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Service Industry costumes for mystery party characters:
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Notes on service industry costumes:

Many of these might be listed with other pages, but we have put them all here for easy searching. Many of these are self-explanatory, and figuring out what to wear is easy.  Unfortunately, there is a limited selection with the trusted costume suppliers we recommend via the links above, so some might only have one or two items, such as customer service agents - we just found a headset that you can couple with a solid suit and maybe make a name badge with your character's name. 

You might wonder why serial killers are added to this board—well, they wear coveralls, which you can use for many service industry jobs, such as mechanic, so just set aside the creepy mask and weapon for next year. 

The butler costume can stretch to fit not only a butler but a house manager, sommelier, or concierge, and there is a plain black waist apron to fit any server job or choose the car hop costumes or Bob's Burger costume.  If your character works for fine dining, wear a solid black suit or dress and carry a leather notepad for orders.

Many service industry jobs wear all-black clothing, black pants/skirts, and a white button-up top. 

For a hairstylist role, you can essentially wear anything trendy with a fun wig, wear the Beauty School Dropout costume from Grease, or make it dark with a Sweeney Todd costume. 

Construction workers and crossing guards could wear brightly colored shirts (neon safety colors) or a Port Authority safety vest.

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