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Your Mystery Party

Congratulations! You've been exclusively selected to join an extraordinary mystery party! Step right this way to dive deeper into the thrilling world you're about to enter. Unravel the secrets of your character's past, immerse yourself in the enigmatic storyline, feast your eyes on the captivating video trailer, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure. The more you immerse yourself in this enigmatic world, the more astute and keen your detective abilities will become. Prepare to engage your wits, as every detail brings you closer to solving the ultimate question: Who did it?

Embrace the mystery, for an exhilarating experience awaits!

Please get in touch with your game host to obtain the unique URL extension for your party. This personalized link is your gateway to the adventure awaiting you!


Testimonials from some of our hosts

Just wanted to say, if anyone is looking for a great place to purchase a murder mystery kit, look no further! I just threw one for my birthday last night and it was a smash!!! My first time, and I know I'm going to be doing so many in the future!!!! My Mystery Party rocks!!!!!! If you guys like I'll even do a video testimonial for you guys! I really loved it! AA


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Uncover the Ultimate Mystery: Why Our Award-Winning Author's Games Have Dominated Since 2006!


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Over the past two decades, Dr. Bon has masterfully crafted over 100 premier mystery party games for My Mystery Party, captivating audiences of all ages with unparalleled creativity and storytelling prowess.

Each meticulously designed game plunges players into immersive narratives filled with twists, turns, and intricate puzzles, ensuring an unforgettable experience that keeps them coming back for more. Dr. Bon's dedication to excellence has established My Mystery Party as the gold standard in interactive entertainment, delighting sleuths and novices alike with every intricate detail.

About Dr. Bon

With her Ph.D. in physiology, Dr. Bon Blossman shines in academia and as a multifaceted entertainment figure. She is known for her role in four seasons of a hit reality show and her award-winning young adult fiction. Beyond her TV fame, she has significantly contributed to literature with over ten award-winning YA fiction novels while engaging in commercials. Academically, Dr. Bon has been recognized for her pioneering research and dedication to teaching, contributing significantly to scientific journals and education.

As the ingenious mind behind My Mystery Party, she offers an extensive range of mystery games and experiences alongside pursuing personal passions in filmmaking and family activities in Austin, Texas.



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