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Pajama Party Pandemonium

Zuri Zeller’s annual pajama party is around the corner. The girls on the guest list are now shopping for the perfect pajamas, and the party is set to be a huge success. However, everyone who is coming to the party has received a strange note on their doorstep! Someone is calling themselves the Waterford Riddler and has challenged the group to figure out their identity. Zuri is afraid the prankster may be an invited guest! If so, what kind of mayhem will the girls be in for at the sleepover? Zuri certainly doesn’t want this joker to take over her party! You’ve been invited to the sleepover. This is where your story begins.

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Guest List


Zuri Zeller 

Zuri Zeller is the most popular girl at Waterford High School. Zuri fakes foreign accents, and this teen will throw you off when she speaks one of her many made-up languages. A notorious secret-spiller, Zuri is one of the biggest gossips in town. She churns out corny jokes and keeps everyone laughing. Zuri is the cheerleading captain at Waterford High School.

Suggested Attire: cheer-leading-themed pajamas – or – funny ones as you love to tell jokes. Bring some jokes with you for added fun.

Gia Goulding

Gia Goulding is a great dancer, but watch out - she constantly busts moves no matter where she is standing. Gia believes stepping on cracks in the sidewalk brings good luck. She hardly ever sleeps, so inviting her to a slumber party might be exhausting! Gia’s terrified of things that are too soft, so she prefers never to sleep with a pillow – or be around them. Gia’s an entrepreneur and owns a lemonade stand chain in town. Gia is also a member on the varsity soccer team.

Suggested Attire: pajamas that are dance, soccer, or lemon/lemonade themed. Bring a jug of lemonade to share (optional)

Olive Orion

Olive Orion is the proud owner of ten cats. While speaking to Olive, she will always redirect the conversation to the topic of her pets. This cat lover is afraid to eat in front of others, so she will sneak food away from the crowd when she’s hungry. Olive often gets her phone taken away at school because she is addicted to texting. A lover of animals - Olive heads up the Waterford High Animal Rights Club.

Suggested Attire: cat-themed pajamas

Dalia Draper

Dalia Draper speaks in the third person, which can be quite daunting if you’re around her for a spell. She ‘borrows’ things and never returns them. Some would call that stealing, however. Her energy wanes after her morning burst of energy, and by sundown, she is lethargic as a sloth. Dalia writes rap songs about things around her and knows a million useless facts. Dalia loves games of all kinds and is a member of the Waterford Chess Club.

Suggested Attire:  chess-themed pajamas. Or any game-inspired pajamas

Matilda Moody

Matilda Moody is scared of the color orange. She is known to over-accessorize, and she snorts when she laughs. Matilda has the most followers on social media of all her friends, and she is convinced she is a celebrity. Matilda is a member of the Waterford Drama Club and always lands the lead roles in school plays.

Suggested Attire: trendy, designer pajamas – not orange. Tons of accessories – hair bows, earrings, scarves, bracelets, etc.

Hazel Hedwick

Hazel Hedwick is the daughter of an English teacher. She is prim and proper and never uses contractions. Hazel is obsessed with singing songs about situations and would rather sing than speak. Hazel is the class president and a member of the Waterford High Debate Club. She plans to go into politics after college.

Suggested Attire: trendy pajamas 

Lilly Lomax 

Distracted easily, Lilly Lomax always gossips about people who aren’t around – even if they’ve just walked away! She is the teacher’s pet in every class and can be quite grumpy when hungry. Lilith is a foodie and is one of the top food critics on social media. She has taken Home Housekeeping classes every year of high school because she wants to be a chef one day.

Suggested Attire: food-inspired pajamas (i.e., donuts, pizza, etc.)

Gwen Grimley 

Gwen Grimley has an inventive imagination. As an aspiring writer, she often speaks to inanimate objects, claiming that speaking to things keeps her mind active. She always carries a notepad and feverishly takes notes to capture the moment. She is a reporter for the school news and the founder of the Quill & Scroll Club, a group for teen authors. She loves to talk about her extensive rock collection at home.

Suggested Attire: writing-inspired pajamas with ‘words’ of any kind on them

Paloma Pavlov 

Paloma Pavlov cannot wait to get her words out, so she blatantly interrupts others’ conversations. Forget about sleeping in the dark for the slumber party, as this girl can’t sleep in total darkness. She’s never had to clean house, as she claims she is allergic to cleaning. Paloma is a member of the high school volleyball team.

Suggested Attire: neon pajamas – the brighter, the better Or, volleyball-themed

Riley Rigby

Riley Rigby is a co-captain of the Waterford Dance Team. She is a klutzy girl who always tripping over her own feet unless she's dancing. She is a constant complainer and has a strong aversion to odd numbers. Many people believe she gives dirty looks, but she blames her scowls on her resting mad face.

Suggested Attire: dance-themed pajamas

Myra Maddox 

Myra Maddox is still a tiny child at heart. She refuses to grow up and checks her mailbox each day in search of an acceptance letter from a wizarding school. Myra speaks at a high volume, and she apologizes to her food before she eats. With an irrational fear of closed doors, getting Myra to lock up the house at night is often a fight. Myra has an interest in science and is a member of the Waterford Chemistry Club.

Suggested Attire: science-themed pajamas

Sage Starflight

Sage Starflight is the president of the Waterford Math Club. She is a straight-A student who cackles like a witch when she laughs and is addicted to television. She always tries to stay home from school to watch TV, and for snacks, she chomps on butter straight from the stick.

Suggested Attire: math-inspired pajamas – or – anything television show-themed.

Ivy Idelson 

Ivy Idelson will certainly request to sleep on the floor, as she firmly believes there are monsters living under beds. Obsessed with the color pink, Ivy mandates that her friends wear pink on Thursdays and refuses to eat anything besides candy. Ivy is the high school spelling bee champion and has been for the last three years.

Suggested Attire: pink pajamas

Tess Tucker

Tess is frightened of silence and will hum during lulls in conversation. She is a lousy dancer but doesn’t know it, so she’ll break out her heinous moves at the sound of music. She is gullible and believes anything, and she is obsessed with other people’s hair. She is enrolled in the Waterford High Cosmetology Program and plans to be a hairstylist for the rich and famous one day.

Suggested Attire: cosmetic or hair-themed pajamas. 

Mae Malenko

Mae Malenko is obsessed with Halloween. Year round, she counts down the days until October 31st. A mischievous trickster, she pulls pranks on her friends when given the opportunity. Mae is a forgetful person, so it will be a victory if she remembers to show up for the slumber party. She also believes she can read minds and will attempt to prove her telepathic skills in front of a willing crowd. Mae’s a member of the Waterford Fashion Design Club.

Suggested Attire: Halloween-themed pajamas

Violeta Vine

Get ready to serve this diva multiple times, as Violeta refuses to eat if her foods touch. She is a perfectionist in every way, and everything she wears must match. She is deathly afraid of being alone and requires a bathroom buddy. Violeta is a member of the Waterford Social Committee, which plans all school parties. She’s one of the most well-connected girls in the town.

Suggested Attire: party-themed pajamas

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