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Murder at the Stratford Castle

The Stratford Castle Ball is a premier social event hosted by the Kilmore Preservation Society.  The Kilmore Preservation Society is comprised of many diverse individuals who have a passion to preserve historical landmarks, such as the Stratford Castle.   The members come from all walks of life such as astronauts, ancient artifact dealers, and medical researchers.  Those in the inner circle know there has been a great conflict in planning the ball this year.   There have been too many scandals between the members lately.  In addition, nobody in the town of Kilmore feels safe with a serial killer on the loose.  You are a member of the preservation society and must attend this event.  This is where your story begins.

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Invited Guests


Carey Coral

Ancient Artifacts Dealer

Carey Coral is the eccentric ancient artifacts dealer from the UK.  Carey travels to distant lands in search of exotic items to sell to collectors. Because of his/her vast world travels, Carey knows a little bit about everything.  Carey has recently moved to the town of Kilmore, and is quick to say it was a big mistake.

Suggested attire: Adventurer attire, safari hat.  Bring odd trinkets (i.e. a rock, old jewelry, etc.) as ancient artifacts.


Jamie Bond

Federal Forensic Profiler

Jamie Bond is the most mysterious person in the town of Kilmore.  On the surface, Jamie appears to be the typical high society jetsetter, but Jamie is actually a top secret level forensic profiler in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Suggested attire: Evening gown for a female, black suit/tuxedo for a male.  Toy guns as optional props.



EDM Producer

Deadbee is a lively electronic music producer.  Deadbee has been famous in the underground music scene for quite some time.  Deadbee achieved overnight fame after receiving a Gram Award for the hit song I’m Lucky.  People say that everything that Deadbee touches turns to gold.  Curiously, Deadbee seems to be dead broke.

Suggested attire: Trendy hipster attire with headphones as an optional prop.


Yuni Sax


Yuni Sax is a seasoned astronaut who sincerely believes that s/he has the highest IQ in the entire galaxy.  However, you should watch out for this brainy space explorer, as Yuni is known to be quite aggressive on occasion.

Suggested attire: Astronaut costume.  As an alternative, a jumpsuit and helmet.


Professor Apple

Ancient Historian

Professor Apple is the self-proclaimed nerd and ancient historian.  Dr. Apple is a college professor and the students at Quid University fear his/her courses.  Dr. Apple isn’t the friendliest person and claims that ancient artifacts are the only friends worth having in this life.

Suggested attire: Nerdy business casual attire.  Bring odd trinkets (i.e. a rock, old jewelry, etc.) as ancient artifacts.


Venn Sweet

Personal Chef

Venn Sweet is Iggy Jonas’s thrill-seeking personal chef.  Venn is on a constant hunt for adventure in order to experience the ultimate excitement in life.  Never content with idle time or nonsense, Venn will bore easily in laidback atmospheres.

Suggested attire: Chef’s uniform.

Dr. Green

Medical Researcher

Dr. Green prefers to stand back in the shadows during social gatherings, as his/her exceptionally high intelligence makes Dr. Green highly sensitive.  This behavior makes others uneasy, as it seems as though Dr. Green has ulterior motives.

Suggested attire: Lab coat and stethoscope as an optional prop.


Justice Cross

Budding Restaurateur

Justice Cross is the ambitious owner of the best restaurant in town, the BeBe Steakhouse.  Justice has a problem with constant perspiration and always smokes a Sherlock Holmes’s style pipe. Justice has plans on opening franchises of his/her successful restaurant across the nation.

Suggested attire: Business casual attire. Sherlock Holmes’ style pipe as a prop. A small water bottle to spritz yourself with as an optional prop.


Iggy Jonas


Iggy Jonas is the overconfident entrepreneur and ex-oil tycoon.  Iggy can win you over with a little charm, but don’t be fooled; Iggy cares about one thing and one thing only…Iggy Jonas.  Iggy is currently filming a docuseries about his/her success with J.J. Camron.

Suggested attire: Trendy, expensive looking attire.


Quinn Ciao

Executive Assistant

Quinn Ciao is an accommodating executive assistant to Reese Rich.  Quinn seems nice, but nobody really knows the true person lurking inside.  Rumor has it that Quinn might even be a tad shady.  Watch your back around this friendly assistant.

Suggested attire: Business casual.


Ryan Dirk

General Contractor

An incessant know-it-all, Ryan Dirk is the general contractor that refuses to take advice from anybody.  Even when Ryan is proven to be wrong, Ryan will find a way to make it appear as though s/he was correct.

Suggested attire: Coveralls and a construction hat as an optional prop.


Bracken Shockley

Prison Guard

Known to ominously drag his/her feet while walking, Bracken Shockley is the shadowy prison guard from the state prison in the town of Kilmore.  Bracken finds it difficult to relax after getting off work and sometimes, people find this off-putting.  Bracken is always on guard.

Suggested attire: Prison guard / security officer uniform.  Toy gun as an optional prop.


Jeck Needles

Human Research Test Subject

Jeck Needles is the brawny pharmaceutical trial subject.  Jeck was a notorious high school bully many years ago and unlucky residents of Kilmore still witness this type of behavior manifest when Jeck doesn’t get his/her way. Lately, Jeck has been even more aggressive and the locals are very concerned.

Suggested attire: Casual attire.  Bandage your inner elbows, as you’ve been given many injections lately.


J.J. Camron

Director of Photography

Watch your back around this fun-loving party animal and prankster.  J.J. Camron is the Hollywood director who is definitely one to invite to energize any event!   J.J. has tricks hidden in every sleeve and surprises around every corner!  Be prepared to have fun with this mischievous fun-provoker!  J.J. has been keeping busy filming a docuseries about Iggy Jonas.

Suggested attire: Casual attire with a director’s hat and clapboard as optional props.

Sammy Cooper

Kilmore Daily Times Reporter

Sammy Cooper is the does what it takes investigative field reporter for the Kilmore Daily Times newspaper.  Sammy’s been in the eye of a tornado, on a foreign battleground, and even in the center of a street riot!  Sammy will do anything to get the scoop!

Suggested attire: Business casual attire.  A pen and notepad as optional props.


Avery Oceans

City Council Member

Avery Oceans is the daring city council member in the town of Kilmore.  Avery is a compulsive gambler and is quick to make bets for even the smallest amount of money.  A constant risk taker, Avery is definitely high-energy and difficult to be around for long periods.  Unfortunately, Avery has recently acquired a substantial debt with the wrong kind of people.

Suggested attire: Business casual attire.


Mo Morrow

Boat Captain

Mo Marrow is quite the odd character.  Originally hailing from the bayous of southern Louisiana, Mo travels the world in search of the best deep sea fishing.  Mo recently had to take a job hosting deep sea fishing excursions on the coast of Kilmore, as s/he ran out of cash.  Mo is infamous for doing pirate impersonations and prefers to be called Captain Mo Marrow.

Suggested attire: Pirate hat and sailing / boating attire of any kind.


Reese Rich


Reese Rich is one of the wealthiest people in the town of Kilmore.  Reese is quite powerful, as s/he owns a large share of the businesses in town.  Rumor has it that Reese’s pile of gold originates from reprehensible sources, but nobody brings up the subject in fear of retaliation. Reese has a short fuse and you don’t want to light it, especially if you don’t want to waste countless hours in a courtroom – or worse, find yourself six-feet under!

Suggested attire: Designer attire, money coming out of your pockets (real or fake).  Extravagant jewelry (real or fake).


Wolfe Wicker


Wolfe Wicker is the sarcastic butler of the town tycoon, Reese Rich.  The word from the grapevine is that Wolfe’s current position as Reese’s butler is due a long-standing blackmail.  Many have tried to validate this rumor but have failed.  However, one glance at Wolfe’s solemn expression says more than words can express.

Suggested attire: Black suit, white gloves.


Piper Morgan

Poison Control Center Operator

Piper Morgan is the anxious Poison Control Center operator.  Piper takes the job ultra-seriously and is on a strict regimen of anti-anxiety medications.  The meds seem to at least take the edge off, but those closest to Piper can definitely tell when s/he’s skipped a dose.

Suggested attire: Business casual attire.


Isabella Dawson


Isabella Dawson is the moody and insensitive homemaker.  Isabella and her family recently moved to the tiny town of Kilmore and in no time, she was labeled as the town gossip.  Nobody likes to be around Isabella because of her violent mood swings and because she couldn’t keep a secret to save her life.

Suggested attire: 1950’s style dress and glasses as an optional prop.  Hair in a ponytail.


Kristi Kennedy


Kristi Kennedy is the antisocial librarian that suffers from severe anger management issues.  Kristi is extremely judgmental and this quality tends to offend the customers of the Kilmore Library.  Kristi also has an intense fear of germs so getting too close to her is out of the question!

Suggested attire: Conservative librarian attire.


Ali Capone

Reformed Mobster

Ali Capone is a reformed mobster hailing from the Northern Mob Outfit of Chicago.  After testifying against the crime boss, she was relocated by the feds to the town of Kilmore through the Witness Protection Program.  Some of the townspeople of Kilmore have discovered that she doesn’t fit in, but the real question is…will the mob find her?

Suggested attire: Business casual attire with a toy gun of any kind semi-concealed.  Hair should be slicked back into a ponytail with a fedora to the side.


Roxy Bux


As long as you don’t mind being judged repeatedly, Roxy Bux is the friend to have.  Very opinionated and outspoken, this heiress is one of the biggest socialites in town!  Along with Reese Rich and Iggy Jonas, Roxy is yet another powerhouse in the town of Kilmore.

Suggested attire: Designer, formal attire with a toy stuffed dog as an optional accessory.


Xena Burns


Xena Burns is the self-proclaimed superhero with a peculiar quirk of ending each sentence as a question.  You never know when Xena is making a statement or asking for your input.  It can be entertaining yet quite annoying to be in a conversation with Xena.  Xena has recently started an organization dedicated to cleaning up the streets of Kilmore.  Her family is definitely worried about her safety and even more, her sanity.

Suggested attire: Outrageous rebellious teen / superhero attire.


Dr. Eric Throsite

General Practitioner

Is there a doctor in the house?  Yes, of course! It’s Dr. Eric Throsite! He’s the one to tell you to eat an apple a day…except it won’t keep him far away as he’s only 3 inches from your face when he’s speaking to you!  Beware if you don’t appreciate the art of close-talking!

Suggested attire: Lab coat, stethoscope as an optional prop. Breath mints if you plan to take your role seriously.


David Copperhead


David Copperhead is the award-winning illusionist and distinguished magician.  With global sold-out performances, he is also famous for his intriguing storytelling and showmanship.  David’s next venture is to launch an amusement park chain called the Copperhead Mountains of Mystery.

Suggested attire: Top hat and black suit/tuxedo. If you want to bring magic tricks, feel free to do so!


Brad Pittman

Local Actor

Brad Pittman is the charismatic stage actor at the Kilmore Theater.  A tad conceited, Brad knows that he is shamefully good-looking and uses his looks to get whatever he wants.  Brad has been the lead actor at the playhouse for many years and is looking for a big break in Hollywood.

Suggested attire: Trendy formal attire.


Liam Williams

District Attorney

Liam Williams is the aggressive district attorney of the town of Kilmore.  Liam is all-work-and-no-play, as he is rarely seen outside of the courtroom.  The town gossips have said that he actually purchased a ticket to the Stratford Castle party.  If he attends, this will be a first.

Suggested attire: Formal business attire.


Beau Valentine

Medical Researcher

Hailing from Austria, Beau Valentine is the manipulative medical researcher at Nelson Laboratories.  Beau easily gains the trust of his human subjects with his Austrian charisma. Let’s all hope that his patients can avoid the spell of his charms and make the right decisions whether or not to participate in his research.

Suggested attire: Lab coat and a stethoscope as a prop.


Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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