Morgan Kingsley is a mixed martial artist and former SFC (Supreme Fighting Club) bantamweight champion. Kingsley holds an Olympic Gold Medal in Judo, and the longest title streak in SFC history, which ended in 2016 with 18 wins and 12 title defenses. Morgan has been called the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. 

EARLY LIFE: Morgan was born and raised in Godley Hollow to Roland Kingsley, and his second wife, a nail polish namer for Craybelline. Morgan could never stand Roland, so upon high school graduation, Morgan moved as far away as possible and attended the University of Alaska. Morgan only made it a year before joining a semi-professional wrestling circuit and touring the United States. 

CAREER: After a few years of touring with the USWF (United States Wrestling Formation), Morgan traveled to China to train in Kung Fu, Israel to study Krav Maga, and South Korea to train in Tae Kwon Do.  Morgan started competing within the SFC, and was quickly noticed. Morgan has risen to become the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. 


  • Morgan Kingsley Foundation - gives twenty 5K scholarships per year for students who show promise in MMA.

PERSONAL LIFE: Morgan has been divorced twice, and is currently single, with no children.


  • Best fighter, ESPY Awards, 2013

  • World MMA Fighter of the Year, 2015

  • Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Sports Award - Blimp Award for Biggest Powerhouse, 2016

  • Teen Choice Awards - Best Athlete, 2017