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Harrison House Murder Mystery

It’s time for Drew Beasley to kick off the annual bash at the Harrison House.  Excitement is hanging thickly in the air, as the VIPs of Pandora City gear up to mingle with friends, colleagues, and of course - unavoidable foes. 

     Drew Beasley, the CFO of the Harrison House, firmly believes that building community spirit around the Harrison House is the only way to keep the historical bed & breakfast alive.  However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the townspeople of Pandora City to remain harmonious in the same place for too long of a time. 

     Drew and the staff of the Harrison House have taken extreme measures this year to divert the guests’ attention away from each other and toward the party’s festivities.  They have planned a delectable menu, fun party games and of course, spirited music for the guests to enjoy.  This might be their last shot at hosting a huge shindig, as the heir to the Harrison estate is growing tired of the way the Harrison House is being managed. 

     Hopefully, the staff can prove that the annual party is a necessity for the Harrison House’s ultimate success.  Without the yearly buzz as a reminder, the townspeople could forget about the Harrison House even though it has been in Pandora City for over 100 years.

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Invited Guests


B Movie Star
Kelly Kingsley is the struggling B movie star. Known for powerful screams and overly dramatic chase scenes, Kelly is destined to take over the Hollywood big screen. According to Kelly, if s/he doesn’t make it big in Hollywood - it will be anyone’s fault besides Kelly’s - as this drama conjurer is remarkably quick to point the blame at anyone for anything. 
Costume Suggestions: Trendy glamour attire. Optional prop is a marker and slips of paper to give autographs to the other guests. 

Marathon Runner
Sam Apples is the notorious marathon runner and creator of the video series Buns of Iron an intense home video workout regimen that Sam developed to build the muscle tone of the gluteus muscles. Sam spends the day running, teaching fitness classes, or writing books about the optimal fitness of gluteus muscles. Some of the townspeople say that Sam might be mentally unstable, but nobody has confirmed it to be true. 
Costume Suggestions: Tank top, running shorts and a marathon number safety-pinned to your shirt. Optional headband / wristbands as accessories. 

Alex Bronson is the ill-mannered baker and owner of Pandora Bakery. Alex is the rudest soul in town and is a notorious party crasher. For this reason, Alex received an invitation to the bash at the Harrison House just to ease the tension! 
Costume Suggestions: Chef’s coat and hat. 

If you’re in need of a professional realtor who can get the job done, Jordon Jones is the only one to call upon - at least that is what Jordon’s tacky television commercials say! This ultra-fake and overly friendly realtor is certainly looking out for number one, so if Jordon is representing you with a new home purchase, a fair deal is the last thing you should expect! Friendliness can be deceiving, as Jordon is a friend to nobody! 

Costume Suggestions: Business suit. Optional to make business cards and pass them out. 
The ultra-mysterious Dakota Franco is no stranger to the American trash tabloids. Rumor has it that this celebrity mogul dabbles in just about everything that’s illegal and depraved! Arriving in America seemingly penniless, this entrepreneur amassed wealth beyond the typical American dream-nearly overnight! The burning question is-who is Dakota Franco and how did Dakota earn so much money so quickly? 
Costume Suggestions: Very trendy attire. Fake money popping out of your pockets as an optional prop. 

World Traveler / Boat Captain
Originally hailing from the bayous of southern Louisiana, Casey is currently traveling the world in search of the best deep-sea fishing. Casey recently took a position as a boat captain, hosting deep sea fishing excursions along the Pandora City coastline. Casey is infamous for pirate impersonations and prefers to be called Captain Casey. 
Costume Suggestions: Fisherman costume. Optional hat with fishing lures hanging off the rim as an accessory. 

Sasha Yaplan prefers to stand back in the shadows during social gatherings, as his/her exceptionally high I.Q. makes Sasha highly sensitive to his/her surroundings. Sasha is a rocket scientist turned astronaut, who has more intelligence than s/he knows what to do with. 
Costume Suggestions: Astronaut suit. As an alternative, a uniform shirt with NASA as the logo. 

Travel Agent
Devon Forums is a helpful travel agent for Pandora Travel Agency and is a dedicated friend. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on-choose Devon’s shoulder. Devon gives excellent advice and is the most comforting person around. However, rumor has it that Devon’s business practices might be a tad shady. Watch your back around this friendly travel advisor. 
Costume Suggestions: Business casual attire. Optional to make business cards and pass them out. 

Cameron Bance is the cranky lumberjack and owner of The Timber Shack. Cameron has a rule only to say things one time, but sometimes it is hard to understand Cameron, as s/he speaks from the corner of his/her mouth. Cameron prefers the solitary lifestyle, and townies believe if s/he ever got into a relationship that it would make Cameron a happier person. 
Costume Suggestions: Lumberjack costume. Flannel, jeans, fake chainsaw as a prop (optional). Optional to make business cards for the Timber Shack and pass them out. 

Taylor Thames is the blatantly honest chemist. Taylor tells the truth, no matter what, even at his/her detriment. If you want to know the truth, Taylor is the one you need to speak to about things. 
Costume Suggestions: Lab coat, latex (nitrile, etc.) gloves (optional), and beakers, swabs, etc. as optional props. Nerd glasses (black rims with tape on bridge) as an accessory. 

CFO, Harrison House
Drew Beasley is the Chief Financial Officer at the Harrison House. Drew is a friendly person but often rants about governmental conspiracies. Drew’s fellow employees often speculate that Drew wraps foil around windows, television antennae or anything else to prevent the government from spying on him/her. 
Costume Suggestions: Business suit. Optional to make business cards for the Harrison House and pass them out. 

Hired Gun
Harper Vance is the elusive hired gun originally from Pandora City. Harper openly admits what s/he does for a living, but also says that there is no evidence to prove s/he has ever been involved with a crime. People don’t like to question Harper due to her/his career choice. Harper has a bizarre tendency when people misuse or mispronounce words to become enraged. Watch your voice and diction around this assassin. 
Costume Suggestions: Black suit, toy guns in every pocket / strapped to you in every possible location. Optional to make business cards for your assassin business and pass them out. 

Frankie Harrison is the high-energy emergency room physician at Pandora City Hospital and heir to the Harrison estate. This is one doc that is in serious love-with Dr. Frankie Harrison. Dr. Harrison doesn’t pass up a mirror or even a highly reflective surface without a quick admiration of his/her features. 
Costume Suggestions: Lab coat, any medical supplies (i.e. stethoscope) as optional props. 

Police Officer, Canine Unit
You’ll wonder how this crabby, introverted police officer ever thought s/he could protect and serve the people of Pandora City. Surprisingly, Officer Williams is one of the most highly decorated officers at the Pandora City Police Department! One likely scenario is that Officer Williams has simply intimidated everybody at the station and everybody does what Officer Williams says to do, or they pay the price. 
Costume Suggestions: Police uniform. Optional to bring a stuffed German Shepherd toy as your canine officer. 

Careflight Pilot
Echo Rockman is a Careflight pilot for the Pandora City Hospital. Echo is one of the nosiest people that you will ever come across, and there is nothing that this helicopter pilot doesn’t know about the people in Pandora City. Echo should not be trusted with any sensitive information, as s/he is a serious gossip. 
Costume Suggestions: Pilot suit. Optional to wear sunglasses and earphones as props. 

Event Videographer
Dylan McBreezen is the most melancholy event videographer on the planet! Why this doom and gloomer would choose a career to film people enjoying themselves is beyond anyone’s comprehension. However, this gothic videographer’s dark and quirky event videos are becoming quite the trend in Pandora City! 
Costume Suggestions: All black, casual attire. Optional to make business cards and pass them out. 

Details, details, details! If you’re speaking to Terry Cane, you had better get ready for a plethora of intricate points and facts! This over-explaining comedian will jump at the chance to perform an impromptu standup comedy routine. 
Costume Suggestions: Comical t-shirt and jeans. Optional to make business cards and pass them out. 

Roller Skating Rink Owner
If you looked up narcissism in the dictionary, you will find Tracy Howe’s picture plastered by the description. Tracy is the self-loving owner of Pandora on Wheels, which is the only roller skating rink in town. People say that Tracy still lives in the seventies, as the roller rink hasn’t changed since 1975 and neither has Tracy. 
Costume Suggestions: Polyester suit, 1970’s inspired hairstyle. Optional to make coupons for free entry for a session at your rink and pass them out. 

Jamie Linbruner is the most annoying ‘one upper’ in Pandora City. If you’ve done, said or tried anything - Jamie is certain to have done it more often, said it already and tried it three times. Jamie is new to Pandora City, having recently relocated due to landing a lucrative position at Pandora City Pharmacy. 
Costume Suggestions: Lab coat. Name tag with Pandora City Pharmacy as an optional prop. 

Bronte Vance, an impatient English teacher at Pandora High School, is an adventurous soul. A former jetsetter, talented gardener, and nature lover, Bronte has traveled around the world and experienced cultures and cuisine that most will only see on exotic television shows! Even though Bronte leads an exciting and relaxing life, Bronte’s students report that there is a zero tolerance policy in the classroom! 
Costume Suggestions: Conservative teacher attire. High-neck sweater with an oxford shirt underneath, dress pants and dress shoes. 

Owner, The Fabric Shop
Holly Prince is the easygoing owner of The Fabric Shop. Known for her expertise of textiles, she is Pandora City’s resident guru for assistance with sewing projects! Holly goes along with the ideas of others without thinking of her own needs first and tends to get into sticky situations. 
Costume Suggestions: Trendy attire with colorful, bold fabric. Optional to make business cards and pass them out. 

Store Clerk
Adrian Blane is the cheery yet awkward convenience store clerk at the Pandora City Minimart. A constant whistler, Adrian graces you with uncomfortable stares and periods of awkward silence during conversation. There’s no way to avoid her, however, as the Pandora City Minimart is the best convenience store in town! 
Costume Suggestions: Casual t-shirt and jeans. 

Pandora University Reporter
Emery Parker is the boisterous news reporter from Pandora University. Emery often socializes with the townspeople of Pandora City to see if she can get the scoop on a good story. However, she has a peculiar habit of ending statements as a question and this tends to confuse others. 
Costume Suggestions: Young, trendy and casual attire. to bring a tape recorder, notepad and pen to interview people with during the party. 

Madison Mables is the beautiful print model from Los Angeles. You’ve probably seen her face smiling at you on your cereal box, a billboard next to the highway or even in your favorite magazine. For the most part, Madison is a friendly person but she tends to strut in the center of any walkway just to force others have to walk around her. 
Costume Suggestions: Glamorous evening attire. Hair fixed into a dressy updo, stunning evening makeup. 

Polly Singers is the young, charming nanny with an unforgettable voice that definitely sounds like it belongs behind an animated cartoon character! However, don’t let this voice fool you, Polly is an incessant ‘know it all’ and hasn’t taken anyone’s advice since she was seven years old!

Costume Suggestions: Casual t-shirt and jeans. 

Radio Disc Jockey
An avid recreational basketball player, Bishop Cyan is also an outgoing radio disc jockey and host of the reality television show Kitchen Houdini. You immediately know when Bishop Cyan is in the room as his charisma fills the air-and he has a bad habit of projecting his voice extra loudly! 
Costume Suggestions: Trendy casual attire. As an alternative, basketball attire. 

Duncan Presley is the muscle bound jock heir of the Presley Estate. A recent high school graduate, he often hangs out with his friends at the Pandora City Beach. Rumor has it that Duncan was a notorious high school bully.

Costume Suggestions: Trendy, expensive looking attire. A wallet with tons of fake money as an optional prop. 

Big Game Hunter
Arden Fallon is the brazen hunter by day and by night; this bison sniper is a romantic poet that performs at the Pandora Poetry Club. Armed with perfect manners and chivalrous words, this is one sincere and overly adoring gentleman. 
Costume Suggestions: Hunting attire. Optional to bring a fake (toy) shotgun. 

Database Administrator
Ivan is the nerdy, unassuming go-to computer whiz for the Pandora City Railroad. He creates, strategizes and tracks performance of the railroad’s extensive database. He also frequently does contract work for clients, especially for extensive home networks that need high security. Ivan’s nickname is ‘The Cooler’ as he loves to hang around the water cooler at work and make annoying comments to anyone walking by. 
Costume Suggestions: Business casual attire. 

Lounge Performer
Kirby Banister is the talented guitarist and songwriter. If you are ever in need of a cheer up, Kirby is the one to turn to for support and an open ear. Kirby is probably the most dedicated friend you could have and is definitely the best at problem solving.

Costume Suggestions: Blazer, oxford, jeans. Trendy hairstyle. Optional to have business cards or flyers of upcoming performances as props to pass out during the party. 

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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