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Superhero Assassination

As one of the esteemed members of the Justice Confederation, you've stood as a beacon of hope against the forces of darkness that seek to undermine the safety and order of the world. This year, the stakes have never been higher as you've received your official summons to the Annual Superhero Assembly, a clandestine gathering held in the secret confines of a cave within the formidable Mount Super.

The air is thick with urgency and a sense of impending confrontation. The notorious villain Da Bomb has resurfaced, this time with a sinister plan threatening global stability: an army of robotic bombs designed to bend the world to his malevolent will. The Justice Confederation is faced with a daunting task requiring strength, valor, cunning, and teamwork.

With the world's eyes unknowingly upon you and the hopes of Gothic City's citizens resting on your shoulders, your summons to the assembly is not just a call to action but a mandate to safeguard the future. As the activation of your summons draws near, you prepare mentally and physically for the challenges ahead.

Your role in the upcoming assembly is crucial. It's not just about brainstorming strategies to dismantle Da Bomb's robotic legion; it's about uniting a diverse group of heroes, each with unique abilities and perspectives, under a common cause. The fate of the world hinges on the collective efforts of the Justice Confederation, and as one of its members, you are a vital piece of the puzzle.

Your story begins now as you stand on the precipice of one of the most critical moments in your superhero career. With determination in your heart and the weight of responsibility on your shoulders, you are ready to embark on this journey. The Assembly at Mount Super is not just a meeting; it's the battleground for the future of humanity.

superheroes in a cave having a meeting_e

Guest List


Powers of Electricity

Electron is a medical doctor by day and a superhero by night. This healer can draw upon electrical energy to fight foes.  Electron is one of the preeminent superheroes in the Justice Confederation. Some say Electron’s the unspoken leader.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any superhero costume with lightning bolts affixed to it.


Powers of ice

This cold-hearted hero is rumored to be in the superhero realm for purely selfish reasons - attention. There have been recent reports of Shiver not rescuing victims around the city. Shiver is reported to be out doing self-centered things such as playing video games, eating at fine dining establishments, and other frivolous activities. However, when Shiver does come to help damsels in distress, Shiver’s rescue rate is 100%.

 COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Light blue or white clothing with a matching cape. A crown and staff as optional props.


Powers of poison

Stingmata’s toxic personality can be rather annoying at times. This hero is bursting with energy and sometimes loses control.  However, Stingmata is usually the first on a crime scene and protects and serves with the utmost integrity.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An insect costume (any) with a matching cape.


Powers of fire

Blue Blaze has a fiery personality. An attorney by day, this hero is outspoken and can be quite callous.  Blue is one of the most powerful heroes in the Justice Confederation and sometimes walks a fine line between both sides of the law.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any superhero costume with flames affixed to it.

Powers of all things nerdy

Nerdon is the quintessential nerd with incredible powers.  This geek draws upon all things nerdy to battle enemies. Watch out for Nerdon’s flying protractorangs, robotic monkeys, and a villain-stopping ergonomic sword.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy clothing with a matching cape. A fake sword as an optional prop.


Powers of Magical Rap Lyrics

Red Wonder is a famous rap artist by day and a super rapper by night. Red’s lyrics of iron counteract most villain attacks. Red’s a strong force with a microphone in hand.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any red superhero costume with a fake microphone as an optional prop.


Powers of wishes

The Wisher is one of the most caring and accommodating superheroes in the Justice Confederation. However, if you are unfortunate enough to be tricked into making three wishes, watch out for this superhero's sneaky side.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A genie costume with a matching cape. A genie’s lamp as an optional prop.


Powers of humor

This comic is a hoot. The Jester was once voted everybody’s favorite hero in the Justice Confederation. The Jester uses the power of humor to defeat villains. Criminals don’t know what’s hit ‘em when the jokes start flying!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A jester costume – multicolored spandex unitard with a jester hat.


Powers of being  fabulous

Fabulox is one superhero that’s completely fabulous!  A flawless physique, perfect hair, charismatic personality, and trusty hand-held mirror are all that Fabulox needs to bring criminals to justice. The lawbreakers stop in awe at the sight of Fabulox - just in time for others to take control of the scene.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any muscled superhero costume. An optional hand-held mirror is used as a prop.


Powers of the Dark Side

Dark Fang draws on the dark side for superpowers.  This makes some of the other superheroes uneasy, as they can’t trust that this gothic idol is a member of the Justice Confederation for a good reason.  However, this super vamp’s done nothing to prove otherwise, so Dark Fang is still considered a trustworthy member!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A vampire costume with a vampire cape. 


Powers of Speed

Lolo O’Hare comes from a small town and is a simple person with simple dreams. That is until Lolo starts to run and morph into Rabbitron!  Rabbitron is the fastest superhero in the galaxy!  Only when someone says Lolo O’Hare does Rabbitron transform back into an unassuming human. For this reason, Lolo’s true identity is kept a secret.  It would be a disaster if Lolo’s real name fell into the wrong hands!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A rabbit costume or a white superhero costume with rabbit ears/tail. A stuffed carrot is an optional prop.



Powers of All Things Living

Originally hailing from the planet Mars, The Animal came to Earth on an interplanetary discovery mission. That is when this hero discovered their awesome superpowers on Earth! The Animal can speak to and summon all living creatures within a mile radius!  With newfound powers, The Animal recently joined the Justice Confederation!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear an animal-inspired superhero costume of any kind, such as a cheetah-print cape with a brown unitard. Stuffed animals are optional props. 



Superhuman Powers

Pogo’s father is a scientist at National Laboratories. He created a prototype Pogo Stick U-3398 designed to grant its rider temporary superhuman powers while taking a bouncy ride. Pogo discovered the prototype in the lab by accident. Pogo’s father soon found the Pogo Stick worked too well since Pogo’s superhuman powers remained after the ride and have intensified ever since! Pogo uses the new superhuman powers for the good of humankind!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any generic superhero costume and an optional pogo stick as a prop.



Powers of Rock ‘n Roll

Gothicon is one of the most notorious superheroes in the Justice Confederation.  A distant relative of Dark Fang, Gothicon draws upon the dark side for power. Gothicon has an additional talent for reciting rock ‘n roll lyrics. All listeners are immobilized once the lyrics are performed and enter a deep coma-like trance.  Hardened criminals should beware of this rockin’ songbird!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a rock' n' roll star costume with a cape. Optional props include a blow-up guitar and a toy microphone.



Powers of Mimicry

The General is a demanding superhero gifted with the ability to copy or absorb another’s powers and skills.  The General’s also endowed with the powers of Precog, which allows this decorated officer to see the future. The visions are only sometimes clear, but danger can be sensed at a minimum. The other heroes keep the General happy to avoid the feared power of memory erasure!

 COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Military costume with a superhero cape.



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