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Escape Room: Superimposed Pictures

Write a partial message on a white 8 x 10 piece of paper.  The thinner the paper, the better.  Write the missing letters on a second piece of paper and hide it in a different location of your escape room.

When the players find the two sheets of paper, they are to figure out they superimpose them and hold them up to the light to read the message.

The message can be anything – it can be a piece of evidence in your game, it can be a hint to find something such as the hide-a-key rock, the secret container book, a code written on the bottom of a trash bin, etc.

Props needed for this scenario:

  • Two 8 by 10 sheets of paper  - the thinner the better

  • A marker (or printer) to write the letters on them to make the message. 

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