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Mystery party costumes for stuntpersons: 
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​The stuntperson costumes are close to superhero costumes (and some above are superhero costumes), but you don't want to look too close to an actual superhero, so try to mix and match and make a unique look. One-piece tight-fitting unitards with a short cape, boots and a mask or helmet will set the look! 

Here's what sets you apart from the superheroes, so make the adjustments if you purchase a superhero costume: 

Flashy Stuntperson Character (Evel Knievel-inspired):

  • Attire: This character would wear a jumpsuit or outfit that's eye-catching and indicative of their daredevil persona, often adorned with stars, stripes, or bold patterns. The outfit, while flashy, is also clearly meant for high-octane performances, highlighting the character's real-world bravery and skill.

  • Accessories: They might wear a helmet with a visor, boots, and gloves that match their outfit, emphasizing safety gear with flair. Props could include a toy motorcycle or a cape that's worn during stunts rather than symbolizing superhuman powers.

  • Overall Look: The overall aesthetic would be one of showmanship tied to real-life risk-taking. The character exudes a rockstar-like bravado, grounded in the physical world's thrills and dangers.

By contrast, a Superhero Character:

  • Attire: A superhero’s costume often incorporates elements that hint at their powers or origin story, like capes for flying or armor for battle. The design is more about embodying a character with supernatural abilities than showcasing a performer's boldness.

  • Accessories: Superheroes carry items linked to their powers, such as magical hammers or futuristic gadgets. These are not just props but extensions of their abilities and often have a mythical or high-tech look.

  • Overall Look: The superhero character is designed to be otherworldly, their costume emanating an aura of mystery and power. Their look is not just about attracting attention but also intimidating foes and symbolizing their heroic deeds.

Therefore, to set your stuntperson costume apart from a superhero, you can add safety equipment (motorcycle gloves, helmet with shield, elbow &/or knee pads), and maybe add a few oil/grease/mud smudges on your face (use eyeshadow), as you've been practicing before the party.  Remove any type of insignia, such as a Batman symbol or any type of magical/supernatural insignias/icons and replace with a flag of your country or a motorcycle, cannon, or whatever your next stunt vehicle will be. You can use fabric glue to attach your insignias to your costume. 

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