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Here is the selection for the animal handlers, animal scientists, veterinarians, and other animal-themed roles: 

With any of the animal-handler roles, such as a zookeeper, bird watcher, tour guides, snake handlers, or other animal-related roles, you have a big decision to make - do I want to dress as the handler or the animal I take care of? 

There's an assortment of zookeeper and safari costumes that you can use to cover any of the animal handling roles. Or, just wear all khaki or army green clothing and pick up a safari hat - that's great, too. 

Or, if you are a zookeeper, choose your favorite animal and dress up as one of those, such a giraffe, gator, or other zoo animal. 

If you are a snake charmer - wear snake-themed accessories and get a prop snake - albeit, it could scare your friends.

Lion tamer for a circus - choose the ringmaster costume or the lion - either one will work.  

Bird watcher - same thing - go the safari attire route or be your bird of choice.  There's no right or wrong.

Marine biologists can wear a lab coat with a dolphin hat, or safari clothes, diver costume, or maybe just commit with one of your marine animals, such as a shark, fish or dolphin?

Veterinarian - choose the lab coat and fun animal hat or commit to your favorite patient, such as a dog! 

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