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Mystery party costumes for the unemployed moocher characters, snugglers-for-hire, or other exceptionally casually dressed characters (kids, tweens, college students, etc.):
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The unemployed/moocher characters aren't characters who've fallen on hard luck and just lost a job - these are people who want to be unemployed and live off others' money.

Costumes for this are easy—don't appear employable! People are always trying to help you find a job you don't want!  These characters don't do much besides stay home, watch television, play video games, and spy on neighbors.  Here are a few options, but the sky's the limit - there's no right or wrong.


  • Grab a T-shirt and sweatpants—you've got an easy costume for any unemployed, moocher, or couch potato character.

  • If you really want to slob it up, get a cheap white t-shirt from a craft/hobby store and some fabric paint in mustard yellow and ketchup red - or any other color 'stain' you want to wipe on it. Just let it dry before the party - you don't want mishaps.

  • Or, dress like 'The Dude' with an oversized cardigan, pajama pants, and unkempt hair.

  • Or, wear a cat lady costume - a robe, curlers in your hair, and maybe a puppet cat to pet for laughs. 

  • Or, really own up to your character's laziness and wear a sloth onesie or potato/potato head costume if you want extra laughs.

  • Pajamas are a solid choice, as you want to appear as though you've just woken up from a nap. Or, a hoodie and pajama pants or sweatpants with slippers.

  • Since you probably spend some time playing video games, wear an Xbox or Mario hat as an accessory.

  •  If you're playing a snuggler-for-hire / pet snuggler type character - choose any pajamas or other comfortable loungewear that is appropriate for cuddling. You should be covered/conservative and no sequins or obtrusive buttons, etc. In case you haven't heard of this, here's some information: 

    • Human snugglers: this service is built on the understanding that human touch is a fundamental need that can reduce stress, alleviate loneliness, and improve overall mental well-being. Professional cuddlers or snugglers adhere to strict boundaries and codes of conduct to ensure the experience is safe, consensual, and platonic. Clients might seek out these services for various reasons, including the desire for human contact, help with emotional stress, or the need for comfort without the complexities of a personal relationship. The practice has gained recognition as part of wellness and therapeutic services, highlighting the importance of touch in human health and happiness.

    • Pet snugglers: a pet snuggler is someone who provides comfort and companionship to animals, often pets like dogs or cats, through cuddling, petting, and close physical contact. This service can be especially beneficial for pets that experience anxiety, loneliness, or stress when their owners are away or too busy to give them constant attention. Pet snugglers offer their time and affection to help keep the animals calm, happy, and feeling loved. This can include professional services where someone is hired to visit homes to snuggle pets, or volunteer roles in animal shelters where the goal is to provide warmth and socialization to help make animals more adoptable by reducing their stress and improving their well-being.​

      • Okay, I just quit my job to become a pet snuggler. Hope you enjoy these tips! I'm off to snuggle my first client - a goldendoodle! 

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