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Turmoil in the Toyshop

The bells are ringing for the Annual Pre-Christmas Toy Production Meeting in Christmas Village! Mrs. Santa is dispatching invitations to the key players of the 'Big Delivery' slated for Christmas Eve, and your presence is eagerly requested. With the meeting date fast approaching, Christmas Village is on the brink of becoming a ghost town. This unusual quiet will unfold as worker elves, granted an afternoon of leisure, depart their workshops for a day of exhilaration at an amusement park in Gingersnap Village. Despite Dank the Elf's significant protest against this respite, Santa's word prevailed, ensuring the elves their well-deserved break. Thus, the North Pole's VIPs are set to convene in the Toyshop Board Room, determined to orchestrate a flawless operation for the upcoming Christmas delivery.
This is where your story begins.

Invited Guests

Mrs. Santa Claus
Mother of Christmas
Everyone knows that it’s really Mrs. Santa Claus that runs the North Pole! A tad neurotic, this Mother of Christmas runs a tight show…especially during the Holiday season!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mrs. Santa Claus costume.


Santa Claus
Father of Christmas
The legendary Santa Claus with his rosy cheeks, full belly and jovial spirit is certainly the one to be around during the Holidays. However, his increasing irresponsibility has been threatening a successful Christmas toy run this year! Santa is also known to pull his share of practical jokes on others…so watch your back – literally!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Santa Claus costume. Post it note pad and pen as optional props.


Umami the Elf
Director of the Nice or Naughty List
Umami is the elder elf who holds the prestigious position of Director of the Nice or Naughty List. Umami is all about no-nonsense and doesn’t play around much at all. The other elves aren’t sure if it is old age or just the stress of the job…but Umami certainly isn’t much fun to be around!


Dank the Elf
Director of Toy Production
Dank is the micro-managing Director of Toy Production at Santa’s Toy Shop in the North Pole. This is one elf that you never want to double cross…or you’ll pay! Dank typically isn’t seen without his minion managers from the North Pole Toy Factory.


Ebbie Smooge
Chief Executive Officer
Ebbie Smooge is the miserly brother of Mrs. Santa Claus. He often visits the North Pole to try to talk his sister and her husband out of wasting money on the creation and distribution of Christmas toys. If you looked up the word ‘Grouchy’ in the dictionary, Ebbie’s picture would be right next to it. He often travels with many of his doting assistants.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black suit, black top hat and cane.


Foxworthy the Elf
Head Toy Maker
Foxworthy is the head toy maker and hardest working elf in the North Pole. S/he’s a little bit country, however, since s/he hails from a tiny toy shop in southern Mississippi but Foxworthy is the one that Santa counts on year after year to get the toys of Christmas ready for the big delivery.


Viper the Elf
Sleigh Mechanic
Viper is one of the most shy and reserved elves in the Sleigh Shop at the North Pole. It’s well known throughout the North Pole that Viper doesn’t get along fabulously with Dank the toy shop Director. But who truly gets along with Dank anyway?


Pax the Elf
Office Manager
Pax is the Office Manager of The North Pole, Inc. S/he is a severe penny pincher and all of the elves say s/he’s allergic to fun. However, s/he certainly keeps the finances of Christmas in check! Pax is often seen with many of her employees as it is rumored that she is all about long hours and hard work. If you work for Pax, you won’t have much free time on your hands.


Mimsy the Elf
Toy Car Painter
Mimsy the Elf is the calm, cool and collected elf of the North Pole. Everyone wants to be like Mimsy a whatever Mimsy does, says or wears…it’s automatically the ‘next hottest thing’ to do say and wear! Talk about a trend setting icon!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elf costume. Toy cars as optional props.


Ant the Elf
Candy Maker
Ant the Elf is the obsessive compulsive candy maker in the North Pole Toy Factory. Even though there are strict deadlines for completion, Ant spends countless hours making perfect batches of candy for the stockings of Christmas. The stocking stuffer department is really tired of waiting on Ant’s candy! S/he defines the phrase ‘slow as Christmas.’
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elf costume. Candy as optional props.


Dipper the Elf
Gift Wrapping Specialist
Dipper the Elf is the fun-loving sibling of none other than the stuffiest elf at the North Pole – Umami. If you ever need a good cheering up – just find Dipper and ask him/her to tell you a hilarious Christmas joke!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elf costume. Wrapped boxes as optional props.


Luna the Elf
Santa’s Bag Stuffer
Luna is the wild and crazy elf of the North Pole. Luna and her crew load Santa’s big red bag for the toy delivery every Christmas Eve. It takes a lot of skill, hard work and a little magic to get the bag packed just right.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elf costume. Big red velvet bag (i.e. Santa’s bag) as an optional prop.


Rudy the Reindeer
Head Reindeer
Rudy the Rosy-nosed reindeer is a legend in his/her own time! Known for his/her brightly colored nose that lights up the foggy sky on Christmas Eve, this reindeer is filled to the brim with charisma and always get what s/he wants…especially from Santa!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All brown clothing with a white under-shirt. Face painted like a reindeer. Antler headband.


Sprocket the Elf
Toy Repair Shop
Sprocket the Elf is the ultimate handy man of the North Pole. Known for being a major ‘kiss up’, all of the elves can’t help but roll their eyes when he talks to Santa. But Sprocket is one of the most valuable elves in the North Pole as he can repair essentially everything!


Pollie the Polar Bear
Sleigh Loader
Pollie the Polar Bear is the prim and proper sleigh loader in Santa’s village. If you do not use proper manners around Pollie, you’ll be corrected and taught proper etiquette immediately - whether you like it or not!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All white clothing. Face painted white, white wig. White bear ears on a headband and nose painted black.


Claudia Claus
Santa Claus’s Sister
Trouble is Claudia Claus’s middle name. Ever since early childhood, Claudia has caused chaos with her brother Santa! From breaking his big wheel to blaming him for starting food fights at the dinner table – this is definitely an active case of sibling rivalry!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any variation of a Mrs. Santa Claus costume.


Icy the Snowperson
Snowperson and Rising Rap Artist
Icy is the fun-loving snowperson of the North Pole. A true friend to all of the elves and rising rap artist…this snowy individual has one problem - s/he is an extreme close talker and so it’s a little chilly to talk to Icy!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All white clothing, face painted white with a top hat, red scarf and pipe. Optional: fake carrot as a nose.


Gingerbread Man
The Gingerbread Man is the egotistical ginger bread cookie man of the North Pole. He is known to be a tad narcissistic and believes that everyone wishes that they were a cookie like him.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All khaki colored clothing. White wig. Use felt for the icing stripes on wrist, belt, and ankles. Attach small pom-poms for the front buttons (at any craft store).


Nat the Nutcracker
Nat the Nutcracker is the Russian Nutcracker who loves to dance. S/he’s a tad mysterious as s/he certainly doesn’t speak a lot, but s/he sure knows how to bust a move…nutcracker style.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Red band hat, red band jacket, yellow tights or leggings and black riding boots. Fake Rifle as a prop. Face painted like a nutcracker.


Jackie Frost
Legendary Figure
Jackie Frost is the obnoxious legendary figure of winter. Everyone knows when Jackie enters the room because the room temperature plummets instantly! This frosty character is definitely not one that you can count on as s/he is all about one thing – Jackie Frost!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All blue suit or blue shirt/pants. Blue or white wig and blue or white face paint on face. Jazz it up with blue glitter or sequined items!

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