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Escape Room: Scale

Place a bathroom scale in the room. Tape the picture below on the scale (right click to download).   Choose any 2-4 items you wish that fit on top of the scale and record their weight together, writing the weight in on the blank.  Then, place those items randomly around the room (not together unless you want it to be easy).  

The players will (hopefully) search for random items & combinations of items to place on the scale to reach the weight written on the card above. Once they find the right combination of items and get the scale to read the correct weight without human intervention (i.e. they cannot apply pressure to the scale in any manner to get the right weight) – then, you can hand them one of the six clues. You are acting as the autonomous host – not the host in the story line, so you’ll need to clarify that or just say ‘this piece of evidence was slipped under the door when the scale read the correct weight.” 


Props needed for this scenario:

  • A bathroom scale

  • 2-4 items that fit on the scale. 

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