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TV & Film Production costumes.

Whereas intriguing plotlines can be developed for the crew behind the scenes of a movie or TV show, their costumes aren't all too exciting.  But if you are playing a television or film producer or editor or even a camera operator - what would you wear? Usually, just anything to be comfy but not too casual.  Many production crews wear all black, as to not stand out against the talent & to prevent from standing out in a shot if they are accidentally caught being a 'bogey on set.'  But that's boring - this is a party - so why not wear a TV or film shirt of your choosing with some jeans or biz casual pants?  Add a headset or Walkie Talkie and an earpiece, so you look official. If you are in a producer role, you can have a clapboard as a prop.  Make the character your own by adding some glasses and a wig! 

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