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Escape Room: Secret Mirror Message

You’ll need a small mirror of any kind. Clean with rubbing alcohol first and allow drying. You can wipe dry with newsprint, as this won't leave streaks or fibers. This is a simple hidden message trick.  Using the cotton swab, dip it into soapy water and blot before writing on the mirror so it doesn’t drip. Don't have the water too soapy, or it will show without having to fog. Write the code to the combination lock on the mirror and allow drying before the party.  Place the mirror in an inconspicuous place within the party room, but make it visible to the naked eye.  The players are likely to eventually figure out it doesn’t belong in the room and start to handle it. To distinguish that the two items (the mirror and lock box) go together – have them be the same color, tie a same-colored ribbon on both, or place a small sticker dot of the same color on both.  Also, you can simply stage the mirror on top of the lock box within the room and have them start out together.

Hopefully, one of the guests will have knowledge that there may be a secret message on the mirror.  Most people have heard of the hidden message trick used in bathrooms (revealed via a steamed shower).  They can also do an internet search (if they think of it) for ‘hidden message mirror’ if they get stuck.  Either way, the group will either figure this one out or have to move on.


Props needed for this scenario:

  • Small mirror to write the code on such as a cosmetic compact.

  • Soapy water (dish soap), liquid hand soap, or an anti-fog solution like Rain-X.

  • Locked box with a combination. There are many variations of this – you simply need a combination lock that is locking the clue inside – this can be a bag, a box, etc.

  • Cotton Swab 

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