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Escape Room: QR CODE

 You can hide this code in the room anywhere. Hopefully, someone will know what it is.  It is a QR code, which encodes a specific URL. You will need a QR Reader App installed on your phone to scan and read this code. There are free apps available. It may be wise to download an app on your phone as the host in case your guests have trouble with wifi, etc. and are unable to download the app to read it – as that would be a dead end.  If you have the app available for them as a back-up, once you see them fail at downloading the app, you can offer your phone for them to scan it.  Also, test the wifi in your escape room in advance and be sure you are able to pull up the Your Mystery Party site without an issue.

Once they scan the code (below, right click to save), they will be automatically directed to a website on the Your Mystery Party guest site.   Then, they will be asked for a password (1234pass).  Place the password card below (right click to save) in an envelope and hide within the room.  Note, the password is case sensitive. You can elect to use either of the password cards below - for a more difficult challenge, give them the one in all-caps and have them figure out the password is case sensitive and they are to use the lower case 'pass'. 

Props needed for this scenario:

  • Printed copies of the QR Code and password (below, right click to save).

  • Optional to place both in the same color of envelope – this will make it appear as though they belong together.  Or, you can make the password a prize for completing a challenge. 

  • Someone in the room must have a mobile device with a QR scanner/reader app installed. Or, the ability to install it (there are free ones) - so you'll need to ensure you have wifi. 

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