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A grim world on the other side of a mirror.

A girl who once believed she was ordinary.

A prophecy of four guardians uniting to prevent an apocalypse that will annihilate parallel realms.

This journey awaits you in Behind the Mirror, a spine-tingling story that mixes fantasy and dystopia in an intriguing, four-part series.As the adventure begins, seventeen-year-old Ella discovers a horrifying alternate reality of her hometown on the other side of an enchanted mirror. Ella’s life will never be the same as she struggles to uncover her true identity and the origin of her newfound powers. To save her friends and the parents she never knew she had, she battles the ominous predictions that seem to be coming true.


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  • Gold medal in Special Interest Thriller by Literary Classics, November 2019

  • Silver medal in Young Adult Science Fiction by Literary Classics, November 2019

  • Seal of Approval from the Literary Classics Book Organization, November 2019


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Dr. Bon Blossman continues the gripping journey of seventeen-year-old Ella in the haunting and powerful second installment of the Behind the Mirror Trilogy.
Ella had recently learned she is one of the guardians who were born to prevent the destruction of dual worlds. In Wormhole, she endures an epic battle to survive after learning her mentor is being held captive in The Chamber of Screams – a deadly haunted house in a murderous realm known as The Parallel. Ella is shocked to find her allies have consented to a truce with Dergali, the prophesied architect of the apocalypse who wanted nothing more than to see her final breath. Ella must fight alongside the monster against a physicist named Vladimir Maslow. Should Ella trust Dergali with her life? Time will tell if she chooses the right path as she fights to halt a third realm from forming while struggling to unite the four guardians before it is too late. If she fails to succeed, everything in existence will fade to black.


check out the book trailer

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