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Murder at the Toadwart Inn

Nestled within the heart of the Magical Community lies the Toadwart Inn, a venerable establishment steeped in history and enchantment. It serves as a sanctuary for magical beings to unwind, far from the prying eyes of the non-magical world, or "snurbs," as they are colloquially known. The anticipation is mounting among witches, wizards, Sprowns, Gnomes, and Genies for the much-celebrated annual Witch’s Brew Social hosted by the inn.

Having secured your reservation, you're poised to rub elbows with the elite of the magical realm. This event marks one of the rare occasions where the enchanted community can convene in camaraderie and merriment, free from mundane concerns. You're prepared to immerse yourself in this unique gathering, decked out in your most striking hat and elegant robes and perched atop your gleaming new broom.

This is a time for revelry, for renewing old acquaintances and forging new alliances in the magical echelons. As you set out for the Toadwart Inn, you're not just heading to an event; you're stepping into a night that could shape your destiny. Your adventure begins here amid the laughter and clinking of potion bottles.

Guest List


Powers of Poison
Powers of poison are Zanderdore’s forte. He owns the internationally acclaimed store Alchemy Attic and peddles his wares to all the potion makers in the magical world. A true heartbreaker, this charismatic wizard loves to tell the fortunes of others. Whether they are true fortunes or not…only the future will tell.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wizard robes and a top hat.  A scepter or wand, vials filled with colored water, and/or business cards for Álchemy Attic as additional props.


Sir Draconus lightens up any social gathering. He loves to dance and if he hears a beat – he’ll cut a rug! His magical specialty is summoning animals…chiefly dragons!  Sir Draconus has an extremely overprotective pet dragon named Dardaroth, so if you cross this summoner, you should watch out for his dragon’s fiery wrath! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wizard costume. A stuffed / blow-up dragon as an optional prop.


Powers of Transfiguration
Belladonna Blossom is the most emotional witch in the magical community. Some say it’s because her specialty is transfiguration, which means she can morph into any type of animal she desires. Along with her transfiguration powers come bizarre and uncontrollable animal mannerisms! Belladonna loves to tell jokes…mostly about animals!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with random animal-ear headbands as optional props to switch out as you transfigure.


Powers of Strength
If you need help moving furniture, opening a jar lid, or maybe even moving an entire building to another location…ask Danzeth Nidhog for assistance. He is the strongest wizard in the world, and with great strength comes a responsibility. He is a trustworthy friend and confidant to most people in the magical community.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wizard costume. A broom or scepter decorated with barbells as an optional prop.


Powers of Wind
Elvira Gustava couldn’t tell a lie to save her life!  This abrasive witch tells it how it is at all costs!  If Elvira uncovers the skeletons in your closet, the magical community will know about it by morning! Elvira specializes in the powers of wind - anger her, and you’ll be running from a personal tornado!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful hair and witch costume. A broom is an optional prop. Optional to bring a hand-held fan as a prop to do ‘wind’ spells.


Powers of Nightmares
Everyone does their best to stay on Xandria Oberon’s good side.  This witch possesses ultra-creepy dark powers of nightmares.  She can cast an evil spell on her foes and make them enter a horrible nightmare…while they are still awake! Don’t cross this bad dream enchantress if you want to keep your sanity!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear an all-black witch costume with black lipstick, nail polish, and a black, gothic-looking wand as an optional prop.


Powers of the Sun
Professor Sol's your man if you’re looking for a mystifying and peculiar wizard.  Sol is quite devious and is a master at pulling pranks on others in the magical community. A favorite professor among students at Hogsbrew University for the Magically Gifted, he teaches Historical Illusionism and Analytical Sorcery.  COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wizard costume with sun décor on the robes and/or scepter. Any practical joke items as an optional prop, such as a Post-it notepad and pen.


Powers of Shadows
Delus Dark is a ‘Sprown,’ which is half witch and half fairy. She is extremely overly inquisitive but very friendly. However, Sprowns are unassuming dark magicians. You’d never expect this part-pixie to cast an evil Shadow spell on you—that’s her specialty! Delus is an intellectual and keeps everyone entertained with her comedic personality and contagious laughter.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fairy costume with a dark, gothic-looking wand.


Rez is the charismatic yet eccentric genie. He claims fame as the main provider of wishes to dignitaries around the world. Rez sometimes sings instead of speaks and quickly blames the outburst of the song on the situations surrounding him. It is rumored that Rez is envious of the wizards, and that is why he fails to get along with them in social settings.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Genie costume. Lamp as an optional prop.


Powers of Ice
Crystal Wynter is the emotionless witch with the powers of ice. Crystal speaks without a shred of emotion.  She’s callous and has never laughed at a joke or so much as cracked a smile at a song.  Unsurprisingly, this sorceress doesn’t get along with many people - especially Belladonna Blossom.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Light blue cape, light blue crown, and wand.



Potions Master
Professor Snapel’s toxic personality can be rather intimidating at times - especially to the students of Hogsbrew University. Snapel is a dedicated Professor of Magical Potions and does his job with vigor and integrity. Sometimes, however, he is known to take his job a tad too seriously.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black cloak and robes. Optional vials of potions as props.


Powers of Meteors
Master Meteo works closely with the federal government as he has the power to draw upon energy from outer space to control meteors.  Recently, he was called to intercept a meteor headed for Earth!  This energetic wizard also has the skill of Power Negation - he can cancel out another magical being’s power for any length of time but at the price of his own. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: White or gray cloak and robes and a long staff. Long white wig as an optional prop. Optional to make ‘meteors’ out of Styrofoam as optional props.


Powers of Charm
Hexie Karthegeon is the elusive witch with the powers of Charm.  She is also quite skilled at Shapeshifting.  She can transform into inanimate objects at will.  This makes some folks a tad nervous, as they never know if Hexie has ever truly left the room.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘Cute witch’ costume. Optional to have a wand as a prop.


Powers of the Sea
Lord Raknore is a cold-hearted warlock who lacks even a scrap of emotion. Noone in the Magical Community has seen Lord Raknore ever crack a smile, much less laugh or have fun. To be strong at the powers of the Sea… there must be a big tradeoff — personality for power!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pirate-like wizard costume with a cloak and wizard scepter or wand.


Powers of Mayhem
Morticia Madas is one of the friendliest witches in the Magical Community. She is ultra-loving and a total blast to be around—even though she specializes in the dark magic of Mayhem. Morticia is known to make up poems about the situations around her, and she loves to perform them in front of others. Too bad she lacks talent when it comes to performing!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic attire. A witch’s wand as an optional prop.


Powers of Healing
Professor McClanogle is a long-time Professor of Analytical White Magic at Hogsbrew University. She is a very dependable witch gifted with healing powers. This lovely magical healer can cure anything with a flick of her wand…that is, anything besides death!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: White robes and a white long-haired wig. An optional scepter and/or wand. A package of Band-Aids as an optional prop, as you are a healer.


The frugal and over-inquisitive Gomez the Gnome is the most notorious being in the Magical Community.  Known to be quite intellectual, this devious gnome will keep you entertained with bad jokes and ill-behavior.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gnome attire – blue shirt, brown pants, red pointed hat and a white wig/beard.


Brew Specialist
Endora Hildegard is a young witch who uses witch’s brew concoctions to play cruel tricks on non-magical humans (snurbs). She is the wildest and most irresponsible witch in the Magical Community. Her elders need to counsel her about appropriate witch behavior!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a traditional witch’s costume. A mini cauldron as a prop is optional. *You can put dry ice inside the cauldron for a fun, smoky effect, but be careful and follow the instructions for handling dry ice!


Powers of Darkness
The fiery Toldivort is a very powerful warlock with severe anger management problems. Combined with his practice of dark magic, his personality is certainly volatile! Toldivort is one of the strong leaders of the Magical Community and is very well-respected - even if he is one of the most powerful dark magicians in the world!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Burlap cloak and dark face makeup (optional). Optional to carry a staff or a scepter/wand.


Powers of the Earth
The quirky Persephone is ultra-entertaining and a total blast to be around! This witch possesses the powers of the Earth, and weirdly enough – she has a strange aversion to the word ‘it.’ Persephone has a mini conniption fit each time she hears ‘it’ and her speech changes into a different foreign accent!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Long purple robes, optional to have a wand or a scepter.

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