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The Zombie Institute is a world-renowned zombie research center. After the epidemic-scare of 2035, top scientists from around the globe have dedicated their lives researching the Gen-Z Virus - a fast-acting virus that turns humans into brainless undead. 
Humankind has been on the brink of a zombie apocalypse for some time, and the Zombie Institute has shown promise in the development of the cure. Rumor has it that one of the research labs has discovered the cure.
However, further clinical trials must be completed before the official announcement is made.
You have scheduled a tour of The Zombie Institute. Your group will get to
tour the research labs and view our zombie research subjects!
This is where your story begins.

here are some ways to blend in with the zombies so you don't stand out...




EDUCATION: BS in Biology, Harvard University. Premedical Program – Harvard Extension School. MD-PhD Harvard Medical School.

EXPERIENCE: Agency Gen-Z, United States Federal Government. Five years in a top secret laboratory studying the Gen-Z virus and tracking epidemiology.  Dr. Pyro has over thirty awards and honors in research and has published over fifty journal articles in the medical and zombie fields of research.

 BRIEF BIO: Dr. Bellatrix Pyro grew  up in Dallas, Texas to a wealthy oil family. She was always interested in science and zombie movies, so after college, she took a position with a secret government agency, tracking the Gen-Z virus. After the near-plague of  2035, her family invested in the creation of The Zombie Institute with five other investors around the world. 


Dr. Bellatrix Pyro's Interns



EDUCATION: High School Senior at Plano West High School.

EXPERIENCE:  64 hours of  internship at The Zombie Institute.

BRIEF BIO:  Narcissa is from Plano, Texas. Narcissa aspires to be a medical doctor and open a pediatric clinic in her home town. Narcissa plans to earn an MD from Harvard University. Narcissa has an intense fear of germs and of the undead. She took a position as an intern at the Institute to get over her fears.


EDUCATION: 15 hours completed towards a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at Harvard, University.                                                                               

EXPERIENCE:  120 hours of internship at The Zombie Institute.

 BRIEF BIO: Rue is from Washington, D.C.  Rue has plans of running her own research lab at The Zombie Institute after earning an MD-PhD like her mentor, Dr. Pyro. Rue’s grandfather was one of the founders of The Zombie Institute because of Rue’s interest in the field.




EDUCATION: B.S. in Biology at Texas State University. M.S. in Biology at Texas State University. PhD in Biology at Texas A&M.


EXPERIENCE: Dr. Steiner has many years of experience as a biology professor at Texas A&M. He was an avid horror fan and gained an interest in the undead through pop culture. After the near-plague of 2035 of the Gen-Z virus, Dr. Steiner landed a position with the Gen-Z research lab at Johns Hopkins.  When The Zombie Institute was formed, Dr. Steiner applied and negotiated for a research laboratory. Dr. Steiner has published twelve journal articles in the medical and zombie fields of research.


BRIEF BIO: Dr. Steiner was born in Destin, Florida. He was always known for being the Gothic Kid, as he immersed himself in the horror genre. Dr. Steiner is a hard worker in the lab, and was a top-rated professor at A&M.  

Dr. Thorn Steiner's Assistant



EDUCATION: B.S. Astrophysics, University of Cambridge. B.S. Biochemistry, Columbia University. B.S. in Human Biology, University of Pennsylvania. M.S. Microbiology, Washington University.


EXPERIENCE: Zachariah Hyde has worked as a junior scientist for Johns Hopkins University in their Gen-Z research lab for over three years. Zachariah was recruited by Dr. Steiner due to Zachariah’s overwhelming contributions to the zombie science community.


BRIEF BIO: Zachariah Hyde was born in London, England. A quiet child who preferred to be alone, Zachariah claims to have read over 50% of his hometown medical library. Zachariah has applied to Harvard Medical School and hopes to gain admission by next fall. 



EDUCATION: B.S. in Biology at University of Sydney. M.S. in Biology at University of Melbourne. PhD in Zombie Science at Queensland University of Science and Technology. 


EXPERIENCE: Dr. Egore Venkman spent most of the early days of his career studying paranormal science. A modern-day Ghostbuster, Dr. Venkman moved to America and founded his business in Chicago, Illinois – Got Ghosts?  After going bankrupt, he moved back to Sydney and landed a position in a Gen-Z lab at Queensland University of Science and Technology. This is where he gained an interest in zombie research. Dr. Venkman has a few awards and honors in research and has published twenty one journal articles in the medical and zombie fields of research.


BRIEF BIO: Dr. Venkman was born in Sydney, Australia as the youngest of thirteen children. In order to stand out in the crowd, Dr. Venkman developed a boisterous personality and a loud, booming voice.  For this reason, the Human Resource Department at The Zombie Institute has declined all of Dr. Venkman’s requests to bring in assistants and interns to his lab. They do not believe anyone should work that closely with his ‘energetic personality.’ 



EDUCATION: BS in Biochemistry, University of Sao Paulo.  Premedical Program – Harvard Extension School. MD-PhD Stanford Medical School.  Residency, Johns Hopkins University.

EXPERIENCE: Dr. Franken has years of experience as a counter-biochemical warfare engineer for top secret  military agencies. He also helped to create the Zombie Awareness Council of 2034 which was created to prevent epidemics of the  Gen-Z virus.  Since the Council was successful in stopping the outbreak of 2035, Dr. Franken was recruited as a Senior Research at The Zombie Institute. Dr. Franken has over sixty awards and honors in research and has published over one hundred journal articles in the medical and zombie fields of research.

BRIEF BIO: Dr. Franken was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He has dedicated his life to researching the Gen-Z virus, preventing epidemics, and finding a cure. Dr. Franken has notified the Board of Directors at The Zombie Institute that he has found a cure. He needs one more clinical trial to be certain before announcing and releasing the cure to the public to end the hysteria surrounding the impending zombie apocalypse. 

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