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Here is the selection for tycoons, entrepreneurs, heirs and other wealthy character roles: 

These character roles are designed for you to flaunt your character's success and bank accounts. For any of them, you can wear a money suit, high roller costume, and any of the accessories to make you look super rich and successful.  Boas and costume jewels paired with evening gowns and why not add a tiara?  For the guys, wear a suit or tux (the money suit is great) and pick up some fake money and have it peeking out of your pockets or carry a money bag with you - you have so much money that you like to carry a substantial amount with you in case of emergencies...or if you decide to buy a sports care with cash, because why not? 

And then, you can always go over the top with a high roller suit with a money cane and dollar sign jewelry - why not? 

Notes on tycoon, entrepreneur, and heir/heiress roles by Dr. Bon: 

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