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Escape Room: Secret Scroll Pencil

Directly underneath the metal band that holds the eraser, cut a clean line through the pencil, breaking the pencil into two sections. Be careful!

Using the 3/16” drill bit, hold the piece of the pencil with the eraser with the vice and drill out the wood inside. Make a 2” loop with the fishing wire and glue the end with hot glue directly under the eraser.  Allow drying (you should hold it in the vice vertically so it can dry straight.  Now you have a 2” loop of fishing wire attached to the eraser.  

Using the 5/32 drill bit, hold the other part of the pencil with a vice, being careful it is straight. Drill the inside of the pencil about 2 inches down, removing the graphite (it may make a mess, so have handy wipes).  Clean out your newly made hole with a cotton swab. You may have to remove some of the cotton to make it fit.

Now, get a 1.5 inch by 2 inch scroll of paper. Write your message, code, etc. on the scroll.  Wind it up tightly and insert the fishing wire loop in your scroll on the last twist. The scroll should insert nicely into your new secret compartment of your pencil. Slide in the fishing wire loop that holds your scroll until the pencil looks ‘normal.’  Place anywhere in your escape room.


Props needed for this scenario:

  • A wooden pencil

  • A sharp cutting tool (i.e. box cutter)

  • Drill, 3/16” drill bit, 5/32 drill bit

  • Vice to hold the pencil.

  • Cotton swab

  • Fishing line

  • Hot glue

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