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Here is the selection for the engineer (civil, chemical, mechanical), computer scientist/hacker, and inventor costumes:

These costumes should be pretty easy to figure out. If your character is a chemist/chemical engineer/pharmaceutical scientist - opt for the mad scientist costumes or just throw on a white lab coat. 

For the robotics engineers/mechanical engineers - you can wear the lab coat or dress as one of your robot inventions and get a laugh or two.

Computer scientists and hackers can be silly with the floppy disk costume, a lab coat (as you might be working in a clean room), or wear a black hoodie with the Mr. Robot mask.  The other mask you can wear is a Guy Fawkes, but there are no links above for that. 

With any of these super smart roles, you can always just opt for a traditional nerd with high-water pants, button up shirt, bow-tie, and glasses with white tape on the bridge. 

Or for the inventor roles, go for the lab coat, the nerd, or give a nod to the historical inventors. 


Notes on engineer and inventor roles by Dr. Bon: 

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