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Fashion Industry costumes:

Notes on fashion-themed roles by Dr. Bon: 

FASHION DESIGNER: You can have so much fun being a fashion designer, as you can get away with making clothes out of paper bags! The sky is the limit for these character roles, but if you don't want hassle, just be sure to show up with something outrageous.  Maybe a gold or silver sequin suit? Or, the Lady G Prison costume is perfect to turn heads! Of course, the Derek Zoolander Mugatu sweater is divine.

Do your hair in a trendy style - or even make up a new style. You are the one to set trends, so nobody can tell you that your hair isn't perfect. Clip a living plant in your hair. It's fashion.

SUPERMODEL: There wouldn't be much difference between a supermodel and a fashion designer costume, but if you are wearing makeup - be sure to make it trendy and something that most haven't seen before. For example, draw your eyeliner wings to your temples and make a paisley design on them, filling in each area with a different color of eyeshadow.  There's no right or wrong - just make yourself stand out.  Supermodels also tend to have carefree hair or very coiffed hair without much in between.  

RETAIL SALES CLERK: you are on point, fashionable, and know how to accessorize. Maybe go for a fashionable Opposuit or Suitmeister with a scarf, hat, and plenty of costume jewelry. You're trying to sell your store's merchandise, ya know. 

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