touch their hair when nervous – this could be used as a lie detector in some cases.


Food Critic

Zion’s determination to make the world a better place for culinary experiences is admirable. This food critic has an impeccable palate for spice combinations and a keen eye for dish presentation. Zion is a charismatic individual whose values and beliefs are aligned with the norms of high society. On a personal level, Zion is unfeeling and cynical. There is no bribing Zion for positive reviews, so if you own a restaurant and Zion makes a reservation, everything better be on point, or you’ll be out of business. Zion continually interrupts others. Could it be that Zion doesn’t think anyone else has something of merit to say? Probably so.


Animal Massage Therapist

Arrow has lived the high life with a long, opulent swirl of high society shindigs. Arrow has an overbearing manner and is brilliant, but sometimes deceitful. Not wanting to live solely off a trust fund, Arrow decided to become an animal massage therapist. Many have poked fun at Arrow for just wanting to pet dogs for a living, but Arrow contends that animals have a right to massages just like humans. Arrow seeks to find flaws in fellow humans and will point them out without mercy.  Arrow claims to be a vegan, but everyone around town has caught Arrow eating meat.


Special FX Artist

Bold, honorable, heroic – Finn Falstaff is a role model in every sense. Finn is a freelance special effects makeup artist who travels the country’s film lots to create camera-ready creatures and other effects using prosthetics, makeup, and anything else that gets the job done. Finn is a fun, spirited, and outgoing friend to everyone and has never met a stranger. Finn often mumbles when excited, so listen closely if you’re around Finn during high-energy chats.


Flight Nurse

Frankie Finch is a living cartoon character. Larger than life and full of childlike charm and marvel, Frankie is a flight nurse who transports patients in critical condition to the Grimford Medical Center Trauma Unit. Frankie is the best medic with Grimford Emergency Services and knows the job better than anyone. Frankie has a stuffed teddy bear since birth named Tootsie. Frankie needs to be around it for comfort and security, so Tootsie flies the Medi-Flight Helicopter with Frankie. 


Animal Rescue Manager

Rowan Caulfield is the ruthless manager of the Grimford Animal Rescue. Rowan is not to be messed with, albeit many have tried in the past. Some of those have disappeared, however.

 Rowan is the personification of sixties culture. Rowan doesn’t embrace ever-changing times and seeks to retain the positive hippie culture and traditional values. Rowan always believes someone is tailing them, so Rowan is continuously looking over their shoulder.


Racecar Mechanic

Marlowe Golightly is not bound to society’s laws, standards, or conventions and claims to be a modern-day Robin Hood. Marlowe is a crew chief for a racing team and runs pit road with a goofy attitude and appetite for trouble. Marlowe Golightly keeps the racetrack pit crew on their toes with sneezes that come in sevens and shake the garage doors in their tracks. Marlowe also gives racecar driving lessons on the side.


NFC Fighter

Shandy Holmes is a National Fighting Club (NFC) champion known as The Zombie Slasher. Shandy is a bit of a narcissist and misguided renegade who finds the world disheartening and shallow. That doesn’t stop Shandy from soaking in the limelight and enjoying the celebrity status that comes with fighting in the octagons under the lights. Shandy makes noises like ‘pow,’ ‘whap,’ and ‘boom’ while doing everyday things.


Talent Agent

With tall tales scattered amongst flowery language, Briley Stelfox is one of the best talent agents worldwide. All the top film producers use Stelfox Talent Management (STM). Nevertheless, as gifted for finding talent that Briley may be – that can’t overcome the fact that Briley is a skilled pickpocket. Deep beneath the professional exterior beats the heart of a career criminal. Briley Stelfox attempts to overuse big words to impress others but doesn’t always use the words correctly.

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