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Karlton Ritz Mystery Party

The Karlton Ritz Hotel is sponsoring a charity bash at their luxury, 5-star hotel to save the New York bog turtles – an endangered species.  The who’s who is set to arrive on scene for delicious food, fun party games, and juicy gossip – all while raising money for the smallest turtles who are facing extinction in the Big Apple!  A top movie star is rumored to be hitting the red carpet of this event – Robbie Pattenson, star of the hit Enchanted Gnome movie series! You have been invited to this exclusive event. This is where your story begins.

need some cool threads for the event?

Invited Guests


Award-Winning Country & Western Music Artist
Hope Mountain is the award-winning country and western music artist. Originally hailing from Nashville, this girl with the sweet personality can sing like an angel!  Everyone loves to be around Hope Mountain, as she is the nicest girl in town.  Before she was famous, she was the reigning rodeo queen in her hometown and can rope a cow faster than most cowboys!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Western outfit – shirt, jeans, boots and cowboy hat. Guitar (fake or real) and microphone as an optional prop.


Beauty Queen
Hyra Franks is one of the most stunning beauty pageant queens in the United States.  This pageant diva recently coveted the title of Miss Teen USA!  However, this queen knows she is beautiful and is not ashamed to tell you all about it! Some say her egomania is her way of getting more attention.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Evening gown and tiara. Optional ‘Miss Teen USA’ banner as a prop.


Ima Pillgiver is the nosy nurse from the Lititz Medical Center.  If you want your share of the town gossip, rush over to Ima’s house!  Ima knows everyone in town and is known for spilling secrets.  Therefore, be careful confiding in this nurse, because nobody’s business is off limits where she’s concerned!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A nurse costume / white fitted dress with a nurse’s hat.


Mary Merryweather is the energetic bride-to-be who is soon to be married to a famous movie star, Danny Radclif. Rumor has it she’s already doubled her wedding budget, but the big event isn’t for six months! It is hysterical to hang out with Mary, as she constantly impersonates random animals.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A bridal costume /white formal (semi-formal) dress with a veil.


Ice Skater
Penny Wheeler is a talented professional ice-skater.  With her home filled to the brim with championship trophies, this speedster is the one to beat on the ice!  Penny is the life of the party with constant rhyming about situations around her. Some say she’d make an excellent rap artist!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Two different costume scenarios: ice-skating dress or dance costume. 


Prancy Twinkletoes is the most charismatic person you will ever know.  She’s multi-talented but is best known for elegant performances.  Everyone adores Prancy Twinkletoes, as she shares her love for dance….continuously!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Ballerina costume. Hair pulled back into a bun.


Dance Teacher
Frenchie Arnold is a quirky teacher at the biggest dance studio in town.  She teaches the high-energy sock hop dance classes.  People say she is ‘stuck in the 1950s,’ but she defends herself by claiming life was simpler back then, so she lives that way. However, don’t cross this retro-sock hopper, as she struggles with anger management!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: 1950’s costume. Poodle skirt, saddle shoes with hair in a pony tail with a scarf tied around it.


Ukulele Player
The shy Poni Pineapple is one of the best ukulele players of her generation. She is part of one of the largest luaus in Maui. Known for sharp hula moves and skilled ukulele playing, she has an awful habit that nobody can seem to break - horrible manners!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Luau costume - grass skirt with a Hawaiian shirt or bikini top, flower in the hair. Hawaiian lei(s) as an optional prop(s). A ukulele as an optional prop.


Fortune Teller
You never know what you’re going to get out of Zenda Zale, as she’s a fortune teller that caters to the celebrities in Hollywood. This dreamy crystal ball-wielding gypsy can spin off some crazy fortunes!  Weird enough, the fortunes often involve who shewill marry in the future!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gypsy/fortune teller outfit. (Long flowing dress with jagged edges.) A (fake) crystal ball as an optional prop.


Pop Star
Since she was only seventeen, this pop diva’s songs have topped the charts.  Surprisingly, the fame hasn’t gone to her head, as she is one of the friendliest celebrities!  She travels the globe to attend charity events that she can fit into her busy tour schedule!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pop star attire with a fake microphone as an optional prop.

Learn more about bog turtles: 

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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