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Avery Gobe is a former blackjack dealer from glamorous Las Vegas casinos on the strip. However, Avery grew tired of having to work long hours and moved back home to Godley Hollow. Avery currently lives in the basement of the family home and is 'kind of' searching for a job. Avery loves to play video games and claims to be an aspiring professional gamer. Getting a job would detract from the time it will take Avery to hone the skills necessary for the big gaming leagues.

EARLY LIFE: Avery Gobe was always in trouble as a kid. Avery became best friends with Roland Kingsley in kindergarten, and the two were inseparable. But after getting into trouble week after week, Roland's mother banned him from being around Avery, and this broke Avery's heart. Avery struggled to graduate before packing up and moving away to Las Vegas to hit the bright lights and bustling casinos.  Once Avery's life savings of $1500 was gone, Avery got a job as a blackjack dealer. Avery soon found in order to maintain a luxurious lifestyle, s/he'd have to work too many hours, so Avery tucked the tail between the legs and moved home.  

BUSINESS CAREER: Avery is currently unemployed.

PHILANTHROPY: Avery doesn't have the time nor the funds for charity.

PERSONAL LIFE: Avery is single with no children.


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