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All About Water Costumes

If your character deals with water or enjoys being around the water - this is where you need to be.  Here's a collection of costumes that would be great for lifeguards, beachgoers, marine biologists, police divers, scuba divers, tourists, fishermen, luau guests, backyard swimming parties, pool technicians, and more. 

Notes from the author

Most of the summer-related or water-related character costumes can be found in your closet, as many of us have had a chance to enjoy a swimming pool, beach, or a backyard party/get together during the summer - so whatever you wore there is probably just fine for most water-related characters.  Here's some notes on the main types of characters. 

Fishermen/women: There are a few fishermen costumes, or you can just wear a sun hat and have a fish prop (there are some above).  There is a fish on a plaque costume which would be funny for a fisherman character, or you can dress as sea life to take it over the top.  A fisherman dressed as a crab? Yes please!

Lifeguards: This one is very easy - if you have a red bathing suit/swim trunks - you are all set. Put a temporary white lifeguard symbol on it with white felt and double stick (fabric safe) tape.  Or, you can pick up a lifeguard costume and we've found a bunch of Jaws or lifeguarding t-shirts. Carry a rescue board as a fun prop. A shark attack costume would get a few laughs (they are available above) or a shark hat with a simple red shirt. 

Luau and swim party guests: The flowery sky is the limit here - you have a ton of options.  You can go the traditional hula dancer route, or maybe just pick up a lei at your local party store and call it a day. There is a lot of choices for the short OppoSuits or suitmeisters for men, and a few Cakeworthy choices for women. Or, wear a Hawaiian shirt, flowers in your hair, a sun dress with a sun hat - anything goes - just try to keep it in the summer color scheme. Don't wear black to a luau unless you're playing a gothic personality.  Also, if you want to take it over the top, go for a sea life costume or be a mermaid/merman! Carry a ring tube float, pool noodle, or beach ball as a fun prop.

Swimming Pool Techs:  dress for what you do, so wear summery attire (even if it's winter, wear a turquoise or yellow  hoodie and a sun hat to designate that you're in a summery profession). There is a lot of choices for the short OppoSuits or suitmeisters for men, and a few Cakeworthy choices for women.  Carry a handheld net to designate your occupation as an optional prop.

Marine Biologists: you can go the serious route and wear a lab jacket or have fun with it and dress up as marine life - shark, dolphin, clownfish, seahorse, etc. 

Police diver/scuba diver:  there is a scuba costume and just a scuba helmet above. Not sure how comfortable it would be to wear that helmet during a party, but you could enter with it, get the photos, and then remove it for the game. Or, wear a unitard (long sleeve and long pant) and call it a wetsuit and make a badge to affix to it. Maybe make some paper mache starfish, seaweed, or other little sea life and affix them to your costume as if they've stuck to you - it would not happen in real life, but hey - this is a mystery party.

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