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You could have Google'd this, ya know.

Deduct your 2.5 points!  


A - Alfa/Alpha

B- Bravo

C - Charlie

D- Delta

E - Echo

F - Foxtrot

G - Golf

H - Hotel

I - India

J - Juliett

K - Kilo

L - Lima

M - Mike

N - November

O - Oscar

P - Papa

Q - Quebec

R - Romeo

S- Sierra

T - Tango

U - Uniform 

V - Victor

W - Whiskey

X - Xray

Y - Yankee

Z - Zulu

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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