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Here is the selection for music industry costumes:

Notes on music industry costumes by Dr. Bon: 

This is one of the most flexible costume categories, since there are no limits on what a person in the music industry can or will look like. 

POP STARS: can wear another band's rock t-shirt and jeans on up to a glitzy catsuit costume or ripped jeans and a blazer - it's anything you want, actually.  At the end of the day, dress for being on stage - what would your inner pop star want to wear for your fans?  A butterfly costume? Why not? There is no right or wrong.  Add a fun diva headset prop, why not? 

ROCK STARS: just like pop stars above - there is no right or wrong. The typical rocker costume focuses on the '80s, as they were the most distinctive and fun, but you can dress casual in a t-shirt and jeans with maybe crazy hair or go for an all-out sequin outfit with platform shoes.  Or, you could always dress as your favorite inspiration, like a Jimi Hendrix look or maybe Angus Young-inspired and make it your own with accessories. 



AUDIO ENGINEERS: wear any rock band t-shirt or hoodie with pants. Throw a pair of headphones around your neck - you are good to go! You should be comfortable, as your character is working long hours in the studio.

RECORD LABEL EXECUTIVE: this character should be flashy and show they have money, as you are trying to attract talent to sign to your company. Maybe wear a sequin suit with some fake money flooding out of your pockets. And wear flashy sunglasses - why not. You should be a little less accessible to lock eyes with, as you are the scout and not vice versa. 

LOUNGE SINGER/CRUISE SHIP ENTERTAINER: I would default to the red sequin Jessica Rabbit style lounge dress, or any formal gown, and a cheesy wig. You shouldn't be as polished as a pop or rock star - you should be more of a lower budget and cheesier version.  Or, for the guys - go for a cheesy leisure suit - maybe go for a 70's hippie vibe.

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