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Here are costumes for housewife/homemaker, Mom/Mum, bride, and/or neighborhood gossip characters.

Notes by Dr. Bon: 

Oh, this costume can be essentially anything - it's up in the air - but these are the cliche stay-at-home mom/bride/gossips. These aren't meant to be today's hardworking superhero mothers that tackle everything both inside and outside of the home. 

A housewife/homemaker character costume can be the traditional, cliche, 50's-inspired homemaker dress with a baking tray full of cookies. Maybe toss a few rollers in your 'updo' that you forgot to remove because the kids drove you crazy during breakfast. 


Or, maybe you are a posh mom -so wear a pink velour sweatsuit like in the movie Clueless.  Add some diamonds (costume jewels are fine), and do your makeup spot-on, and some rhinestone glasses.  Get your nails done for this look, for sure. 


Maybe you are so in a rush - because we all know that stay-at-home moms are super busy all day and excellent multi-taskers - so throw on a Super Mom t-shirt and sweats! Finish it with a ponytail and sneakers, and you're all set. 

Or, what if you wanted to play up the even more traditional Mary Poppins or English Nanny look? You don't have to be a nanny to wear the costume - you could still be a mom/homemaker/neighborhood gossip and make that look to fit your character. 

And don't worry about the vintage looks - in today's eclectic fashion world - anything goes, so you're fine with a "Mrs. Sensational" '50s look in a modern game. 

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