The Murder of Abigail Ross. Nevermore Police Department

Case file 081068-AR.NPD

Detective Chapman of the Nevermore Police Department has asked you, Dr. Casey Gold, famed criminal psychologist, for urgent assistance with a murder investigation. The case has garnered media attention and is trending on all social media platforms. Abigail Evelyn Ross was found dead in her home on Tuesday evening. It is 48-hours later, which is a critical time. If the case does not break, the chances of finding the murderer drop drastically with each passing hour. The detective has stumbled upon road blocks and is in desperate need of your assistance.

Can you help solve the case?Detective Chapman is counting on it!

The Victim

Abigail Evelyn Ross, 25/F

Abigail Evelyn Ross was a young woman at the start of her career. She had graduated with a BA degree in English and was in her first semester as a teaching assistant at her former high school. Abigail didn't have many friends, but she had a best friend since childhood, Alexa Morgan Myers.

Abigail worked in the mornings at McMasters Prep and in the evenings, she worked as a PT bartender at the Raven's Den - the most popular hot spot in town.  Abigail only had one living member of her family in the country, Nancy June Ross. Albeit estranged, she was Nancy's only cousin. Abigail's mother lives in London with her wealthy fiancee.


Alexa Myers
Best friend of the victim. Alexa is an RN at the Tender Owl Home for Seniors.
William Cadbury
Chemistry teacher at McMasters Preparatory Academy. William is the neighbor of Abigail Ross.
Damian Lee
Damian Lee is a patient care tech at Tender Owl Home for Seniors. He is also a member of the Demon Knights - a cult that meets in the Nevermore Woods.
Charlie Peters
Charlie Peters owns the Raven's Den - the most popular nightclub in Nevermore. Abigail Ross worked as a PT bartender there.
Lawrence Hughes
Lawrence is a shoe clerk at Nevermore Bowl. Lawrence has been accused of stalking the women at Total Fitness, which is next door to the bowling alley.
Scott Sellers
Ex-boyfriend of Abigail Ross. Scott is a mechanic at Engine Doctor and a PT bartender at Raven's Den. Scott lives next door to Nancy Ross.
Lucy Lockhart
Lucille was Abigail's supervising teacher at McMasters Preparatory Academy. Lucille is colleagues with William Cadbury, and Lauren Young is her best student. Lucille is best friends with Nancy Ross.
Dita VonTrappe
Dita is a Yoga instructor at Total Fitness. Dita and Abigail were foes with an incident that occurred the night before the murder. Dita was friends with Lucille Lockhart and Nancy Ross.
Nancy Ross
Nancy Ross is a reporter at RBC News and estranged cousin of Abigail Ross. Nancy is best friends with Lucille Lockhart, neighbors with Scott Sellers, and friends with Dita Von Trappe.
Simon Hoch
Simon Hoch lived two doors down from Abigail until recently, when he moved into Nevermore Woods. Simon is unemployed, and frequents the Raven's Den, where Abigail worked PT as a bartender. Simon is a member of a bowling team with Scott Sellers and Lawrence Hughes.
Lauren Young
Lauren Young is a student at McMasters Preparatory School. She is a student of Lucille Lockhart, William Cadbury, and Abigail Ross was a teaching assistant for Lucille during Lauren's classes.
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