Bailey Black is the peculiar librarian at Godley Hollow University who speaks with dark words. A poet since childhood, Bailey can often be caught performing at the local poetry club.  This doom-and-gloomer will extract the life force out of any conversation, so beware when you strike up a chat with this moping bookworm. Bailey is a stepchild of Roland Kingsley from Roland’s first marriage. Bailey is a widow and recently lost a spouse due to a prop plane accident. Roland Kingsley was the pilot, and Dr. Peyton Payne was the attending physician.

EARLY LIFE: Bailey was born in Dallas, Texas to Mary and Stan Black who were both bartenders. After Bailey's parents divorced, Mary went to school to get an LVN license and took a job in Godley Hollow, where Mary was from, as the school nurse at the local elementary school. Mary soon met Roland Kingsley at a charity event, and they wed a few months later. The marriage between Mary and Roland only lasted a year, but Bailey is still considered a stepchild of Roland Kingsley. 

Bailey attended Godley Hollow University and earned a BA degree in Library Science. 


BUSINESS CAREER: Bailey currently works as the head librarian at Godley Hollow University.

PHILANTHROPY: Bailey volunteers on the weekends at Godley Hollow Nursing Home. After Bailey's grandfather died a mysterious death in the emergency room at the local hospital, Bailey has been on a campaign to increase awareness for the rights of the elderly and to up the standards for medical care.  Note: the attending physician for Bailey's grandfather was Dr. Peyton Payne, who has been accused of being an Angel of Death.


PERSONAL LIFE: Bailey is a widow. Bailey's spouse of seven years was Gerry Black who died after a freak turboprop plane accident. The pilot was Bailey's stepfather, Roland Kingsley who escaped from the accident unharmed. Gerry was in a coma for five days at Godley Hollow Hospital before dying of respiratory failure. The attending physician was Dr. Peyton Payne. 



  • Recipient of the National I love my librarian award for Godley Hollow, 2016