1986 | A Sinister '80s Murder Mystery 

In Flamebury Falls, there is a historic estate on the edge of town named The Craven Gray Manor. Wicked things have happened at the manor over the years, so some say the property may be cursed. Others claim the owners are starting the rumors to encourage thrill-seekers to visit the town and dare to stay at the property.  Who knows the truth?

Nevertheless, Ridley Barnabet recently inherited the family fortune and wishes to catapult the manor to become a local hot-spot and travel destination. Ridley has sent out exclusive invitations for a VIP bash. The town gossips are on fire with rumors of what will happen on this night when the who’s who of the town will be gathered together.

On another note, there is a buzz that the mysterious society, The Clear, might be involved with the event. The Clear is a top-secret social order that nobody knows for sure exists, but everyone chats about and spreads tales about how they control the world and all of its headlines. Could The Clear be behind this event? Only time will tell - or would time even spill the secret?

You’ve received an invitation to the gathering at the manor. This is where your story begins.

like, totally, here's a radical '80s dictionary


Invited Guests

Founder, The Little Mag | Syndicated Columnist
Lennon Little is an author and syndicated columnist at The Little Mag – a news and opinion magazine founded by Lennon. This writer uses big words during chats, seeking to impress others. Does it work? Maybe sometimes, but most people are immune to it, given Lennon’s reputation for studying the dictionary. Constantly distracted, Lennon is always trying to listen in on conversations and hardly gives full attention to you. Just don’t get on Lennon’s bad side unless you want to be the victim of Lennon's next scathing article.

Lennon is currently working on a scoop of the Daystar Asylum - a mental hospital that is legendary for housing the most dangerous serial killers who have escaped Death Row by claiming insanity.  However, Lennon has been stumbling on roadblocks lately, and the story has stalled. Could it be because Lennon is racking up foes in town?  
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: anything '80s inspired. You are trendy so be eccentric as you wanna-be! Have fun with it.  Also, look up some 'big words' from the dictionary and bring them with  you so you can sound super smart! 

Aerobics Instructor
Denver Bundy is a fiery aerobics instructor at the Gwinnett Gym. Don’t ask Denver a question, as you won’t get a direct answer. Instead, you’ll hear everything skirting the issue mixed with counter questions. Nobody knows where Denver hails from, as Denver speaks with an ever-changing accent. During aerobics class, Denver is a chipper soul. However, outside of the studio, Denver finds sadness in everything.

Denver and Ridley Barnabet have butted heads lately, but Denver has accepted Ridley's invitation to the mysterious gathering, nonetheless. As an aerobics instructor, it's always best if Denver networks with the upper echelon in town. 

Denver no longer speaks to the family that turned their backs on him/her after they snooped in Denver's room only to discover research notes and books checked out from the library about poison, bombs, guns, and human anatomy. They accused Denver of plotting to kill, but Denver was only researching for a debut murder mystery novel - or so Denver claims. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s inspired workout attire. Also, practice your ever-changing accent. You do this to mess with people, as you love to watch their reactions. You hail from the USA.


Owner, Craven Gray Manor  
Ridley Barnabet is the peculiar owner of the Craven Gray Manor. Long ago, Ridley’s great grandfather purchased the estate, and ever since then, the Barnabet family has suffered a string of bad luck. It is probably all coincidence, but don’t stand next to Ridley in a lightning storm, just in case. Ridley laughs at everything and hates awkward pauses in conversations, so Ridley hums to fill up the silence.

Ridley's brother, Barney Barnabet, is a reporter for Flamebury at Five - the daily newscast. Barney has been missing ever since he interviewed the staff and some patients at the Daystar Asylum. Ridley is convinced that there has been foul play afoot. Either Barney was murdered because he uncovered dirt on someone, or he's being held hostage in the asylum as an unregistered patient. Either way, Ridley has vowed to save Barney at all costs.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s Gothic attire. You own a mansion with a sordid history and are known for being a bit creepy. 


Psychiatrist | Daystar Asylum
Dr. Easten Lee is a psychiatrist at the Daystar Asylum. Dr. Lee will interrupt anyone at any time, as what this doc has to say is more important. Dr. Lee loves to be pampered and is no stranger to the day spas of Flamebury Falls. Easten is notorious for extravagant exaggerations, so whatever spews from this doc's lips, scale it back a bit to get the truth.

Easten has gotten into many scuffles out and about the town of Flamebury lately. Like many others in town, Easten's list of adversaries has grown like a dry sponge in a bucket of water. 

Easten lacks morals and integrity, and this is widely known. Easten takes up a visitor's spot in front of the facility because it is closer to the front doors. Easten arrives late, takes long lunches, and leaves early daily. Easten also doesn't wait in lines, and is notorious for cutting to the front without an apology. Easten will be the last one to do the right thing - this is for sure.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: 80s style hair and a lab jacket &/or scrubs. You’ve just come from work at the asylum. 


Event Director, Craven Gray Manor
Kylin Kiss is the event director at Craven Gray Manor.  Kylin was formerly a psychiatric technician at the Daystar Asylum, but nobody knows what happened with that job. Kylin refers to all females as ‘mama’ and wouldn’t be caught wearing anything but black clothing. Kylin is a twitchy, nervous person and is constantly fidgeting.

Kylin was recently fired from the Daystar Asylum, but the events around that firing were kept hush-hush. That must mean that both parties might have been at fault, as Kylin hasn't said a word, and the asylum won't give a statement on what happened.  This mystery is driving the town gossips crazy, but only time will tell if they will find someone to spill the beans. 

There is a rumor that Kylin is grossly underpaid as the events coordinator at the Craven Gray Manor.  Also, there isn't harmony under the rooftop of the massive estate, as Kylin and Lake Mullin, the housekeeper, have sparked a feud that started at the Gwinnet Gym when Kylin was taking too long of resting periods in between reps on the leg press. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s inspired black attire.  Go Gothic, if you wish.


With a cackling laugh and a complaint about everything, Taylen Keller is the unappreciative hitchhiker from Skeleton Valley – a town about two-hundred miles away from Flamebury Falls. Taylen is always snapping fingers to accentuate a point and brags about an amassed wealth in the bank. Albeit, Taylen looks like a pauper.

Since Taylen arrived in Flamebury Falls, the rumor mill has circulated stories about Taylen being some kind of undercover agent - maybe for the federal government or a foreign agency. Taylen has been spotted around town, taking photographs and watching people while sitting on public benches and taking notes. Some of the townsfolk have reported spotting Taylen trailing people down the street and then ducking into alleyways to avoid detection by the target.

Taylen is up to no good, that's for sure. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s inspired clothing – but nothing too flashy, as you don’t have money - at least you like to look like you don't have money. 

Ph.D. Candidate
Salem Knowles is currently earning a Ph.D. in abnormal psychology. Focused on the brain patterns and associated behaviors of serial killers, this graduate student will go to the ends of the Earth to get answers. Salem speaks slowly and refuses to use contractions.  A tender heart, Salem apologizes to food before taking the first bite.

Salem's archenemy is Timber Shubin - a server at Lights Out, a themed dining-in-the-dark restaurant in Flamebury Falls.  The funny thing is that both Salem and Timber were invited to the gathering at the Craven Gray Manor. Can these two get along for the night? Only time will tell. 

Salem has also had difficulty making arrangements for interviews of serial killers at the Daystar Asylum. Only months from finishing a dissertation, Salem needs to interview a few more notable serial killers to complete the research. If Salem can't interview these killers, Salem won't graduate. Needless to say, Salem has been stressed out lately. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s trendy attire. You’re a college student, so something playful and youthful.  Practice speaking without using contractions before the party. You are very formal. 


Chef, Craven Gray Manor.
A chef that hates the sound of chewing, Campbell Watts prefers standing in the shadows during social gatherings. Campbell was recently hired as the head chef of the kitchen at Craven Gray Manor. Campbell hates to wear shoes and refuses to use hairnets or gloves of any kind while creating culinary art, as Campbell so calls it.

After a negative review was published in the local press about the food at Lights out, Chef Campbell was fired as the head chef by the restaurant's owner. Subsequently, Chef Campbell had a difficult time finding another position in town, given the bad press. After receiving many rejections, Ridley Barnabet offered the job as the head chef of the Craven Gray Manor. Albeit, the chef is making far less now than s/he did at the popular hot spot, Lights Out. It is well known that the chef is still bitter about this issue. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s inspired chef’s uniform. 


Administrator, Daystar Asylum
Landry stands in a formal position with hands behind the back at all times. Landry is a no-nonsense administrator at the Daystar Asylum – the largest mental institution in the nation. Landry refuses to call anyone by their real name and will issue a suitable nickname upon meeting someone.  

Landon is no stranger to road rage incidents, fighting over parking spots at the mall, and even arguments with fast-food employees about the food not being hot enough. Landry has had a difficult time making friends in town, but Landry doesn't seem to care.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Anything '80s inspired. If you can find a Pac Man suit, that’s fabulous.  You can wear a lab jacket and say you just got off work if you so desire.  Come up with some nicknames for the other characters (i.e. Honey Bear, Little One, Shorty Shorts, McTalksAlot, Beast Mode, Juice Box, Captain Chaos, Boo Boo, Tinkerpoo, etc.) so you can be ready for the big night! 


Housekeeper, Craven Gray Manor
Lake Mullin is the housekeeper at Craven Gray Manor who has an irrational fear of looking into a mirror and of small creatures. Always smiling, this caretaker will tell the same stories repeatedly, but nobody has the heart to tell Lake they’ve already heard it.

Lake Mullin lived in his/her grandparents' basement playing Atari and other video games until far into adulthood, so Lake doesn't have much worldly experience. Lake's grandfather committed his/her Gran into the Daystar Asylum after getting into a fight over the last serving of a box of Cheerios. Lake's grandfather was crazy, not his/her grandmother! After Lake's grandfather died, the county took over the house for back taxes and kicked Lake out onto the street. Lake was lucky enough to find a job at the Craven Gray Manor as a housekeeper.  Lake's poor Gran is stuck at the Daystar Asylum. They won't release her because they get paid per patient and she's one that gives them no trouble. If they free her room, a serial killer might fill it up! Lake is trying to find a way to rescue her.
80s inspired maid/housekeeper/janitor costume. 


College Student
Jaziah is currently studying animal science at Flamebury Falls Community College. During allergy season, Jaziah will keep you on your toes with random scream sneezes.  This studious student overuses the word weasel during chats and will get offended at anything and everything.

Jaziah is in deep trouble after receiving a grade of 61 in Abnormal Psychology class at Flamebury University. This could mean that Jaziah's plans for applying to veterinary school are over, as the vet schools take grades seriously, and this was a GPA killer.  Jaziah would re-take the class, but one person only teaches it at this time, so Jaziah is stuck for now. 

Many people in town consider Jaziah to be a moocher and, for that reason, are avoiding Jaziah's phone calls. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Anything '80s inspired. Nerd outfit if you want to delve into your academic side.


Server, Lights Out
Timber Shubin is a server for Lights Out – a themed dining-in-the-dark restaurant that was built over a sixteenth-century cemetery. Timber will avoid eye contact while speaking and looks over each shoulder before saying a word. When Timber gets an edge, get ready for a break-out dance session.

Many people say that because the Lights Out restaurant was built on top of an old cemetery, that strange things happen at the restaurant, such as unexplained noises exuding from the walls, lights flickering in the restrooms, and items have gone missing from the tables. Timber feeds into the hype, as it keeps the dining room full every night. 

Timber and Salem Knowles recently got into a skirmish at an arcade over who was next to play Pacman, as they were competing for the high score of the night.  
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tuxedo with ‘80s inspired hair.  You are the fanciest and most sophisticated one at the party.

Austen Gubin is a caring zookeeper at the Flamebury Falls Zoo. Austin will push anyone out of the way to step on a crispy item, and if it doesn’t make a crunch when stepped on – disappointment will flush Austen’s face. An avid animal lover, Austen has a lot of love to give and doles out hugs to whoever will take them.

Austen is a former member of a radical animal rights group (AAU, Animal Activist United), and a current member of the Flat Earth Group - a gathering of people who believe the Earth is not round. Austen is opinionated, but a weak-minded follower who can be convinced to join a group without much effort.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  ‘80s inspired zookeeper outfit.  Or, anything ‘80s with an animal twist.  

Personal Trainer
Sidney Bunting is the aggressive personal trainer at the Gwinnet Gym. Sidney has problems controlling anger and will berate and physically abuse any inanimate object that gets in Sidney’s way. Sidney is addicted to smelling things and will sniff anything new that comes Sid’s way – including people.

If Sidney doesn't believe in something, Sidney will speak out in full force against it. Sidney is very strong-minded and isn't easily convinced to believe in things that aren't the norm. Sidney has been living on his/her own since seventeen and is still single with no kids. Sidney plans to stay that way, as the most important thing in Sidney's life is Sidney! 

Be careful about getting on Sidney's bad side, as Sidney is definitely one you'd see in a revenge plot made-for-TV movie one day. And Sidney wouldn't be an actor - Sidney would be the inspiration for the story. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  ‘80s inspired workout attire.  

Mystery Shopper
Charlie Atkins will unnerve you by speaking in the third person and winking for no reason. Critical of everything, this mystery shopper pays attention to fine details. The townsfolk think of Charlie as the snitch of Flamebury Falls.

Charlie has beef with many people in town and has been susceptible to bullies in the past. A grudge holder, Charlie finds it difficult to get beyond even the most trivial things and has hang-ups over something that happened years ago. 

Charlie is an avid sports fanatic and has season tickets to every major league in town (NFL, NBA, MLS, and NHL). Charlie is the one to put on your trivia team if you need someone that knows about sports! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  Detective costume, or ‘80’s inspired trench coat and fedora. 

Aerobics Instructor 
Dominique is a silly aerobics instructor at the Gwinnet Gym. Dominique prefers to be called Domi and acts like a child  on occasion. Domi admits to taking a running start every night when going to bed, so the monsters underneath don’t grab Domi’s legs. A bit of a nutrition snob, Dominique refuses to eat low quality food.

Dominique lives in a small apartment with ten cats - all named as colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Taupe, Ivory, Gray, Brown, Pink). Dominique doesn't get along with many neighbors, as s/he loves to play music loud and screams while playing video games at all hours of the night. Domi just wants to have fun. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s inspired workout attire.  

Registered Nurse, Flamebury Regional Hospital

Alby Dahmer is an R.N. who works at Flamebury Regional Hospital in the emergency room. Alby is obsessed with personal hygiene and often wears latex gloves in public to avoid touching germs. Outside of work, Alby avoids strangers at all costs, and has a weird tendency to lock eyes before speaking to someone.  

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Scrubs, as you’ve just come from work. ‘80s inspired hairstyle.

Flamebury Regional Hospital

Alby Dahmer is the head R.N. at Flamebury Regional Hospital and is usually seen about town with members of the nursing staff. They are a tight knit group of medical professionals who always have each others' backs. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Scrubs, as you’ve just come from work. ‘80s inspired hairstyle.

Film Developer

Bernie Cullen operates a drive through Fotomat film kiosk in the middle of Flamebury Falls. Bernie is an extrovert and gains energy from being around people, so Bernie’s fun to be around. If you ever see Bernie scratch and ear, that’s a telltale sign of lying, or so Bernie’s mother says. Bernie cannot stand the sight of green food but will challenge anyone to an eating contest.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mustard-colored (think Kodak) ‘80s work uniform shirt with a Fotomat name tag (just make one out of paper).  Or, if you want to go authentic, you can have one made.

Fotomat Kiosk

Bernie Cullen operates a drive through Fotomat film kiosk in the middle of Flamebury Falls. With such a thriving business, Bernie has over twenty-five employees and is often seen about town with many of them.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mustard-colored (think Kodak) ‘80s work uniform shirt with a Fotomat name tag (just make one out of paper).  Or, if you want to go authentic, you can have one made.


Marion Holmes is the overemotional butcher who sheds a tear at everything. If the sky is too blue, the grass is too green, a customer is too nice, or the coffee tastes too good – Marion will burst into wails. Marion will hiccup when nervous so keep everything calm for this butcher.

Marion runs the largest slaughterhouse and butcher shop in town and is often seen with many assistants.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A red paint splattered apron and fake chef’s knife. ‘80s inspired hairstyle. 

Holmes Slaughterhouse and Butchery

Marion Holmes runs the largest slaughterhouse and butcher shop in town and is often seen with many assistants.  The staff of the slaughterhouse and butchery are like family.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A red paint splattered apron and fake chef’s knife. ‘80s inspired hairstyle. 


Manager, Cubebuster Home Video

Randy Fish is the manager of the prime source of home entertainment in Flamebury Falls – Cubebuster Home Video. Every weekend, the store is packed with home moviegoers who rent the latest and greatest releases on VHS.  A constant neck rubber and fingernail biter, Randy cannot stand clutter and will stack things that aren’t neat and tidy.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Bright blue ‘80s work uniform shirt with a Cubebuster name tag (just make one out of paper).  Or, if you want to go authentic, you can have one made.

Randy Fish is the manager of the prime source of home entertainment in Flamebury Falls – Cubebuster Home Video. The staff of the store love to cut up and have fun. This is one group that will be the life of any party. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Bright blue ‘80s work uniform shirt with a Cubebuster name tag (just make one out of paper).  Or, if you want to go authentic, you can have one made.


Truck Driver

Norrie Grate is the loud-mouthed trucker from Tennessee who chews with an open mouth and spends time off learning Latin and perfecting the art of cursive writing.  Norrie is new to Flamebury Falls, and nobody knows why Norrie would move to such a boring town.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual ‘80s attire.  Trucker hat.


Encyclopedia Salesperson

Max Malvo spends the days walking door to door in hopes of selling sets of encyclopedias. Max lies about being ambidextrous for no apparent reason and loves to correct others’ pronunciation – even when they weren’t wrong. The bigger the crowd, the quieter this salesperson will be, so Max is best with one-on-ones. Max has an overly-guilty conscience and will apologize for crimes that were never committed.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s inspired polyester suit. The '80s tended to have more fitted cut, as opposed to the '70s bell bottoms, so wear 'skinny' suits and skinny ties for men. An '80s inspired Opposuit is great - they have PAC-MAN, etc. 

Radio Disc Jockey

Most of the townsfolk of Flamebury Falls tunes in to Stacey’s Morning Show on 97.9 FM. Stacey is rude, crude, and speaks without a filter, so stay on this DJ’s good side or you will be the topic of the hour the following morning. Stacey gets defensive when someone disagrees and is slightly hard of hearing but pretends to have heard what you said.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s trendy attire. 


Groundskeeper, Craven Gray Manor

Noel keeps the grounds well-manicured and trimmed at the Craven Gray Manor. With an intense love for animals, Noel is what you’d call an animal whisperer, as Noel seems to be able to communicate with bees to bears. Overly modest, Noel will cover all exposed skin and hates to laugh, even refusing to chuckle.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Groundskeeper attire – long sleeved, wide-brim hat, some branches coming out of your pockets – why not?


Owner, Pat's Arcade

With corny jokes galore, Pat is the playful owner of Pat’s Arcade – the biggest arcade in Flamebury Falls and a local hotspot. Pat refuses to use utensils to eat and has parental instincts that causes him/her to pamper everyone, including strangers, to ensure their needs are met.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any video game from the ‘80s attire. PAC-MAN, Tetris, Space Invaders, etc.


Owner, Rollerland West

Don’t bother telling this roller rink owner your name, as you have no chance of Ash ever remembering you. Ash Gacy is forgetful, but maybe that is because Ash essentially never pays attention to anything? Ash has an irrational fear or sand and claims to strongly identify with lizards.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: 80s inspired rollerskating t-shirt. They have some various roller skate themed t-shirts on Amazon - just do a search for it. 


Swim Team Coach

Billie is the swim team coach at Flamebury Country Club who is always smiling and humming a tune. Always chewing on something, Billie is usually the life of the party. However, Billie has a dark side. Billie has prophetic dreams of dramatic deaths. To date, none of come close to being true.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Anything '80s inspired that's athletic. If you wish to go authentic, wear a swim cap, goggles around your neck and a terry warm-up suit. 


Manager, Lights Out

If you play songs around Connie Mason, be prepared for out-of-tune singing that only slightly rhymes with the original lyrics. Connie doesn’t care what others think and will get manic if a sock gets wrinkled. Connie is opinionated and will not recognize anyone with differing opinions.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tuxedo or black suit. ‘80s inspired hairstyle.

Biology Professor, Flamebury University

The typical absent-minded professor, Jackie Herzog is employed by the prestigious local academic institution, Flamebury University. Jackie is a constant rhymer, but often chooses words that don’t rhyme. Jackie is brilliant but will space out during conversations and stare into the distance. If Jackie gets next to a candle flame, s/he feels compelled to put out the fire with fingertips, so keep real candles away from this biology guru.   

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  Mad scientist costume with ‘80s inspired hair.

Owner, Gwinnet Gym

Jordan Lucas is the boisterous owner of the Gwinnet Gym – the largest 24-hour fitness center in Flamebury Falls. A 7th grade dropout, Jordan is illiterate, but will argue about anything with anyone. Jordan has a fear of going above the first floor in any building and his/her extremities are always freezing.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s inspired workout attire.  

Lounge Singer

Kit Majors is a mediocre lounge singer at the Candle Room in Flamebury Falls – a local hotspot. Kit has parties for any holiday on the books and loves extra spicy foods. Just don’t snap  your fingers around Kit, as that is Kit’s kryptonite and might trigger a fit of rage.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  ‘80s glam attire (tux for men and sequin dress for women) and ‘80s hair.

Fragrance Chemist 

Kelly Favato is a fragrance chemist for Tommy Lauder – a beauty corporation with laboratories in Flamebury Falls. Kelly will often comment about how his/her mother would handle a situation. Kelly avoids eye contact at all costs and is a child at heart.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘80s inspired casual party attire - or, a lab coat. Bring some cards (cut index cards in half) with fragrance sprayed on them so you can let the others smell what you've been working on lately.


Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!