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Creative, Romantic, Literary roles
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Notes on creative character roles:

If you are an artist, interior designer, art gallery manager, or art dealer - feel free to dress up in one of the painting costumes, like the Mona Lisa or The Screamer costume.  Bob Ross costumes are also really good for artist roles. 

Antique Dealers are great with steam punk-themed costumes - be a bit eccentric and wear vintage jewelry pieces, or do a 1920s art deco dress.  Anything offbeat and fashionable is great. If you'd rather go with the adventurer/Indiana Jones-style costumes - click here. 

Poets and authors can wear any of the pirate/renaissance shirts and maybe black or black and white striped pants with a nice vintage hat or steampunk goggles. You want to put an eccentric twist on it so you don't look like everyone else - you consider yourself to be an extension of your creativity.  Poets and authors also can wear a Gothic costume. 

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