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Great outdoor and summer mystery party costumes 
Fun in the sun, fun by the sea or pool, backyard barbecue, luau, or maybe your character researches dolphins, captains a boat, is a fisherman, or dives for crime scene evidence? 
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Most of the summer-related or water-related character costumes can be found in your closet, as many of us have had a chance to enjoy a swimming pool, beach, or a backyard party/get together during the summer - so whatever you wore there is probably just fine for most water-related characters.  Here's some notes on the main types of characters. 

Fishermen/women: There are a few fishermen costumes, or you can just wear a sun hat and have a fish prop (there are some above).  There is a fish on a plaque costume which would be funny for a fisherman character, or you can dress as sea life to take it over the top.  A fisherman dressed as a crab? Yes please!

Lifeguards: This one is very easy - if you have a red bathing suit/swim trunks - you are all set. Put a temporary white lifeguard symbol on it with white felt and double stick (fabric safe) tape.  Or, you can pick up a lifeguard costume and we've found a bunch of Jaws or lifeguarding t-shirts. Carry a rescue board as a fun prop. A shark attack costume would get a few laughs (they are available above) or a shark hat with a simple red shirt. 

Luau and swim party guests: The flowery sky is the limit here - you have a ton of options.  You can go the traditional hula dancer route, or maybe just pick up a lei at your local party store and call it a day. There is a lot of choices for the short OppoSuits or suitmeisters for men, and a few Cakeworthy choices for women. Or, wear a Hawaiian shirt, flowers in your hair, a sun dress with a sun hat - anything goes - just try to keep it in the summer color scheme. Don't wear black to a luau unless you're playing a gothic personality.  Also, if you want to take it over the top, go for a sea life costume or be a mermaid/merman! Carry a ring tube float, pool noodle, or beach ball as a fun prop.

Swimming Pool Techs:  dress for what you do, so wear summery attire (even if it's winter, wear a turquoise or yellow  hoodie and a sun hat to designate that you're in a summery profession). There is a lot of choices for the short OppoSuits or suitmeisters for men, and a few Cakeworthy choices for women.  Carry a handheld net to designate your occupation as an optional prop.

Marine Biologists: you can go the serious route and wear a lab jacket or have fun with it and dress up as marine life - shark, dolphin, clownfish, seahorse, etc. 

Police diver/scuba diver:  there is a scuba costume and just a scuba helmet above. Not sure how comfortable it would be to wear that helmet during a party, but you could enter with it, get the photos, and then remove it for the game. Or, wear a unitard (long sleeve and long pant) and call it a wetsuit and make a badge to affix to it. Maybe make some paper mache starfish, seaweed, or other little sea life and affix them to your costume as if they've stuck to you - it would not happen in real life, but hey - this is a mystery party.

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