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Escape Room: Secret Container Book

Skip the first ~ 10 or so pages, as you don’t want it to be automatically obvious there is a secret hollowed out section inside.  Cover the first 10 pages and the front cover with the Saran wrap (to prevent the glue from sticking to it). Lightly brush two layers of Mod podge along the top and bottom edges of the book’s pages. Allow drying overnight and place under a large stack of books so it dries straight.

Using the drill, pick the four corners of your hollowed out rectangle inside from the glued pages. Drill four holes about ¾ of the way down to mark the corners of your rectangle. Then, starting with your top pages, use the scalpel to slice the pages of the book by connecting the corners. Remove the sheets you have cut and continue the process until you have a nice hollow section to place an item inside. 

If you want to add a hidden message somewhere in the room (or use it as a hint if they get stagnant) that directs the players to find your secret book, you can use the following: 

I have a lot say but I do not speak. 
I open, but you cannot enter me. 

I'm full of knowledge, but lack a brain.
I'm missing bones, but have a spine. 


Props needed for this scenario:

  • A hard back book

  • Scalpel

  • Drill

  • Mod podge

  • Brush

  • Saran wrap

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