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Murder at Anonville Manor

Anonville Manor, a historical gem, closed its doors years ago, succumbing to the urgent need for restoration and swirling rumors of spectral inhabitants. Left in disrepair, its previous owners cast it aside, leaving it a relic of the past, haunted by tales more than spirits.

However, a new chapter unfolds as a secretive entrepreneur revived the old bed & breakfast, returning it to its former glory. The renovations are complete, and the owner has confidently dispelled any myths of ghosts, promising a return to the grandeur that once made the estate a haven for the elite. Choosing to remain enigmatic, the proprietor's anonymity only adds to the estate's allure.

An exclusive list of guests, including yourself, has been curated for the grand reopening within the estate's legendary Majestic Ballroom. Intrigue is mixed with trepidation as the eclectic mix of attendees could stir up more than just the past. As you find your name among the invited, the stage is set for an evening where old, scandalous tales might be confronted, and new ones could be born. This is where your story begins.

Guest List

Biology Professor
Alberta Newton, an absent-minded biology professor at Anonville University, shines brightly in her field. Engage her in a conversation about science, and her profound knowledge will leave you in awe. However, steer the discussion towards anything else, and she becomes just another average Jane, blending into the background with her unassuming demeanor. Despite this, her quirky charm and occasional forgetfulness add a layer of intrigue, making any interaction with her unexpectedly delightful. Her presence at social gatherings is always a wildcard, promising either a deep dive into scientific wonders or amusing anecdotes of her day-to-day mishaps.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A business suit or a lab jacket.


If you looked up narcissism in the dictionary, Sam Chawpalot’s picture would be plastered by the description. Sam is a friendly, self-loving butcher with an over-exaggeration problem. Take what Sam says with a grain of salt. Despite his tendency to embellish stories and bask in self-admiration, there's a certain charm to his boisterous nature. Just remember, beneath the layers of bravado and tall tales, there's a hint of sincerity trying to cut through, much like finding the perfect cut in his butcher shop.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Apron and butcher’s hat. A plastic butcher knife is an optional prop.


London Wilton, a native of Anonville now making waves from Beverly Hills, has returned to scout the perfect spot for the next Wilton Resort. The constant tabloid frenzy surrounding London's escapades has become a weary topic, particularly for the residents of this tranquil town. Known as Hollywood's wild child, this jet-setting socialite carries an aura of glamour and controversy wherever she goes. Her presence in Anonville stirs a mix of excitement and apprehension as townsfolk brace for the whirlwind of attention that inevitably follows in her wake. Amid the gossip and the spotlight's glare, London’s visit can potentially redefine Anonville's future and its place on the map.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous evening gown. Small, stuffed dog as an optional prop.


Is there a doctor in the house? Absolutely, and none other than Dr. Doctor Dijon himself! He's the very person to advocate for the "apple a day" philosophy, but don't expect that to keep him at bay. In an ironic twist, you'll find him imparting medical wisdom merely 3 inches from your face - a startling and a tad uncomfortable closeness. Dr. Dijon's well-known intense fear of germs makes this proximity even more peculiar. This blend of close-talking tendencies juxtaposed with his germophobia presents a curious paradox, making appointments with him an unforgettable experience.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab coat with a stethoscope as an optional prop. Breath mints are suggested.


Pastry Chef
Shugga Ann Flower reigns supreme as Anonville's finest pastry chef, a title she upholds each morning at Shugga’s bakery. As the ovens begin to hum with warmth, an irresistible wave of sweet, sugary aromas escapes into the streets, captivating the senses of all who pass by. The town's eager and anticipating residents gather around, drawn like moths to a flame as soon as the neon glow of the "open" sign flickers to life. Her bakery becomes a beacon of delight, promising the most delectable treats that have become a beloved ritual for the local community.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s hat and chef’s jacket.


Mayor of Anonville
Mayor Paul A. Tisshon is a man of contrasting personas, embodying a duality that defines his leadership. On one side, he's the epitome of courtesy, radiating warmth and congeniality to those he perceives as valuable or beneficial. To these individuals, Paul presents himself as the most gracious figure, generous in both deed and spirit. However, this amiable facade quickly dissipates for anyone who dares to cross him. Facing Paul’s dark side is an experience that leaves a lasting mark; those who have encountered his less forgiving nature carry the weight of the interaction long after it's passed. The stark difference between his welcoming demeanor and his capability for harshness serves as a cautionary tale, reminding all of Anonville that Mayor Tisshon is a man of many layers, not all of them pleasant.


Rita Bookaday breaks the mold of the traditional librarian image with her youthful energy and quirky, mischievous aura. Though young and facing the all-too-common plight of being broke, she brings a unique vibrancy to the Anonville Library. On a personal level, Rita embodies unpredictability and a penchant for silliness, making interactions with her both amusing and memorable. Despite her playful demeanor, she is incredibly responsive and helpful to those in need of assistance within the library's walls. Her blend of irreverence and dedication makes her a beloved figure among the library's patrons, offering a refreshing take on the role of a modern librarian.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative business casual outfit. Hair in a bun with glasses and a couple of books as optional props.


"Ouch!" is a sound commonly heard emanating from this particular tailor's shop in Anonville. The source? Alby, the town's most skilled yet notably clumsy tailor. Clients often find themselves inadvertently turned into human pin cushions due to his less-than-steady hands. Despite this prickly problem, Alby's prowess with a sewing machine remains unrivaled. His exceptional tailoring skills have earned him the reputation of being the best in Anonville, a title he upholds with every stitch, even if it comes with the occasional poke.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fashionable or trendy outfit for the era chosen with a pin cushion and measuring tape as props.


Cougar Forest is known on the golf course for his fierce and competitive nature, earning him the persona of a tiger among the greens and fairways. However, away from the sport, his demeanor shifts dramatically; in person, he exudes the gentle charm of a cuddly kitten. Hailing originally from France, his enchanting accent captivates the ladies, weaving a spell of allure around him. Yet, this charm often dissipates as soon as he decides to showcase one of his less appealing talents: his annoying cougar impersonations. Despite his attempts at humor, these impersonations tend to be more off-putting than endearing, serving as a quirky blemish on his otherwise charming persona.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Golfing outfit with golf gloves as optional props.


Local Celebrity
Mister Crimson is the epitome of charisma on local TV, captivating audiences with his impeccable charm and gentlemanly demeanor. On camera, he's the very picture of perfection, the kind of man you'd proudly introduce to your parents. However, this polished on-screen persona hides a starkly different reality. Off the set, Mister Crimson transforms into someone with appalling manners, a stark contrast to the gentleman viewers admire. His off-camera behavior is far from admirable, displaying traits that would make anyone cringe. Ladies, consider yourselves warned: this is one package that you don't want to unwrap, so steer clear of this famous disaster! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Red leisure suit or red button-up and pants with a non-toxic marker for autographs as an optional prop.


High School Principal
Is it Principal Amethyst or Principal Loony? The students of Anonville High School have adopted the latter moniker for their principal, a title that whispers through the halls with a mix of humor and trepidation. Teens at the school carry a word of caution: not all who are summoned to the principal's office find their way back to class as usual.
Rumors float about, suggesting that some students disappear without a trace after their encounters within those dreaded office walls. Whether these tales are steeped in truth or shrouded in schoolyard myth, the nickname 'Principal Loony' continues to spark a blend of speculation and unease among the student body.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative business suit.


Police Chief
It's a surprising tale within the Anonville Police Department: Chief C.R. Badges, a figure of modesty and self-doubt, has ascended to the highest rank. Despite his unassuming nature, he's a kind-hearted gentleman, committed to his oath to serve and protect. However, his commendable dedication is often overshadowed by his social awkwardness and nervous demeanor, elements that interfere with his job performance. This unexpected juxtaposition has led some townies to whisper, speculating that behind his timid exterior lies a secret. The community watches, puzzled and intrigued, as Chief Badges navigates his responsibilities, leaving many to wonder what truths may lurk behind his uneasy gaze.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police uniform. Toy (fake) gun as a prop.


Criminal Defense Attorney
The phrase "Liar, liar, pants on fire" could not find a better fit than Mr. Willy Lyallot. This defense attorney, known for his obnoxious demeanor and questionable ethics, is the person you want in your corner if freedom is your ultimate goal — even if the charges against you are as severe as murder. In the courtroom, Willy's tactics and flair for drama make even the most notorious ambulance chasers seem like Peace Corps volunteers in comparison. His reputation for bending the truth to fit his narrative is well-known, making him a controversial yet sought-after figure in the legal landscape of Anonville.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business suit with obnoxious tie. Fake business cards as optional props.


Don't even think about bringing a photo of a hairstyle when you visit Kara's salon – once you're seated in her chair, you're destined to leave with her signature cut. A style that harks back nearly sixty years, it makes all her clients look like mirror images of each other. Kara, the retro-loving hair diva, has perfected her trademark look to the point where it's unmatched in its category. Despite its dated origins, the cut has become an iconic statement in Anonville, worn by a growing legion of Kara’s devoted clientele who swear by her unique, vintage flair.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a trendy and fashionable outfit for the era chosen. Style your hair outrageously. Optional props include a comb and styling cape.


P.R. Promoe stands as the tireless publicist behind the notorious London Wilton. Rarely is London spotted without the buzz of her entourage, and at the helm of this orchestrated chaos is P.R., who dedicates endless hours to maintaining a positive image for London. This task has become increasingly Herculean. Despite the relentless stream of scandals and public gaffes, P.R. has performed wonders in crisis management, somehow keeping London's reputation afloat. For this, London’s worried parents are profoundly grateful, often wondering how P.R. manages to spin gold from the tangled web of their daughter's high-profile escapades.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire  – vintage casual. 


Investigative Field Reporter
Tele N. Ewe embodies ambition and foresight in journalism, often chasing the latest story — occasionally even before it unfolds! As a dedicated investigative reporter for CBC-TV, her relentless drive to break the news first is unmatched. Tele's commitment to her craft ensures she's never far from the action, and it's a rare sight to see her without the supportive presence of her CBC News team. This tight-knit troupe of co-workers not only aids in her journalistic endeavors but also stands as a testament to her influential role within the network. Tele's knack for being at the heart of breaking news has made her a recognizable and respected figure in the world of broadcast journalism.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Reporter costume. Optional props are a notepad and pen and / or a microphone (real or fake).

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