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Misadventure in Topsy Turvy Land

Topsy Turvy Land has turned dreadful. The Scarlet Queen has thieved the crown from the benevolent Silver Queen – the peaceful ruler of the land for the past 101 years. Scarlet Queen is an uncaring dictator who lives under the protection of her beastly ally – the Greasy Goon! 

Allie, a loyal friend of the Silver Queen, has hatched an ingenious plan to dethrone the evil ruler. The Flying Monkeys are the unwilling guardians of the crown and only protect the crown to avoid the queen’s wrath. They are locked in the highest palace tower, and their wings can only take flight at exactly 3:14 PM.  Therefore, to keep them prisoners in the palace, the queen has banned clocks in the palace.

White Bunny follows a rigid schedule around the daily criminal trials in the Palace Garden and is the only one on the palace grounds allowed to keep a timepiece.  When White Bunny returned home after the last trial, there was a ransom note and curiously-coded message on the dinner table! A thief has stolen the White Bunny’s pocket watch!  This bunny is in big trouble and needs help from friends!

The Crazy Cap Maker has scheduled an afternoon tea party. White Bunny will present the ransom note and curiously-coded message to the guests. Hopefully, they will be able to help White Bunny find the watch and get to the next trial in the Palace Garden on time. If not, the Scarlet Queen will have the bunny’s head!  You’ve been invited to the tea party. This is where your story begins.  


Guest List



Allie is a prim and proper young lady.  In her free time, she loves to read books by the brook to her attentive and loveable cat named Dynamo.  A chronic daydreamer, Allie cannot wait to grow up and often finds her imagination running to faraway, mysterious lands.

Suggested costume: Alice in Wonderland costume. 


If you see a flash of white fur, you’ve probably spotted the White Bunny hopping by! Notorious for nearly being late, this haughty bunny is impatient towards everyone except the Scarlet Queen! White Bunny works as a herald in the Palace Garden and constantly worries about breaking the rules of Topsy-Turvy Land. This rabbit’s quite fond of his/her head!

Suggested costume: white rabbit costume or rabbit ear headband, white long-sleeved shirt and pants with a blue waistcoat and red vest. Glasses and toy trumpets are optional props. 


Golim the Caterpillar is a mysterious soul who lives on a giant toadstool in Topsy Turvy Land Woods. Only three inches high, Golem doesn’t take kindly to strangers and becomes enraged if a comment about this caterpillar's small size is made. However, this toadstool dweller is the wisest creature in the forest. The residents of Topsy-Turvy Land know where to go for answers.

Suggested costume: Caterpillar costume.  Or all blue clothing sewn on ‘legs’ from top to bottom.  It's optional to carry a fake hookah pipe. 


Chesser the Cat is known as the prankster of the Topsy-Turvy Land Woods. When speaking with Chesser, you’ll never know if this cat’s serious or playing a practical joke! Chesser lives with the Countess, but rumor has it that s/he is growing tired of the chef throwing pots everywhere.

Suggested costume: Cheshire Cat costume, a cat ear headband, and a purple and pink striped shirt.


Every creature fears this foul-tempered monarch of Topsy-Turvy Land. Without haste, she will declare a death sentence at the slightest wrongdoing! She declared a new rule in Topsy-Turvy Land of the sentence before the verdict, so her criminal trials have become irrational and quite unreasonable. Some say the Scarlet King is intimidated by her, just like everyone else.

Suggested costume: Scarlet Queen costume—full-length formal gown with red heart décor. Crown with red jewels and an optional scepter with a red heart jewel on the end as a prop. 


The Crazy Cap Maker is the eccentric hat maker in Topsy-Turvy Land. This hatter is known for throwing fabulous tea parties and keeping everyone entertained with unsolvable riddles and crazy dancing! The Crazy Cap Maker’s loyalties lie with Allie and the Silver Queen, and the hatter will always protect them.

Suggested costume: Top hat with orange (or other brightly colored) jacket, blue vest, green or black pants, and white or orange crazy wig.



The Silver Queen has peacefully ruled Topsy-Turvy Land for the last 101 years. Recently, the heinous Scarlet Queen stole her crown. The residents of Topsy-Turvy Land dream of the day when the Silver Queen will rule the land again, as she is a fair and honorable leader. She refuses to harm anyone!

Suggested costume: A white/silver flowing evening gown (you can use the white witch or bride costume and accessorize with a crown), a white/silver wig, and silver accessories. 


The Scarlet King is bashful as compared to the tyrannical Scarlet Queen. While the Queen isn’t looking, the king routinely frees creatures held for frivolous executions ordered by the Queen.  However, the king seems to enjoy the Queen’s ridiculous daily criminal trials and often asks strange questions of the witnesses. Some say the king does this out of boredom!

Suggested costume: A king’s robe with a crown adorned with heart jewels. An optional prop is a scepter with a red jeweled heart. 


The Countess of Topsy-Turvy Land is the Scarlet Queen’s cousin and her least favorite person.  She lives in a small palace on the edge of the woods with her nutty chef, who throws pots and uses entirely too much cinnamon! The Countess is aggressive and doesn’t interact with others properly. She’s also quite volatile and emotionally unpredictable. Stay clear of the Countess if you know what’s good for you!

Suggested costume: Large countess hat (i.e., headpiece) with a Victorian-style dress.


The chef works for the Countess in a small palace on the edge of Topsy-Turvy Land Woods. During random outbursts about nothing, the chef throws anything s/he can grab! The chef has an obsession with cinnamon. He eats it, drinks it in tea, wears it, and even sprinkles it around the palace!

Suggested costume: Chef’s outfit.



Meedle Me and Meedle Mum are fun-loving twins that reside in the Topsy-Turvy Land Woods. They’re mirror images of each other in every way and constantly finish each other’s sentences!  The twins are fond of playing games. They don’t take life seriously and can’t help but make odd movements with their bodies to entertain others.

Suggested costume: Black bolero jacket with a white collar, yellow shirt, and red pants. Propeller beanie cap and red suspenders are optional accessories. OR, any twin outfit.


Bilo the Lizard is one of the hardest working creatures in all of Topsy Turvy Land. This lizard’s skills are taken advantage of by others, as s/he is a kind soul. Bilo can repair, design, and build anything that can be dreamed up!

Suggested costume: Lizard costume. Wear all green and make a felt headpiece with 3 green spikes and a green ‘dewlap’ coming off your chin. Green gloves


The Tryphon has an eagle’s body and the head of a wolf!  This creature is the unemotional tour guide of the Topsy-Turvy Land Woods. If you need to know where anything is located, the Tryphon is the one to ask.  That is, if you can find this forest dweller. 

Suggested costume: A wolf mask or a headband with wolf/dog ears, a brown painted face with a black nose, eagle wings, a brown shirt or shorts, and yellow/orange tights.


Captain Frog is the irresponsible security guard for the Countess. This guard watches the palace gates on the edge of the Topsy-Turvy Land Woods. Often enough, this frog is sleeping on the job.  

Suggested costume: body. On a headband, create large frog eyes out of felt. Paint the face green and then wear any armor. A fake sword as a prop.


Mo the Mouse is the best friend of the Crazy Cap Maker.  Mo lives in a sugar bowl on the dining room table outside of the hatter’s home. Mo is a loyal and protective friend and will do anything to defend the cap maker.

Suggested costume: A mouse costume. It would consist of gray and pink mouse ears on a headband, gray face makeup with a pink nose, and a stuffed mouse tail hanging from the back of the waist.


The Jock Turtle is a melancholy creature and a vigorous athlete.  Rumor has it the Jock Turtle isn’t doing well in school. This is getting the turtle’s spirits down. This shell resident constantly searches for something to cure the blues. Hopefully, one day the Jock Turtle will find it!

Suggested costume: Green face makeup, green gloves, green shirt with a yellow oval piece of felt on the belly. Make a carapace out of cardboard and secure it with ribbon. Anything athletic as optional props.


The Halloween Hare is a good friend of the Crazy Cap Maker. The Hare loves everything related to Halloween and always counts down the days until the spooky holiday. Some say the Halloween Hare is loonier than the Crazy Cap Maker, but they make a great pair of friends nonetheless. 

Suggested costume: Brown rabbit ears on a headband. Brown face makeup with a pink nose. Brown shirt and pants with a white oval piece of felt for the belly. 


The Head Card Guard is in constant trouble with the Scarlet Queen, as everything this guard does seems to be wrong in the queen’s eyes. It’s only a matter of time before the Scarlet Queen grows tired of the mistakes and orders the entire Card Army’s heads on a silver platter. 

Suggested costume: Playing card poster boards on the front and back fastened with ribbon. Any armor (or just gray/black pants and shirt) underneath. The other members of the card army are to choose different playing cards.


Daryl Duck is the head of the Duck Family in Topsy-Turvy Land. The Ducks work as jurors in the Palace Garden for the Scarlet Queen’s daily criminal trials. Lately, the Scarlet Queen has been giving a sentence before the verdict. The Duck Family seems to be the most stressed-out creatures in the land!

Suggested costume: Duck costume. Orange tights, brown shirt and shorts. Duck wings. Face painted green with a duck bill.



The Scarlet Knave is the loyal servant of the Scarlet Queen.  A dedicated protector of the Queen, this knave is also the caretaker of the Queen’s beastly ally – the Greasy Goon.

Suggested costume: Military-style uniform or knight costume with red heart décor. A toy sword as a prop.



Flower is a talking flower that lives in the heart of the Topsy-Turvy Land Woods.  A parental figure for the creatures of the forest, this flower is quick to tell you when you are not doing something right!  Flower has a problem with caterpillars, as they are always trying to munch on his/her leaves!

Suggested costume: Green pants and a brightly colored shirt, yellow face makeup, and a headband with large white flower petals.

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