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Mystery party costumes for security, bodyguards, secret agents, prison guards, game guards, assassins, and spies. 
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Entourage characters: The entourage is there to take care of their employer - they aren't there to impress anyone or stand out - especially not against their employer. Therefore, the entourage, which is made of bodyguards, publicists, management, and other assistants, tend to wear dark, solid-colored clothing that is professional and geared toward the event. If you are attending a party with your employer, you'd wear either semi-formal or formal attire - but it shouldn't stand out, so dark, solid colors. Since you're playing on a team with others, feel free to get with them before the party and designate your roles within the entourage - you'll be playing the game as a group together. If you're a bodyguard - follow the advice for a bodyguard below. If you are a publicist - go very trendy, but don't dress more outrageous than your employer. Management and other personal assistants should be more subdued than the publicist in dark, solid colors. If your entourage is big enough, you can assign a few groupies - superfans in the group. They'll need to make some fan gear for their employer to wear. 

Bodyguards and Secret Service: A bodyguard shouldn't stand out, but you should dress professionally in a dark, solid colored clothing (e.g., black suit), an earpiece, have walkie talkies, and (toy) weapons (guns on a holster). You must be prepared to protect your employer (e.g., a celebrity, tycoon, or politician), so your attire should look very professional, but be comfortable.  If you are female, it's best to still wear a suit, as it would be more challenging for you to take down a threat to your employer in a dress with heels. Other optional props would be a baton, handcuffs. 

Spy characters: A spy is more flexible. You need to blend into your surroundings - you don't want to be over the top and draw attention and you don't want to underdress or appear as though you're trying to hide in plain sight. But you must be comfortable, as you never know what will happen when and if you're discovered. A good spy costume would be any of the Kill Bill costumes, or a Carmen Sandiego look.  Having the earpiece and toy weapons are optional - you might only be on a fact-finding mission.

Prison guards: Your attire needs to look more like a uniform. Unfortunately, there's not a 'prison guard costume,' so you'll need to create your own look. Choose a color scheme and stick with it with your jacket, shirt and pants. Prison guards are usually in gray, blue, or khaki/tan. There are links to windbreaker jackets above and some solid color shirts - but you are likely to already have something that will work in your closet. There are also a couple of badge links - you could wear the badge with the jacket and the same color pants and you're good! A Walkie Talkiem baton, and handcuffs are great props, and the earpiece, as well.  For a cheeky prop- bring a ball and chain and some shackels as a prop. 

Security guard characters: Unlike bodyguardsand secret service, the security guard is more casual and doesn't need to blend in to the eventgoers, so you should wear a black shirt and pants and the security windbreaker and hat.  The walkie talkies and earpiece are great props. 

Assassins: An assassin can look like anything - there are no rules. But if you want to give a cheeky nod to the movies, you could wear an actual assassin's costume. There are some links above.  The Kill Bill costumes are great, but there are more to choose from - even the Punisher movie has some good costumes for assassin characters. You definitely need some toy weapons in holsters. 

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