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Below is the selection for Laborer/Blue Collar costumes:

Notes on laborer roles by Dr. Bon: 

Lumberjacks: they have a suit open for both men and women, and an actual costume for women.  You could simply wear a flannel shirt, jeans, and carry an ax. 

Construction: they discontinued many of the construction dedicated costumes for some reason, but there are some to be released (no date, though). For now, the Jurassic Park hard hat and a safety vest is great. There's a tool belt kit, as well.  Or, you can wear a white t-shirt or muscle tee, jeans, and just one of the props (hat, tool belt) or carry a toy hammer.   There is a steampunk utility belt which could be a good prop - just add some various tools inside the compartments.

Factory Workers/Mechanics: there is a Rosie the Riveter costume for women - she was a factory worker, but this could pass for a mechanic without a problem.  There is a Rob Rimble costume for men.  Or, you can wear any generic coveralls and put a dirty white rag (get a sharpie and  make oil stains) in your pocket half-way out.  The Office released a warehouse worker for men, so this would be good for the factory roles, as well. 

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