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Doom Mansion Diamond Heist

Dr. Doom is the heir of the Doom estate and a chemist made famous for formulations of harmful pesticides. The former scientist has led a troublesome life full of misery, lies, and deceitful practices.  Reflecting upon the past, Dr. Doom decided to host a dinner at the Doom Mansion in hopes of resolving the differences with those wronged in the past. Most of the guests have accepted the humble invitation and are excited to enjoy a night of fine dining, games, and good conversation. Dr. Doom also has plans to unveil a priceless diamond pterodactyl egg – a family heirloom which has been touted in the newspapers for many years.

 You’ve been invited to the luxurious affair, and this is where your story begins.


Guest List


Dr. Doom

Chemist & Heir of Doom Mansion
Dr. Doom is an infamous chemist and the heir of Doom Mansion.  This doc has burned many bridges and made many enemies in the past, but recently came to a point in life with the desire to make everything right with associates and former loved ones.  Dr. Doom, being an heir, retired from an illustrious career with DDT Chemicals, Inc.  Many years of societal pressure from environmentalist groups finally made Dr. Doom aware that the harmful pesticides s/he was working on would have serious consequences on the food web. 

Dr. Doom recently hired Ms. Ivory, a woman with a mysterious past, as the housekeeper of the mansion. However, it wasn't until recently that Dr. Doom found out the truth about her! Nevertheless, Dr. Doom is trying to turn over a new leaf and build bridges, not tear them down. 

Dr. Doom has two remaining family members - Miss Crimson and Ms. Pheasant- who are both nieces. Miss Crimson is the only one in good graces, as Ms. Pheasant has chosen the path of estrangement. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy suit. (Click for women's and click for men's.) Glasses as an optional accessory.


Miss Crimson
Hollywood Actress
Miss Crimson is the beautiful niece of Dr. Doom, a famous film actress, and the younger sister of Ms. Pheasant. However, Miss Crimson and her controversial sister have been at odds for years. It wasn't until recently that Ms. Pheasant and Dr. Doom had a falling out over a board game. 

Miss Crimson's last movie release was a huge flop. Rumor has it that the upcoming release won't be much better. What does this say about her career?  In Hollywood, one day you're hot, and the next, you're not. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous red evening gown. Hair should be in an elegant hairstyle.


General Dijon
Military General and Avid Hunter
General Dijon is the one who keeps order in any room.  An avid military officer and hunter, rumor has it The General sleeps with a grenade in one hand and a revolver under the pillow.

Even though The General (as s/he prefers to be called) has never left US soil, s/he is highly concerned with being attacked - even at home. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any military clothing and a yellow (mustard-colored) scarf/ tie. A fake revolver or shotgun as an optional prop.


Hair Tonic Salesperson
This slimy con artist is one to avoid, as Jade will make a shady business deal with anyone foolish enough to sign on the dotted line.  Jade owns the company, Grow Your Hair Like a Chia Pet.  Jade's proprietary blend is marketed as a miracle cure for baldness. 

However, the company is only six months old with guarantees to grow back hair with daily use after a year. The company will boom or crash once customers release the documented results. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any tacky green suit or dress (Click for women's and click for men's) with fake hair tonic bottles as optional props.


Ms. Ivory
Ms. Ivory is the sarcastic housekeeper of the Doom Mansion. Ms. Ivory keeps the mansion clean and in perfect order but doesn’t get along with anyone.

Ms. Ivory has recently been slacking on the job, and the cobwebs are coming back across the property. She might not care to impress Dr. Doom anymore. There's nothing worse than a housekeeper who's a couch potato!  On the flip side, Dr. Doom is a neat freak, so there's probably not much to do around the mansion.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any black and white maid/housekeeper costume. A feather duster as an optional prop.


Ms. Pheasant
High Society Socialite
Ms. Pheasant is a wealthy socialite.  She is Dr. Doom's niece and Miss Crimson's older sister. This socialite has many secrets and rumors of a troubled past. 

Ms. Pheasant was the former president of the Proper Ladies of Gothic City club, an exclusive socialite club in town with a 50 K member price tag. For some reason, She is no longer a member. The town gossips are dying to know what happened! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A blue prim and proper dress suitable for ‘high society.’ A bag of fake money as an optional prop.


Miss Gray
This legal diva, who sees only the black and white, is Dr. Doom's no-nonsense attorney. This debate queen lacks a personality.

Dr. Doom recently accused Miss Gray of embezzlement. As she controls all of Dr. Doom's accounts, Miss Gray could have easily swiped millions. Sources say Dr. Doom's niece, Miss Crimson, has informed the bank manager of the missing money. Miss Gray better hope she covered her tracks if she is guilty. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A gray business suit with a briefcase as an optional prop.


Princess Fuchsia
Princess of Zamkiki
Princess Fuchsia is Dr. Doom’s friend from a small island off South Africa's coast called Zamkiki. She is an avid collector and enthusiastic world traveler.

The princess hasn't spoken to Dr. Doom in a long time. They didn't necessarily have a falling out, but neither has made an effort to contact each other in years. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A pink princess costume with a tiara. A fake frog as an optional prop.


Chef Ginger
Executive Chef
Chef Ginger has a personality as spicy as the chef’s delectable dishes!  This is one chef who will be the first to tell it like it is! Chef Ginger is sharp, as nothing gets by this knife-wielding culinary genius!

The chef recently purchased a houseboat and moved all belongings on board. However, Chef Ginger is in full panic, as Dr. Doom decided to nix the staff bonuses this year. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A chef’s uniform. A spatula as an optional prop. Red-haired wig as an optional accessory.


Dr. Grape
Physics Professor
Dr. Grape is an absent-minded physics professor and former colleague of Dr. Doom.  Dr. Grape is the estranged sibling of the housekeeper of the Doom Mansion, Ms. Ivory.

Dr. Grape is highly protective of Ms. Ivory despite her sordid past. Dr. Grape would never want Ms. Ivory to be in a precarious position to get into trouble again - as she did five years ago while hanging with the wrong crowd.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered purple suit, glasses, and a small chalkboard and chalk as optional props. (Click for women's and click for men's.) Or lab coat. Hair should be unkempt.

Miss Patricia Peach

Miss Rodeo America
Miss Peach has been the reigning Miss Rodeo America for two years in a row! This rodeo queen has the ultimate roping skills, and she’s beautiful and clever to boot! Miss Peach is also known for her crazy sense of humor, as she spews hilarious jokes!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A western costume. A lasso as an optional prop.


Dr. Golden
Dr. Gloria Golden is one of the most brilliant forensic chemists in the nation and is the younger sister of Jade.  This friendly chemist is known to be a tad too talkative at times. It’s probably because she doesn’t leave the lab much!

Dr. Golden assisted Jade in getting the company Grow Your Hair Like a Chia Pet off the ground by formulating the miracle hair tonic! The company has taken off as a big success over the last six months. Hopefully, Dr. Golden will retire early and finally relax! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A lab coat or medical scrubs. Any fake science equipment (i.e., beakers, test tubes, pipettes) as optional props.


Miss Burgundy
Don’t even bother buying a hairstyle magazine because if you sit in Ms. Burgundy’s styling chair, you’re going to get the only cut and style she knows! Her signature style is twenty years outdated, and all of her clients look identical when they leave the salon, but she doesn’t care!

Miss Burgundy has had an illustrious hairstyling career with filled-to-the-brim appointment books. However, she's been steadily losing clients, and her career is spiraling out of control. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy and fashionable outfit. Hair in an outrageous style. Comb and styling cape as optional props.


Ms. Orange
Ms. Orange is a no-nonsense school teacher at Gothic City Elementary School. She teaches a strict curriculum in her kindergarten class and doesn’t tolerate nonsense in the classroom or out!

Some say that Ms. Orange has held on to grudges since high school, which is why she is stern and inflexible. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Long conservative dress or a traditional teacher costume. An apple and a ruler as optional props. 


Sergeant Cobalt
Police Officer, Gothic City P.D.
It's surprising how an officer so riddled with self-doubt and humility could decide to join the police force. Despite being profoundly kind-hearted, Sergeant Cobalt battles with self-esteem that seems to hover near absolute zero. This inner turmoil is quietly evident, as colleagues have noted Sergeant Cobalt exploring job opportunities in Gothic City throughout the past year. This pattern of behavior suggests a deep-seated uncertainty about a future in law enforcement. Perhaps the world of policing doesn't align with Sergeant Cobalt's long-term aspirations or personal fulfillment.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police uniform.  Toy (fake) gun as a prop.


Sensei Silver
Ninja for Hire
Sensei Silver is a mysterious ninja for hire. All anybody knows about Sensei Silver is that the ninja is available for hire for anything that you’d need a ninja to do!

The townsfolk know that Sensei is not from Gothic City and wasn't invited to Dr. Doom's dinner party. If this ninja shows up, nobody knows what Dr. Doom will do! 

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