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Escape Room: USB

Purchase a USB and place a file (i.e., Word Doc, image, etc.) on it that contains the following text:

To find the clue, you know what to do.

Search the room, especially on page 32.

A possible twist to increase the challenge level is to put the text on the Word doc in white. The players will have to highlight to see the message. It will initially appear like a blank document.

 Place the password below in an envelope and hide within the room:

 Props needed for this scenario:

  • A USB and a device that the USB can be used with – i.e. a laptop, etc.

  • The password cut out (below, right-click to save)

  • Three envelopes of the same color to place the USB, the password, and ultimately, the piece of evidence, so it appears as though they all belong together.

  • Any book with at least 32 pages to slip the evidence into – between pages 32-33

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