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Album Release Murder Mystery

K. C. Hailstorm is hosting a VIP album release party for her debut album Tainted Cupcakes. This record is predicted to be the album of the year as it is stacked with potential chart-topping hits. K. C. has invited the who’s who of the music industry to the uber-exclusive Beverly Hills Posh Club for a night of great music and delicious food. The red carpet is ready to greet the biggest names in the industry. 
     On another note, the blood-sucking paparazzi members are armed and ready to capture the drama of the night, as it's nearly impossible to have big egos and outlandish personalities in the same space. However, K.C. hopes everything goes smoothly, as she definitely doesn't want any drama on her big day. 
    You've received your invitation and your personal stylist is working full time on what you’ll wear to this epic event. You have a poisoned history with a few of the other stars, so it is important that you are in the limelight – and not them. This is where your story begins.

need some radical pop diva attire?

Invited Guests


Pop Star

A former backup dancer for the Pop King, K.C. has gained a lot of attention lately with the release of her single Encounter. She recently signed with Great Records and is certainly going to rise to the top of the charts with the release of her album.



Pop Star

Lowde is a young singer from the Netherlands that bore her way into American pop culture a few years ago as a young teen.  She is an old soul with a mature voice, which makes her unconventional for her age.



Pop Star

Hailing from Los Angeles, this Californian recently radiated the radio waves with her first hit single Rage.  Some have predicted her to be a one-hit-wonder, but others say she has worked on high-profile collaborations recently. Therefore, Rene may be the one to look out for in the next few months!



Rap Artist

Nicole is an American rap artist from New York.  She currently holds the record for having the most singles on the Billboard Hot 100.  She is a legend and one of the most influential people in the entertainment industry.



Pop Star

Loni’s theatric sound with a ‘20s twist has catapulted her in a seemingly permanent residence on the Billboard Music charts.  Even with her hit singles, she hasn’t been highly praised by the media, and sources say this is eating her alive.



Pop Star

This Grammy-winning pop star hit the Billboard Top 100 at a young age.  Her fans believe she is the most humble, sincere pop star ever known.  However, those closest to her have spoken of her violent temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.



Pop Star

Eccentric is Cady’s middle name, or at least her face should be in the dictionary by the description.  Cady manages to maintain her good girl image, despite the trash tabloid articles that claim she is a closet wild child.



Pop Star

Arella’s career began on Broadway before she landed a starring role on a hit kid’s television series.  Eventually, she signed with Nation Records and was catapulted into uber-stardom.  Arella is one of the hottest pop stars this year, but has the personality of a tyrant. 



Rap Artist

A former model for Beve Jean Co., this rap artist originally hails from the UK. Izzy is no stranger to the tabloids, as she can’t stop stirring up controversy with social media wars with other rap artists. Izzy hides her academic achievements - but under her tough exterior, she is an utter genius.



Pop Star

Cloe Von hails from Australia and is dying to break into American pop culture.  Cloe is a rising star in the land of Oz, and is certainly ready to share the Billboard charts with her American counterparts.



Pop Star

Bae is an icon in the music industry.  She is the former leader of a girl group who branched off into solo glory.  Bae is known for her outrageous costume changes and eccentric performances. 



Pop Star

Mira Cypo started her career as a child playing the role of a talented rock star named Allie from Cali.  Lately, she has gone crazy and nobody knows what she will do next.


Pop Star

After breaking away from her family-based pop group, Mero made her solo debut years ago with an album full of chart-topping hits.  This Japanese pop singer is one of the biggest names in the music industry across the globe.



Pop Star

Reba Oracle hails from the UK, where she is a singer, songwriter and aspiring actress.  Her debut album rose to #1 in the UK, but she now wishes to conquer the US charts with her calming, cinematic ballads.



Pop Star

Meggie is one of the many stars that were internet sensations before signing with a major record label.  Meggie’s music is inspired by the 1950’s, and her retro sound is taking the pop world by storm.



Pop Star

Janie J is the British singer, songwriter, and television actress. She began her illustrious music career by writing songs for other artists before releasing her own debut album only a year ago.  Janie J always puts a fresh twist to the typical pop songs, and has mastered the art of combining modern emotions with old-school rhythm.



Pop Star

Zindey starred on hit children’s television shows during her younger years.  As an adult, she has taken the reigns of her musical career and her silky-smooth vocals can be heard on pop stations across the globe.  Zindey is rather shy in person, however, so she doesn’t shine in social situations.




 Aspiring Pop Star

Sway South is a legendary karaoke singer from New York City.  She has made a name for herself in karaoke clubs across the Big Apple, and is looking for a record label to sign her, so she can record an album.  She believes she will be the next big pop sensation.  However, those closest to her think she is out of her league.




Pop Star

Fuchsia has ranked high on the Billboard charts over the last decade. She is known for her short hairstyles and rough-and-tough exterior.  She pretends that nothing bothers her while she’s in the spotlight.  However, those who know her best say that she definitely wears her heart on her sleeve.



Pop Star

Ceviche Retro impressed the world with her single “Lost World” over two years ago.  She has a bold electronic sound, with an eclectic one-of-a-kind voice that leaves her fans wanting more.  After taking a two year hiatus, rumor has it that Ceviche is going to erase her one-hit-wonder status and make a solid comeback.



Electronic Music Producer / DJ

Lee Marz’s first single “Tissue Box” is still spreading like wildfire across the internet.  Lee’s high-energy beats aren’t necessarily made for radio play, but she is hitting it big in the underground EDM scene.



Pop Star

Jilly Jonas astonished the globe with her debut single ‘Broken Heart’ about six months ago.  Jilly has pure pop star potential, but the world has been waiting on Jilly’s next move.  After a spell of negative press in the trash tabloids, it seems as though this diva is sinking away from the limelight.



Pop Star

From the land of Oz, Sith hit the charts without anybody ever seeing her beautiful face. She has recently unveiled her identity to her fans, and the paparazzi have become her worst nightmare.




Tabloid Reporter

Poppy Razzi is always on top of the latest story… sometimes before they even happen!  She’s an ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for Star Weekly, and she will stop at nothing to be the first to get the scoop.  She’s rarely seen without her dedicated film crew.



Tabloid Crew

Poppy Razzi’s crew from Star Weekly is made up of a dedicated bunch of professionals who are driven to get the scoop at all costs.  They know that if their boss rises to the top, they’re along for the ride.

Life is one party at a time.

Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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