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Mystery Party Laborer/Blue Collar Costumes:
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Lumberjacks: there is only an actual costume for women.  But you could easily wear a flannel shirt and jeans (which you likely already have) and carry a toy ax. 

Construction: For some reason, they discontinued many of the construction-dedicated costumes, but there are some skimpy ones for women if you want that style. You can wear comfortable clothing and grab a safety vest and hard hat, which is an easy costume.

You can also wear anything with a toolbelt or a hard hat to designate your character. But there are options above if you want to go all-out.

Factory Workers/Mechanics: there is a Rosie the Riveter costume for women - she was a factory worker, but this could pass for a mechanic without a problem.  There is a Rob Rimble costume and a general mechanic costume (which could be used for any factory work) for men.  Or, you can wear any generic coveralls and put a dirty white rag (get a sharpie and make oil stains) in your pocket halfway out.  The Office released a warehouse worker for men, which would also be good for the factory roles.   Also, authentic coveralls, boots, safety vests, and hard hat options are available. 

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