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Here is the selection for military character roles: 

Notes from Dr. Bon

Military costumes are super easy - if you are a General - wear the General costume. Or, you can just get a General's hat and wear something solid color to accent just the hat. 

Sailors, and boat captains (who many used to be military - so it's all good), can just wear a sailor or captain's hat or go all out with the full sailor/captain costume. 

Paratroopers - you don't have to drag a parachute to the party, but at least wear a flight suit or camouflage - that's good enough! Navy Seals can just get the kit with the vest that says 'Navy Seals' and wear all black underneath. 

It's always great for combat characters to smudge a bit of camo makeup on your face for a fun effect. 

Or, you can always opt for an easy T-shirt to reflect which branch of the military your character is in. 

Have fun! 

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