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Assassin Among the Crew

The Sphere of Solidarity controls the peace and harmony within the Universe. This artifact has been under the control and protection of a clandestine group of humans for centuries. The Sphere was recently transported from Area 51 to the Space Station Phoenix (SSP)– the newest modular station in low Earth orbit. Three participating agencies protect The Sphere: the International Aeronautics and Space Administration (IASA), Brannon Industries, and the United States Space Force (USSF).

Space Station Phoenix is an exclusive, top-secret project. Still, there have been rumblings that an enemy spy has infiltrated one of the three organizations who oversee and operate the station.

Every six months, the crew must switch out at the station and renew the supplies. Mission Firedrake launched last month with great success, and the previous team has already returned safely to Earth. The Firedrake crew is now in control of SSP, but something is awry. Commander Maroon doesn’t know who to trust and is afraid that something dreadful is on the horizon. If anything happens to The Sphere, the Universe will be catapulted into a dangerous state of disarray as never seen before.

You are part of the Mission Firedrake Crew (MFC) on the station for a six-month stay.

This is where your story begins.


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Mission Firedrake Crew (MFC):


Chief Officer

 Second-in-charge on the ship and space station, Chief Officer Silver's primary focus is the overall mission success. Ash would assume command of the whole ship in the absence or incapacitation of the commander. Ash has a fierce sense of duty and undying loyalty to Commander Maroon. Ash oversees the Bridge of the spaceship and the Navigation Center of the space station and ensures smooth flight operation and maneuvering.

Ash is the most likable member of the Mission Firedrake Crew (MFC). Ash is always seen with a pet hamster named Frank and has a vast knowledge of the Dark Web.  Ash is quick to come up with a joke to lighten the situation. Albeit the jokes are terrible.


Second Pilot

  Terry Navy is the second pilot, also known as the copilot (CP), and has the primary responsibility to assist the first pilot during the spaceship and space station operation. If ever needed, Terry and the rest of the second pilots would convert to combat pilots and maintain the weapon and shield systems. They would then report to the GOB/second officer, Sloan Teal. To date, the SSP has not had a hostile encounter.  However, with the current climate – this could change.

Terry is notoriously two-faced and will betray anyone. Terry is exceptionally good at their job, but nobody trusts Terry with secrets of any kind. Terry would do anything to be the first pilot and has said that to many people on numerous occasions.


Spaceflight Participant

Max Aqua is a longtime pal of Lord Justice Brannon – a billionaire who owns Brannon Industries - a private space flight corporation that has partnered with the other two organizations (IASA, USSF) to protect The Sphere for the good of the universe. Max is merely interested in the mission and paid top dollar to be a Mission Firedrake Crew (MFC) member as a civilian. Max had to sign many non-disclosure agreements and contracts to be on board the ship and SSP.

Max is extremely charismatic and has no trouble finding someone to do their bidding. However, is this gift of controlling others due to charm or maybe deep pockets?  Nevertheless, if Max wants something, Max gets it.



Commander Maroon has the duty of overall mission success, the crew's wellbeing, the spacecraft's safety, and oversight of ascent and entry. Sam is the pilot in command during launch and Earth return. The commander is responsible for the spaceship and space station's safe and efficient operation. Sometimes referred to as The Captain, all persons on board, including officers, crew, and guests, are under Sam's authority.

Sam's a born leader with a commanding voice and demanding personality. This spaceship commander is not one to double-cross, but someone among the crew is taking that chance.


Chief Science Officer

  Sidney Lime is an astrobiologist who is primarily responsible for coordinating the science department of the program. Sidney reports to the Second Officer, Sloan Teal, and must scrutinize and theorize explanations to extraordinary or seemingly mystifying situations. In a medical emergency, the CSO will work with the CMO to get to the bottom of the crisis onboard. Sidney also oversees many research projects dealing with extraterrestrial beings and materials.

Sidney has an overly analytical approach to human behavior, which makes Sid seem like a charming android. This science nerd is shy, reserved, and gets extremely nervous during meetings.


First Pilot

  Skye Blue is the First Pilot – also known as the Pilot-In-Command (PIC). As the central controller of the helm, Skye is detail-oriented and focused during flights and other maneuvers. While the ship and space station are most often controlled via autopilot (AI), an experienced pilot is critical for launching, docking, landing, and, when needed, combat maneuver. Skye is a professional pilot with over 4,000 hours of logged flight time.

Skye’s the team's detective and is usually the one who will get to the bottom of things. Skye is stoic, somewhat detached from humanity without emotion but is excellent at piecing seemingly impossible things together.


Chief Medical Officer

 Dr. Bing Brown is the designated head of medical services for the crew – including the med-bay suite and life support station. Dr. Brown is a general surgeon who serves to advise the senior officials on the crew's matters of health when it comes to the mission as a whole. Bing has a medical/surgical suite in the SSP called the med-bay, but for the most part, it is quiet without much going on. One will find many of the med-bay staff playing solitaire, watching recorded shows, or taking naps on any given day.  

Dr. Brown has a horrible sense of direction and is continually getting lost. Maybe by the end of the six-months at the space station, the doc will figure out where things are?


Head Scientist

  Morgan Fuchsia is the head scientist, reporting to the Chief Science Officer, Sidney Lime. The science department includes data analysts, cybersecurity specialists, biologists, astrophysicists, astrobiologists, and psychologists. Both a diplomat and a scholar, Morgan spends every waking hour in the space station's laboratory and manages over fifteen research protocols.

Back on Earth, Morgan has ten children and has been married for over twenty years. Morgan tends to be serious, and it is nearly impossible to make this scientist so much as crack a smile, let along let loose enough to laugh.


Chief Engineer/Third Officer

  Jo-Jo Scarlet is the Chief Engineer and Third Officer of the crew, which means s/he is fourth-in-command. If something were to happen to the commander, chief officer, and second officer, Jo-Jo would assume the ultimate authority and command of the SSP. Jo-Jo is known as the miracle worker of the station and heads the engineering department. Dr. Scarlet is responsible for the engine room's efficient operation and maintenance of all mechanical equipment on the ship. In other words, Jo-Jo has a duty to the overall health and continued running of the ship and space station.

Jo-Jo has Ph.D.s in Mechanical, Chemical, and Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in psychology.

However, Jo-Jo is on-point with their assigned duties but will be the first to miss a meeting and sleep late. If Jo-Jo’s not at their workstation, you can bet Jo-Jo is slacking off and not doing any tasks at hand.


Lead Life Support Engineer

 Farren Green reports to the Chief Medical Officer and is responsible for the maintenance of the ship's life support systems, including oxygen generation and atmospheric percentages, as well as air circulation. Farren also controls the water supply, heating, and organic waste disposal.

With an IQ beyond a genius, Farren is potentially the wisest member of the team and is one of the crew's most dedicated and hard-working members. Unfortunately, nobody believes much of what Farren has to say, as s/he continually tells tall tales to make themselves look more appealing and exciting.


Communications Officer

 Tandy Yellow is the Communications Officer for the Mission Firedrake Crew (MFC). Tandy oversees internal and external radio communications providing telemetry and scientific data links between the station and mission control centers. Radio links are used during most procedures and maneuvers at the SSP. Tandy provides video and audio communication between crew members, as well. Tandy reports to the Chief Engineer Officer.

Tandy is energetic, hardly needs to rest, and has a wildcard behavior that is quite unpredictable. Maybe Tandy's excess energy leads to all of the misdirected actions?


Second Officer

Sloan Teal represents the United States Space Force aboard the ship and the SSP. Sloan's voice of reason is also referred to as the General on Board (GOB) and mediates any conflicts that arise.  Military orders are often classified and could contradict the commander's orders, but while on the SSP mission, Sloan is to serve Commander Maroon at all costs. Sloan is the third-in-command and will assume the authority of the SSP in the absence or incapacitation of both the commander and the chief officer.

A quiet leader, Sloan is secretive and known to be stealthy. Sloan is the problem solver of the crew and is often found lurking in the shadows and listening through the air vents.  Sloan might be paranoid or just nosy – nobody knows, but it's mysterious. 

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