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Halloween Homicide at the Chamber of Screams Haunted House

The cast members of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House worked hard this Halloween season, scaring the town's people. The management of the haunted house has decided to reward the employees with a mini-Halloween celebration held during regular business hours in the employee break room. As you know, the Chamber of Screams shuts down briefly each night so the employees can straighten up their haunted scenes. When you first started working there, you heard a rumor that the management probably does this so the line of customers outside will build up and appear twice as busy and much more popular. Regardless of the reason for this break, you look forward to the upcoming treat during your next shift at work. This is where your story begins.

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Employees of the Chamber of Screams

Swamp Creature
Engaging in conversation with Gerri Green, the meticulous team member of the Lagoon Room within the Chamber of Screams Haunted House, means immersing yourself in a torrent of intricate details and unwavering facts. Gerri's penchant for over-explaining transforms any interaction into a deep dive into the nitty-gritty. If you're thinking about striking up a chat with Gerri, be prepared to carve out a substantial chunk of your time.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Green swamp creature costume. Paint skin green and brown. Wear a green shirt, pants and attach green & brown strips of fabric for a ‘swampy’ effect.


Stepping into the eerie realm of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House's graveyard scene, you'll encounter the enigmatic figure known as Zed Zeff, who takes on the prominent role of a zombie. This year's newcomer to the cast, Zed Zeff shrouds themselves in an air of mystery, leaving the rest of the team and visitors alike with an unsettling sense of uncertainty. As whispers swirl and curiosity mounts, Zed Zeff remains a riddle waiting to be unraveled within the haunting grounds.

The other graveyard zombies, under the guidance of Zed, bring a bone-chilling and eerie presence to the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Zombie costume. Tattered clothing, scars/skeleton showing and heavy white/black/green/gray makeup on the face. A messy wig as an optional prop.


Jamie Vorahees (Serial Killer)
V, who aptly portrays the character of the notorious serial killer Jamie Vorahees within the eerie confines of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House, hasn't exactly cultivated a robust social circle during their tenure. Renowned for their unwavering rigidity, demeanor, and approach, V's reputation as an unyielding and detached presence is a constant. Limited to seasonal engagements within the haunted house, V's company outside their home rarely extends beyond these chilling performances. However, one should tread cautiously, as it's common knowledge that V harbors an ability to leverage their street connections to unleash chaos upon those who dare to betray their trust.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Torn work clothing, a hockey mask, and a toy knife or machete.


Meet Rappen Tyte, a lively college student from the local university who eagerly steps into the spooky shoes of the mummy at the Chamber of Screams Haunted House. Rappen's always cracking jokes and poking fun at folks, but there's a known tendency for them to get a bit too greedy and overly enthusiastic. Just be cautious to avoid ending up in a spot where Rappen might try to make the most of the situation. So, it's wise to stay a step ahead and keep your wits about you, especially when those mischievous antics are at play!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mummy costume. Heavy white & black face makeup.


Bride of Frankelstein
Mary Franx takes on the role of the Bride of Frankenstein at the Chamber of Screams Haunted House, but this antisocial wannabe supermodel is far from friendly. With a penchant for harsh judgments and a knack for delivering bold, offensive remarks, Mary doesn't mince words. If you're considering getting close to this dark bride, think again – Mary's intense germophobia means maintaining a healthy distance from everyone, which is non-negotiable.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Bride of Frankenstein costume. Black and white wig and a wedding gown. Black bouquet as an optional prop.


If you were to open the dictionary to the entry on "perfectionist," you'd likely see Axel Guns' portrait right there. Axel is constantly in pursuit of improvement, never delighted with their work. As an artist they're perpetually refining their creations, even when those creations are already quite remarkable. Axel's iconic status in the art world is well-deserved, and their quest for perfection extends to their personal presentation – don't be surprised if you catch them frequently checking their appearance in a handheld mirror.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Executioner costume. Dark robes, dark hood, and a fake executioner’s axe. A handheld mirror as an optional prop.


Bloody Prom Queen
Scary Carey's the 7th-grade math teacher who now takes on the role of a spooky high school prom queen in the Chamber of Screams Haunted House at night. She's known for having a bit of a temper, so you won't want to mess with this angry prom queen. But not everyone knows that behind her tough exterior, she genuinely cares about her students and goes the extra mile to make sure they feel supported and understood.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Prom dress and long blonde wig with fake blood streaming down from the wig to the bottom of the dress. Make sure the fake blood is dry before you arrive at the party!

Bell Z. Bubby might seem super chill as a paralegal at the district attorney's office, but in the Chamber of Screams, this legal guru is the lead demon in the Underworld room. Even when things get crazy, Bell stays calm and collected. It turns out their double life – professional by day and a supernatural character by night, adds a bit of mystery to their nature. 

Bell has many demon colleagues in the Underworld room. With each demon embodying a distinct facet of darkness, they navigate the haunting abyss with a sinister elegance. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Devil or demon costume of any kind with a toy pitchfork as an optional prop.

While Sam Chawpalot, the mastermind behind the gruesome slaughterhouse in the Chamber of Screams, might not be your most reliable confidant, they're undoubtedly the life of the party. With an arsenal of tricks up their sleeve and an affinity for surprises, it's no surprise they own a joke shop. Be cautious, though, as this mischievous provocateur is known to keep you on your toes – and often watching over your shoulder!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Blood-spattered butcher costume. Toy butcher knife &/or rubber chicken as optional props. A Post-it notepad and a pen as optional and fun props.


Kruger Freddie (Serial Killer)
Stepping into the Nightmare on 13th Street room at the Chamber of Screams Haunted House, you'll find Tyler Dreams at the helm. A dedicated aspiring actor, Tyler doesn't take their role lightly and easily ranks among the most terrifying figures within the haunting experience. Brace yourself, though – if you're not a fan of close-talking, you might want to steer clear of this unsettling dream invader! Tyler's eerie charm lies in their penchant for standing a bit too close for comfort during conversations, a habit that can send shivers down your spine.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Freddy Krueger costume. Tattered Red and Brown sweater, hat, and fake knife fingers. The mask is optional. Most people hate wearing them, so you can skip it altogether or try to do some scary makeup.


Phantom of the Opera

Originally hailing from France, Leroux Gastron made a grand entrance into American cinema as a child star. However, at the tender age of fifteen, they traded the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for a quiet life in a small town.

Fast forward to the present, Leroux takes the lead role in the chilling Opera House room within the Chamber of Screams Haunted House. But suppose you're seeking a pick-me-up after a rough night. In that case, you might want to look elsewhere – Leroux, now dubbed 'Doomer McGloomer,' has a knack for effortlessly highlighting the negatives in any situation.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black shirt/pants, red cape, and a white ‘Phantom of the Opera’ mask.


Pocus Eastwick transforms the witch's coven room into an otherworldly experience at the Chamber of Screams Haunted House with a cackle that sends shivers down your spine. Whispers within the haunt suggest that Pocus has transcended mere acting, immersing herself so entirely in her character that her commitment raises eyebrows among her fellow cast members. As she brews her enchanting brews and casts her eerie spells, it's hard not to wonder whether Pocus herself believes she's ventured into a realm beyond the stage's edge.


COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume. Broomstick as an optional prop.


Grim Reaper
Guiding visitors through the shadows as the Grim Reaper within the Chamber of Screams Haunted House, Bing Black brings an eerie aura to the experience. Paradoxically, when the haunted house lights are dimmed, Bing's comedic alter ego emerges – a side that spontaneously breaks into song and injects humor into the darkness. While Bing's standup skills remain concealed during their haunted duties, one can't help but wonder about the entertaining dichotomy beneath the Reaper's shroud.

Bing works with an eerie cohort of Grim Reaper tour guides. With each member donning the iconic cloak and scythe, they lead visitors through the chilling passages of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House, weaving tales of the afterlife amidst the shadows.


  COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Grim reaper costume. Toy sickle as an optional prop.

For Bing, bring your best jokes to tell your co-workers as you love to practice your standup act.

Mickey Myers (Serial Killer)
In daylight hours, Red Axehouse embodies a courageous firefighter. By night, he transforms into a passionate poet, gracing the local poetry club with his verses – that is when he's not donning the attire of a serial killer to give visitors a spine-tingling experience within the Chamber of Screams Haunted House. With his impeccable manners and chivalrous demeanor, Red Axehouse is a truly genuine and excessively devoted gentleman.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Coveralls, a mask, and a fake knife.  A reddish, brown short wig as an optional prop.

Morticia Vampman is a successful gothic interior designer and a master of illusion, embodying the vampire persona in the eerie Vampire Castle room of the Chamber of Screams. Her enigmatic allure is matched only by her cunning, as she's been known to engage in a bitter rivalry with Axel Guns, who labels her a drama-conjuring backstabber - with good reason. Behind the scenes, Morticia's exquisite taste in design is a stark contrast to her haunting role, revealing a multifaceted artist.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vampiress costume – long jagged dress with flowing sleeves, medallion, black wig with white face makeup, and fangs as optional props.

Fun House Clown
Money Milenko, a prominent figure among the eerie ensemble of clowns in the Fun House section of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House, stands out as a peculiar character. By day Money's a jester-for-hire at parties. At the haunted house, Money Milenko embodies the essence of eccentricity in every chilling performance. It's worth noting, however, that this peculiar acquaintance might not be your ideal guest for a family dinner, given their reputation for possessing manners that can only be described as utterly dreadful.

The clown team at the haunted house all get along well and consider themselves a family away from home. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Scary clown costume. Any clown items (i.e., horn, rubber chicken, etc.) as optional props.


Stepping into the ominous realm of the vampire castle within the Chamber of Screams Haunted House, you'll encounter none other than The Count, an intriguing character who takes center stage. By daylight, The Count's identity transforms into that of a skilled defense attorney, but come nightfall - the facade fades to reveal a nightmarish coworker notorious for ceaselessly spewing torrents of trash-talk. A paragon of brutal honesty, this legal practitioner is committed to delivering the objective truth directly to your face, regardless of the circumstances. Beware, for crossing paths with this fanged entity is an experience best avoided, as a hasty retreat might be your wisest course of action.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vampire costume. Fangs and slick black wig as optional props.


Wolf Man
Meet Manny K. Nyne, the super friendly guy who works as a city sanitation engineer during the day and turns into the Wolf Man at night in the Chamber of Screams. Manny's a solid friend and co-worker, but there's a rumor that there's more to him than meets the eye. People say he might have a mysterious side hiding beneath that friendly smile, making you wonder what secrets might be lurking behind his cheerful demeanor.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wolf mask with dress shirt and pants. Wolfman gloves and hair patches flowing out of the sleeves and neck portion of the shirt.

Skeleton Fiend

Set aside enough patience and energy to be around the hyperactive Brit Bonz. Brit is the fast-talking and annoying skeleton fiend in the Chamber of Screams haunted house. A successful marketing executive at a major beverage company, Brit might also be a test subject for the energy drink division of the company! Brit's unnatural amount of energy has to come from somewhere. It's like they've got an endless supply of power, and spending time with them might also give you an energy boost!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Skeleton costume. Either purchase ready-made or make out of black shirt/pants with white felt cut-out bones glued (pinned) onto the shirt and pants.

Mad Scientist
Dr. Jeckle Hyde, who happens to be a doctor in real life, takes center stage as the mastermind in the mad science laboratory within the Chamber of Screams Haunted House. With a reputation for arrogance and an affinity for over-exaggeration, Dr. Hyde's larger-than-life personality might be softened by a touch of Australian charm that could catch you off guard. Yet, beneath the surface charisma, there's no doubt that Dr. Hyde's primary concer
n revolves around a single focal point – none other than Dr. Hyde. Beware, for when it comes to this eccentric physician, yielding to their whims might be in your best interest, as the consequences of an opposing stance could be far from pleasant.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mad Scientist costume – crazy wig, glasses, lab coat. Beakers, and test tubes as optional props.


Alien Invader
Nani Noonunfa plays the leading role in the Alien Invasion room of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House. Nani's commanding presence truly brings the eerie extraterrestrial experience to life, but there's a catch – dealing with Nani can be a bit of a challenge. It's a well-known fact that very few dare to say no to Nani, given the potential storm of frustration that could follow. However, intriguingly enough, rumors circulate that this enigmatic heir has chosen to immerse themselves in the haunted house solely for their own amusement, fueled by the luxury of a multimillion-dollar trust fund.

The alien invaders who work for Nani will do anything that Nani says, as nobody wants to cause strife. They are a relatively tight-knit group.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any scary alien costume. Ex: Paint skin blue & use a metal colander for a hat and thread blue yarn through it for hair. Fake money poking out of every pocket as optional props.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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