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Fine Wine, Good Friends, and a Wicked Murder

Ivanna Katenka, the ultra-mysterious airport security clerk, is hosting a wine-tasting party at her home in the little town of Gladerock. Ivanna is known for her excellent taste in wine and for providing an accommodating and relaxing atmosphere for friends and fellow wine enthusiasts to come together. Albeit, some of her guests do have rather wicked anger management problems. You've received the invite and plan to attend her wine tasting. This is where your story begins.

We've done some shoppin' for ya

Invited Guests

Airport Security
Ivanna Katenka is the ultra-mysterious airport security clerk. Far from a femme fatale, she is feared by most and has an intense anger management problem. She is the somewhat tolerable neighbor of Gretchen Audigger.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of uniform-like costume (i.e. a white shirt and black pants with a fake arm band or badge.)


Pampered Fiancé
Gretchen Audigger is a former barista from the local coffee shop in the tiny town of Gladerock. After meeting her wealthy fiancé 2 years ago, she’s become the town’s ultra-glamorous pampered princess. Her prior sugary sweet disposition has melted into a foul, ill-mannered spirit recently. Nonetheless, Gretchen is anything but boring.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal cocktail party attire.


Personal Trainer
Originally hailing from Eastern Europe, Inga Federov is the town of Gladerock’s personal trainer and serious fitness guru. If you need advice on exercise, diet or overall fitness…she’s your girl! Just don’t let her overly-friendly and fake persona get to you as she does have overall good intentions.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of warm-up suit or athletic attire.


Ancient History Professor
Dr. Indy Jonas is the arrogant, over-exaggerating Ancient History professor at Gladerock College. Dr. Jonas can win you over with a little Australian charm, but don’t be fooled; Dr. Jonas cares about one thing and one thing only…Dr. Jonas.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An archeologist / rugged explorer costume.


The Italian heart-breaker - Micha Angelo - is the charismatic yet eccentric artist. Micha sometimes sings instead of speaks and quickly blames the outburst of song on his/her inner artist.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very trendy attire. A beret and sketch pad as optional props.


Fundraising Consultant
This French Canadian, Billie Benjamins, recently moved to the tiny town of Gladerock. Nobody truly knows Billie’s intentions, but s/he is supposedly a professional fund raiser from a big city. Some of the locals believe s/he is hiding something.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative suit and tie (for a male).


Computer Programmer
Details, details, details! If you’re speaking to Poindex Boinkerton, you better get ready for a plethora of intricate fine points and facts! This is one over-explaining member of the Nerd Herd - a computer support team in Gladerock - that’s always ready to travel to your home to remedy your technological ailments!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy attire. The nerdy-er, the better! Glasses with tape on the bridge & a protractor and calculator as optional props.


Day Spa Owner
Originally hailing from the UK, Dorie Laxx traveled to America to implement her dream of owning a luxurious Day Spa. She’s a tad snooty and a bit of a one-upper but this relaxation Queen really knows how to make her customers feel like royalty!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very casual attire - a terry robe & slippers or a terry warm up suit and slippers.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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