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Mystery party costumes for journalists, authors, and other media-related characters. 

Notes on media/author roles: 

These character roles are extremely flexible; business attire will cover most of them just fine. If you want to put your spin on your character to get a laugh or two - feel free to do so - it's a party! Therefore, if you are an author - dress up as Jane Austen or Edgar Allan Poe or a reporter, be Veronica Cornerstone or Ron Burgundy.  Meteorologist? Wear a yellow rainjacket and umbrella as if you're reporting from the storm. Or, you can simply make it your own. 

Reporters, anchors, meteorologists, and on-camera bloggers typically should wear solid-colored professional clothing, such as a fitted dress, blazer, or suit. Avoid prints and white clothing, as they aren't as 'camera friendly'. And no logos. Bloggers don't always follow clothing rules from the producers, so you have a bit more leeway and can be more trendy.

If you're part of a news crew (click here for the production costumes), you can essentially wear anything solid and dark. However, if you want to dress up a bit, choose a business suit or wear all-black, as that's what many film crews will wear—they don't want to get noticed if they get in the shot by accident.

For news media/tabloid roles, pick a fedora and put a card in the brim that says PRESS, or get a lanyard and make your own press pass. 

Authors: Authors are usually home in pajamas or loungewear (as most work from home), so that's not very fun to dress up as. Most of the author characters will be pessimistic poets or murder mystery novelists or have some other type of macabre or morose spin, so dress up in a black suit or gown/dress and make yourself a bit Gothic with accessories, etc., if you wish. 

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