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Jaiden Cane is a murder mystery novelist from southern Louisiana.  Jaiden moved to Godley Hollow about eight months ago to gain inspiration for a new project. However, the project didn’t pan out, and now Jaiden is doing everything possible to break a severe case of writer’s block.


Jaiden Cane was born and raised in Houma, Louisiana. The child of two emergency room physicians, Jaiden spent a lot of time with the family nanny, who was a no-nonsense disciplinarian. Jaiden learned everything about writing through watching YouTube tutorials and taking Master Classes from famous authors. 

BUSINESS CAREER: Jaiden Cane has written seven murder mystery novels, but has yet to break into the best seller's list. Jaiden is patiently waiting for a big break.  On the side, Jaiden takes various part-time jobs around town to make ends meet.

Jaiden's whereabouts are unknown for about three years after Jaiden left Houma, Louisiana (before arriving in Godley Hollow.)


  • Jaiden Cane is financially strapped, but often volunteers time at local soup kitchens in Godley Hollow.

PERSONAL LIFE: Jaiden has been divorced three times and is currently single. Jaiden has two kids from the first marriage (ages 9 and 12) who live with Jaiden's ex-spouse in Louisiana. 


  • The Reading Favorite Gold Medal, 2016 for If Looks Could Make You Win and not Die in Vegas

  • The Broken Quill Award, 2015 for Murderous Bears in Central Park

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